Friday, May 1, 2020

MAY DAY -- Fires of Fertility and Life….or Purgatory and Death?

The answer depends on whether you are an Agent of Light or of darkness and dark lords.

Today is May 1st (or May Day) - a day when Light and Dark both reach their peak in both sacred and satanic ritual.

In its most pure form, May Day is blessed by Flora, the Goddess of Fertility and ushers in a season of abundance, vibrant health and the creation of life.

This is the time when the earth’s energy reaches its peak and conditions are ripe for new life to sprout into existence. This day was an ancient Celtic festival when they celebrated fertility and the onset of summer.

In its most innocent and virtuous expression, May Day conjures up images of young girls dressed as winged fairies dancing delightedly around a flower clad maypole as they weave a beautiful tapestry of colorful ribbons, their bare feet making soft impressions in the grass they lightly tread upon.

Or couples jumping over a bonfire, pledging themselves to each other in sacred ceremony as they purify themselves in the fire. It was a joining of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in a perfect union and a way to honor their offspring to come. 

Cattles and other animals were also driven through the smoke as a mode of protection and fertility.

This festival is called Beltane and has been observed in various ancient cultures for thousands of years. There were strong overtones of the Goddess and Feminine Divine and a time of great blessings.

But this ancient festival also has very dark roots. If you look into the origins of the word Beltane, the picture becomes quite disturbing.

The word Bel-tane literally means “God of Fire.” Who is this “god?” The Sumerian god Enki is one of the pantheon of gods who are offspring of “Anu” (Annunaki) the supposed god of the heavens and earth and ‘maker of man.” Enki had a son Marduk, king of all the gods in ancient Babylon.

Keep in mind that these are ‘self-appointed’ gods who appointed themselves as lords and masters over mankind and demanded exclusive worship and unquestioning obedience or else there would be ‘hell to pay’….doom and destruction…..not exactly the characteristics that would denote a true Creator Being of Light.

In time Marduk became known simply as “Bel” or “lord.” Now we’re going to uncover a powerful secret about these so-called deities or “lords of darkness”……

They hide themselves in obscurity and shadow…..they mask their true identity….and shroud themselves under a cloak of invisibility….by taking on a litany of different names or name variations in the various cultures around the world.

Take a look at some of the many names Marduk morphed himself into……












If you want to know more about this “Brilliant Disguise” that Marduk initiated, I highly recommend reading the Wes Penre papers. Wes spent many years poring over the ancient texts of all major religions around the world and he was one of the first to discover this hidden secret. His website is

A variation of the name ‘Belial” is belie. What does it mean? “To give a false impression of…..disguise.”

A demonic god……disguised as so many other names and fabricated entities… still the same demonic being. This being is a malevolent spirit who intends to harm and extinguish life force….the epitome of evil……evil being the opposite of live or life.

What was Marduk (a/k/a Bel or Moloch) best known for? A taker of life. Whose life? The lives of innocent children who were sacrificed in his name!

Now you know why he is called the ‘god of fire’ because parents were expected to throw their children into the fire as a sacrifice to this dark being.

Not exactly the kind of being you want to celebrate or honor, is he?

What many do not know is that Beltane or May Day is actually the culmination of 13 days of very dark demonic rituals known as “The Blood Sacrifice to the Beast” that begin on April 19th known as “The Feast of Molech.” What does he feast on? Children.

What have those brave soldiers in the positive military been doing covertly since October 2019? Rescuing close to 50,000 children from underground tunnels and cages who had been abducted so they could be fed to Molech and his worshippers!

April 30th is one of the most important nights on the satanic calendar and is 2nd only to Halloween. Many blood rituals and human sacrifice take place on this night.

On April 19th fire sacrifice is required. So it is no coincidence that major human sacrifices (by fire) were orchestrated on and around this date including:

o    April 19, 1993 – Waco Massacre: An FBI assault lead to the burning down of the compound of a sect named Branch Davidians, killing 76 men, women and children.
o    April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing – 168 people killed.
o    April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School Massacre – 13 people murdered, 21 injured.
o    April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech Massacre – 32 killed; 17 injured.
o    April 16, 2013 – Boston Marathon Explosions – 3 killed; 107 injured.
o    April 15, 2019 – Notre Dame Cathedral Set On Fire

It’s important to know the true history and origin of events and rituals before participating or giving our precious energy to any entity or being. Otherwise, we may unknowingly be furthering a very dark agenda.

The next time you hear “May Day! May Day!” hopefully it will not be a desperate plea for help from a human child as it plummets to a fiery end…..but rather a true Celebration and Honoring of Life in all its many forms.


These meditations allow us to anchor and hold a tremendous amount of divine light for our planet and if we can do this often enough and long enough we can completely overshadow the darkness and banish it from our experience forever!

So now that you know both that both Sacred Ceremony and dark ritual are taking place on this most auspicious day, May Day – that knowledge underscores the importance of counteracting the activities of the agents of darkness with our own sacred activities to FLOOD THE EARTH WITH WAVES OF DIVINE LIGHT TODAY…..AND THIS WEEKEND especially!

Due to issues and recent bans by facebook and other social media outlets, it has delayed the posting of this article but hopefully it will reach some of you in time to participate in the 144k Mass Meditation at 4 pm EDT / 8 pm UTC today May 1st. I will be looking for another more secure uncensored platform to use for these updates.

I also encourage you to please join us this Sunday, May 3rd, in both the Sunday Unity meditation at either 8:11 am EDT / 11:11 am EDT/ or 1:11 pm EDT – for 33 minutes we will be doing the “Christ Light Expansion” guided meditation which is here:
And also the Ascension Timeline Meditation to continue securing the most optimal timeline for mankind at 11:00 am EDT / 3:00 pm UTC  Sundays

For this meditation - rather than focusing on the virus at this point, we can focus on the removal of all matrix implants (especially in the frontal lobe followed by solar plexus and root chakra) as these are a major holdup to final Planetary Liberation. 

We should also focus on the end of 5G and visualize its deadly radiation being neutralized and rendered harmless as the dark forces are still trying to roll this network out globally and have deployed more satellites for this purpose. With our collective intent we can literally change this harmful frequency into a benevolent one! There is an upcoming Global Meditation on May 5th from 11:00-11:11 am UTC or 7:00 am EDT with this intent that I will post on my Facebook page if I can get around the filters. 

For the May 5th meditation - just visualize a bright white light neutralizing and rendering harmless the existing 5G waves being generated / and making that equipment disappear globally - and then insert yourself in a beautiful peaceful scene in nature surrounded by flowers and trees with children and adults laughing and playing in a completely safe environment (devoid of any harmful tech) and say Yes! This is the future I want for everyone!" 

We can also place more focus on the removal of fear from the collective, end of the lockdown, and ongoing distribution of basic income/prosperity funds to all members of society. We also need to keep envisioning our amazing new 5D World in all its glory and permanently locking in the Best Possible Ascension Timeline!

Guided audio in English here for Ascension Timeline Meditation:
Finally, it would be extremely helpful if you could also join us for the Flower of Life Meditation which is critical now to ensure stability in the new 5D Earth grid as we will be hit with more high vibrational waves of light that can cause extreme weather, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We can help avert these disasters by doing the Flower of Life meditation at least once daily (or more if you are able) beginning at 7:00 am, 11:00 am, 3:00 pm or 7:00 pm EDT.
Link here for Flower of Life:

I am so grateful for everything you do to Restore Light, Life, Love and Peace upon our planet! Look forward to connecting with you momentarily and this weekend in a bright mandala of divine source light.

Let's keep the bonfires of fertility and ascension and our new 5D Earth Grid stable and burning bright!

With Love,

Sacred Architect 5D


  1. Thank you for article 🙂
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  2. You are most welcome. Thanks so much for joining us and look forward to connecting with you again soon!