Thursday, May 7, 2020

4/4 Planetary Progress Report & Post-Matrix Recovery Projects!

For those who may feel that not much has happened since our historic Global Meditation on 4/4 I need to point out the immense progress that we have made and also share a new update from Cobra at the Portal 2012 that speaks about the “Ascension Window” that opened in 1975 and closes in 2025:

This article includes comments I made to that post and is a lead-in for some Large-Scale Ascension and Post-Recovery Projects I am developing as well as the lead-in to a Planetary Call I am putting out in the next article to bring together a 5D Ascension MasterMind Group comprised of members of my long-lost Soul Family!

Once you’ve read this important introduction, please read my next blog article titled “A Clarion Call to Join My 5D MasterMind Group!”

And now my comments on Cobra’s most recent update……

Hello Precious Souls – Greetings From 5D Comm Central headquarters and the New 5D Earth Grid! What an amazing place this is shaping up to be!! Stay tuned for some phenomenal previews of your new world…..


I am offering those who decide to answer this Call a unique opportunity to channel our energy as a group of dedicated souls in the most useful way possible and create A Legacy of Planetary Healing and Post-Matrix Recovery!

TODAY….I Make This Promise To All Of You and the Global Human Race… is totally in sync with Cobra’s explanation of cosmic cycles in this update and expresses my sentiments perfectly. 

Please listen to this as you read:

May the lyrics touch your heart and stir your soul:

Every evening
Brings an ending
Every day becomes a legacy

Every sunset
Leads to morning
With the promise of opportunity

We can reach for the stars we find along the way
Dreaming as we learn to love everyday

You will take my hand
As tomorrow comes 
We'll go on

We'll go on
Growing closer through the years
Moving on
Through the good times and the tears
Ever on
Another thousand circles 'round the sun
If two can be as one
We'll go on

There is music
If you listen
In the rhythm of each breath we take

Revelations from every choice we make

And I know
There are diamonds dancin' in the sky
All we have to do Is open our eyes

We'll walk side by side
As a new day dawns
We'll go on

To Cobra I wish to say – thank you for always bringing us back to the bigger picture. We have to keep everything in its proper perspective and realize just how MUCH progress we are making, especially since the 4/4 Mass Meditation!

The more silent Cobra becomes…..the more that is happening on the Planetary Liberation front. This is a time for great rejoicing and Intense Focus on activities and projects that create and accelerate the 5D World into material form!

Even though Cobra laid out a general plan for how The Event would be carried out way back in 2012, he himself said that things must remain fluid and strategies of the Light Forces may change in response to unforeseen events. Cobra said a couple months ago that even the Light Forces did not foresee the global pandemic and lockdown playing out the way it did.

Many of the things now coming to light are so horrifying and shocking that the LF probably realized it is better to carry out some of the arrests of the more heinous criminals covertly and out of the public eye.

Even I, who consider myself pretty tough and have known about some aspects of the satanic rituals that go on underground for several years – had to take a mental break after a few days of “digesting” the gruesome details of previously hidden satanic activities like…..

…….celebrity/elite cannabilism restaurants, harvesting and consumption of adrenochrome from terrified children, global sex trafficking of young children (supplied by our very own “foster system and outright abductions), very disturbing images of little children bound in masking tape aboard H. Clinton’s sex slave ship (actual picture has been circulating) and blood sacrifice such as the demonic sacrifices taking place from April 19th - May 1st every year (see my recent article on Beltane on my blog for more details on this):

This is a site I've been following for awhile now (this is today's update):

If you scroll down to the "Int'l Sex Trafficking" section there's alot of intel revealed including a trooper involved in rescue efforts who said "the count now (of traumatized children) found dead or alive was more like in the hundreds of thousands, generations who have never seen sunlight." Descriptions of thousands of tiny cages called "woodpecker grids" suspended in secret airplane hangars housing up to 3,000 babies (per batch) and the constant electrical shocks they received in order to split their minds into countless personalities for mind control purposes - defy human comprehension.

Imagine if the general population were to suddenly find out all the gory details of what’s really been going on underneath our feet ALL AT ONCE. The anger, shock and grief would simply be too great for the masses to handle! It is truly a kindness that things are being done in stages.

Let us be grateful for the wisdom of the galactics taking into consideration the deeply wounded psyche of the human population and adjusting their methods accordingly. Some of the secrecy also has to do with preserving life and launching “surprise” missions. If we focus on the good of ALL and not only our own desires and frustrations we can see things from a higher vantage point and be more supportive.

If you look at what’s transpired just in the last month you will discern that many aspects of The Event are already happening! 

Since October 2019 50,000+ tortured children have been rescued from underground/tunnels and cages. That number could be in the hundreds of thousands based on the 5/7 update I referenced above. More deep truth has been revealed globally in the last 2 months than in the last 10 years!

People around the world now know how harmful 5G is and that there is a direct correlation between that network and the pandemic…and they’re burning down the 5G towers. President Trump also signed an executive order May 1st essentially halting the buildout of 5G in the U.S. if you read between the lines.

Many celebrities and billionaires/elite guilty of heinous crimes have likely already been arrested or are about to be as many have mysteriously “disappeared” from public view – lists of them are being circulated online. Millions of people are knocking at Bill Gates door demanding that he be put behind “gates” for his vaccine and de-population crimes against humanity.

Social media giants (facebook, youtube) are in a mass panic and are banning scores of truth telling websites which is backfiring on them (check LondonReal reporter and the new independent platform he’s created LondonReal.TV). Thousands are protesting the lockdown, mandatory vaccines, gov’t police state, etc in the streets around the world!

The first round of stimulus checks is being handed out in the U.S. with another round to come and a year’s worth of Basic Income proposed in the legislature. Debt forgiveness has already begun.

After The Event has been fully executed, there is going to be a POST MATRIX RECOVERY PERIOD that could last several months and even longer. 

That is where we can begin to focus our energy and attention. The general population is going to need a lot of emotional Support, Compassion and HEALING on all levels. I am proposing a way many of us can help on this front and contribute your expertise and talents.

I am currently developing the framework for THREE 5D ASCENSION PROJECTS that support Cobra and Light Forces mission and will be greatly needed as humanity finally breaks free from the Dark 3D Matrix and begins the Ascension Process and transition to 5D.

<<< Stay Tuned as today I am sending forth a Planetary Call / Invitation to My Soul Family to Join Me in a 5D Ascension Project MasterMind Group! E.T. is “phoning home” to her Starseed Family! >>>

Please read my new article in which I share an Incredible Vision I received several years ago and provide an exciting overview of the 5D Projects I am developing, along with the opportunity to join me in this Sacred Work for the Healing and Upliftment of all humanity!



A sincere heartfelt thank you for those who answer the call to serve on this level! We’re going to have a grand reunion! Here is the link to my article and invitation:

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