Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Earth Day Global Meditation 4/22/20 & Announcement


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Today, April 22, 2020 is a very special day as it is not only the day when the World Celebrates the Beauty and Sacredness of Planet Earth, but from a numerological standpoint 22 is a Master Builder number. Today also happens to be a New Moon Day in the lunar mansion of Ashwini (the birth canal) so what we plant or seed today will have far reaching implications for us and our planet!

This is a day for all of us to visualize the kind of world we wish to see manifest and hold that vision strongly! You can also perform your own sacred ceremony and call in the four directions.

Please Join Us tonight 4/22/20 for a synchronized Global Peace Meditation organized by Unify (

They are doing Live Broadcasts all day and have partnered with EarthX and National Geographic. The schedule of speakers and events is here (sorry for posting this so late but hopefully many of you can still make the evening schedule and/or global meditation):


The Global Ceremony for Peace on Earth beings at 4:00 pm PDT and the Live Broadcast will culminate at 7:00 pm PDT with a Synchronized Global Meditation! Indigenous Elders will be present to lead us in sacred ceremony.

Look forward to connecting with all of you in the Great Cosmic Void of Creation once again! It is time for Gaia and all her inhabitants to breathe a collective sigh of relief as Peace is restored and Harmony reigns supreme.


Friday, April 10, 2020

Let's Transform the Darkness & Resurrect the Light Easter Weekend!

Dear Family of OMM (One Million Meditators),

I didn’t forget about all of you lovely dedicated souls! I’ve been busy integrating the unprecedented influx of energies that hit our planet during this ascension portal, spending many hours writing articles like this one and mapping out a new direction for my own life as a more involved ascension guide. I can happily say I am making the best use of this self-isolation period and hope that you are too!

I know many of us are still riding the energetic HIGH of our History Making 4-4 Global Meditation, as we well should! Fortunately, we still have the transformative power of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction working to unhinge the old oppressive structures and expand the new structures of light we have seeded. It is wonderful to have the support of this mighty cosmic alignment.

First…..I must inject a dose of reality about the global events that are about to transpire so we are prepared to deal with them in a balanced way…and then onto what you’ve all been asking about….when’s our next Mass Meditation! The energies of Freedom, Transformation and Renewal will be pouring in this Easter weekend and we’ll want to take full advantage of them!! This means facing all the SHADOWS.

Pluto is exposing all darkness and taking us deep into the shadowy crags of our world on a tumultuous death-defying ride as it forces us to face the darkest most disturbing activity of the dark forces that has been going on in secret in the cavernous bowels of our world – literally beneath the ground we walk upon. 

There will be many shocking and horrifying revelations coming to light over the coming days and weeks, especially regarding all the missing children. You may already know about some of these if you're a researcher like me. But many will be caught by surprise. We must prepare ourselves as light bearers to help the unprepared to deal with and transcend these atrocities.

We cannot simply turn a blind eye (as some suggest) and just “pretend” that evil does not exist, for then it can continue to proliferate and torment the unawakened which include our families and loved ones. They need our understanding and compassion now more than ever.  Think of how long and difficult your own journey has been up to this point.

When we realize we are broken and allow Divine Light to pour through our wounds, we can mend the broken parts of ourselves and become whole again.

We also need not fear that by acknowledging and observing the existence of evil that we are somehow fueling its presence or plunging ourselves into the lower vibrational realms. Awareness of what has transpired on this planet for thousands of years…..THAT is what will help us accept and TRANSCEND those traumas as a collective.

If the Forces of Light were not aware of how the dark operates, we would not be so close to planetary liberation as we are at this very moment. Some of those brave souls actually volunteered to come here and work in secret (underground) after their planets were captured and their inhabitants enslaved much as we have been.

They were willing to imprison themselves along with us and sacrifice a much easier life elsewhere because they have great empathy and compassion for us.

Yes they call themselves the “Resistance Movement” but you have to understand this term in its full context and not assume they are somehow “negative” or focusing on negativity. (I also highly recommend watching the 1983 Miniseries and subsequent television series called “V” as it will show you exactly how this group formed and how they have been operating underground; I would not be surprised if they were the ones who released this film to let us know they are here assisting us!)

Resistance can mean “the refusal to accept or comply with something” or “a secret organization resisting authority” but it can also mean “the ability to not be affected by something, especially adversely” and “the impeding, slowing or stopping effect exerted by one material thing on another”….as in their impeding of the insane Dooms Day plans the dark ones have continually tried to unleash on mankind! I for one, am so grateful for their presence, their perserverance and their sacrifice.

It’s important to understand that for at least 26,000 years our planet was plunged into the depths of darkness and forgetfulness. We were literally CUT OFF from our connection with Source Creator, infinite knowledge, memories of our past lives, and our psychic and supernatural abilities!

Under this veil, the consciousness level of Earth’s inhabitants suffered a serious demise and cosmically it was not until the year 2012 that Earth actually entered the Photon Belt and Divine Source Light finally started coming back to the planet!

So while it is now easy for us to say “We just need to raise our vibration and the darkness will disappear” – well yes that is true – and we are finally as a collective starting to understand the importance of Mass Meditation and shifting our reality - but that is a very recent shift in the collective consciousness and April 4th was the first time EVER in our history that we had over One Million Meditators participating…..which is amazing….but still quite small when you consider there are 7.5 Billion Souls on the planet.

It has taken us aeons to get to the level of Awakening we are now experiencing. That is what we need to use as a frame of reference.

So while the collective consciousness remained at extremely low levels, the Light Forces had no choice but to engage in an actual war with the dark ones to help liberate us. Physical warfare was at times necessary and at times the Resistance and their underground headquarters were nearly wiped out. They also have worked tirelessly to counteract the nefarious plans and agendas of our captors with advanced technology and helping us raise our consciousness through the creation of the Internet and quantum computers where we once again had access to higher knowledge.

If you want to know their history, which I find fascinating, you can read it here:

The Light Forces know….and we are learning…..that you can be fully AWARE of something without allowing it to dominate your senses or control your destiny! To fear knowing something because you suspect it may “taint” you spiritually in some way or impede your spiritual progress is not to fully acknowledge the power and strength you possess.

Taking the proverbial “red pill” and knowing full well what has transpired here on this prison planet is essential.

I am able to provide the guidance I do and be “The Voice of Reason” in these chaotic times because of the intense “red pill” research I have done over the last 15 years, absorbing and analyzing tens of thousands of pages of information about the dark matrix and how its agents operate.

Armed with first-hand knowledge and experience of the deepest manipulation of the psyche and the mind, we can avoid these scenarios forevermore! Never again shall we be duped by soul-less archonic beings or Borg-like artificial intelligence systems that seek to assimilate our souls!!

Being a “Full Spectrum” Warrior of the Light is something to be very proud of!

It takes courage to know all….and transcend all.

Another Major Truth that will soon surface and be evident to all living on Earth….is that darkness and evil is in no way necessary for our evolution as a species as it is a perversion of and deviation from Love and Light.

This is a false program that the dark forces themselves instigated and heavily promoted (especially within the spiritual communities) as a way to get us to actually embrace their evil ways and the unspeakable suffering we have all endured as something good. It is not good and the collective trauma which results can require quite a long recovery period. Cobra has spoken of this lie many times and it will be revealed to all very soon.

What has transpired here on Earth violates all the basic tenants of Universal Law and the Galactic Codex so there is no justification for it. (you can read it here):

The vast majority of Galactic Races have evolved to very high levels of Love and Compassion without any experience of darkness or evil so that is all the proof we need. A Loving Creator (or parent) would never subject their offspring to evil or trauma and would in fact do everything in their power to prevent this from happening and protect the child. That is all you need to know.

Remember that your Higher Self knows ALL Truth and it is only here within the confines of the dark matrix that truth was hidden from us. When something does not resonate or feel right at a soul level, it’s usually because it is not true on a cosmic level! Trust those feelings no matter what the “mainstream conversation” is saying.

In addition to dismantling and uprooting unhealthy structures, Pluto also reveals hidden power – namely the Transformative Inner Power we all possess – that we are just now reconnecting with! Easter weekend is a perfect time to Resurrect this power, along with the Divine Codes of Freedom and Renewal which are now flooding our planet.

Many have been asking me…..what do we do now? Where do we go from here? When do we get to do that amazing “mass meditation thing” again?

The answer is – we keep consistently engaging in our individual daily meditations and come together weekly and on key dates for group meditations and global Mass Meditations. When there is a really BIG astrological alignment coming up, you will definitely be hearing about it on this channel so stay tuned!

The best thing we can do to elevate collective consciousness and liberate our planet is to make meditation a regular practice! Even 20 minutes a day can shift things in your own life and the world at large. You will notice more peace, more clarity and more balance settling into your spirit. In those moments of disconnecting from the noise and chatter and connecting to the exquisite silence of the higher realms, you will begin to receive powerful insights and receive cosmic downloads that will propel you forward and allow you to more fully tap into your gifts and your purpose.

There are ongoing mass meditations daily and weekly which I will list below, along with several Easter weekend that I list at the end of this article.

It is critical that we CONTINUE to meditate on a regular basis at this sensitive time – both individually and en masse!

Please feel free to share your personal meditation routine and activities that help you keep your vibration high (with a comment below), as this can assist others.

I personally listen to high vibrational music and specific tones that clear and balance my chakras. I also practice Qigong and meditate outside in nature daily.

You can also share new experiences, personal insights and shifts you have noticed locally and on the world scene as a direct result of our meditations.

And if we need to talk about the trauma, that is ok too. Once we express our feelings and discuss them, it is much easier to move on from them. There is going to be an unavoidable period of global shock and dismay over the coming weeks and months and that is something we will have to deal with and overcome as a collective.

Let us remain engaged with one another and inspired!

We are a Global Community on a Sacred Mission!!

I can tell you Earth’s Magnetics are literally flipping out to the extreme (and the magnetic field is doing a complete reversal) at the moment which is a clear indication that our 5D Earth Grid is literally being built and wired in real time! Here is one site I check which shows that just in the last 24 hours we were blasted with unprecedented solar wind streams between 1000-1665 kps and normal range is 300-400!!!

You can see that and the never-before-seen Magnetic Field Disturbances here (first video I saved shows solar wind stream and the second is Earth’s magnetic field changing):

Many sources have confirmed that on April 4 th/5th we did in fact secure the most desired Ascension Timeline and anchored in the New 5D Earth Grid, which is awesome! However, we cannot become complacent as there are still opposing forces at work who would like to undo this. We cannot allow that to happen!!

There are still several stages of Planetary Liberation that must occur before we are completely victorious including the completion of the rescue of traumatized children from underground strongholds happening now, an end to human trafficking and the $150 Billion Child Sex Trafficking Network, an overhaul/scrubbing of the entire internet to remove all dark programs and activities, 160,000 sealed indictments will be served in the U.S. and 500,000+ mass arrests are expected worldwide, evidence of their crimes publicized via multiple media channels with a subsequent transfer of power, and bank closures followed by the complete financial reset.

With all that in mind, now is the time to be most Vigilant in our meditation activity and focus! Every moment hangs in the balance and we can control the outcome by maintaining and expanding our Worldwide Web of 5D Light!!

We must continue to anchor the incoming waves of light into our new earth grid and HOLD the Sacred Vision of Life on 5D Earth strongly in our minds every single day! We must continue to birth it into creation with our silent meditations, with unwavering commitment.

I would also ask that we set aside time daily to meditate specifically for these severely traumatized and abused children. Many of these children were abducted. Their plight has been horrific and we need to send them a blanket of divine love and assure them they are now safe and protected and will never be harmed again. Envision them being healed and whole and send them this vision of renewal. I’ve been singing lullabies to these children and sending them the tender feelings they evoke (such as this one):

As for a daily meditation routine, a good brief meditation to start with is Violet Flame Earth Ascending so that we can purify any remaining darkness on our planet. The light forces have asked us to invoke the violet flame daily (and throughout the day). 
This is the link:

We must also continue to Stabilize the Earth Grid daily with the “Flower of Life” meditation here (download in case of internet disruption):

Cobra and the Light Forces have also asked us to continue with our Ascension Timeline Meditation (every 4 hours as often as you can – even once a day is good – at 3 pm UTC, 8 am PDT, 11 am EDT) and also Easter Sunday at these same times.
Here is the link to the guided audio in English you can download:
And in 40 languages (scroll down past 2nd large picture)

Spiritual Easter themes will center around Immortality and Freedom….and our ability to “Resurrect” these divine solar codes. 

Remember, you are an Immortal Being with an eternal soul!

We are also Resurrecting the Feminine Divine….very important!

It is time for all beings on this planet to Rise Again and Reclaim Our Sovereign Status and Immortal State of Existence! That opportunity will be magnified Easter Day.


I will share my ceremony ritual which I use on Key Meditation Dates and during our larger Mass Meditations, which you are welcome to use. I follow native traditions. I set up my sacred altar with a candle, hand selected crystals and sacred symbols or mandalas such as the Sri Yantra which contains all universal codes of manifestation. I often use Rose Oil which was used in the ancient Goddess temples as it holds the highest frequency of any flower and immediately raises our frequency by inhaling its fragrance.

Next I use a smudge bowl, light the bundle of sage and smudge and clear my aura and the area of my Sacred Circle of any lingering negative energies or entities. It’s important to have a bright clear energy field prior to meditating and joining with the collective energy field. 

You can also cast or outline the sacred circle by placing a representation of each earth element (water, air, earth, fire) on each side and also use gemstones and crystals to demarcate your circle. The ancients always connected with elemental power during their sacred ceremonies.

I then create a Dome of blue protective light by calling in Archangel Michael and I magnify this sphere of protection 1,000 times its normal strength. I connect with the energies of the Goddess and the Feminine Divine and call our Divine Mother into the space. I also call in my Higher Self, native ancestors and other angelic guides and ascended masters from the higher realms as well as the galactics including the Pleiadians and Andromedans (as I am an Andromedan starseed).

Next I officially Open the Sacred Circle by Calling in the Four Directions (this is my favorite part of the ceremony as it evokes an ancient connection and also connects you with the forces of nature!). When you speak these words aloud you feel very empowered! I use the compass on my cell phone so I can be accurate in this part of the ritual.

And finally, I’ve been doing the “Christ Light Expansion” meditation to massively expand my energy field just prior to the Mass Meditation.

And now a list of Easter Sunday Meditations for us to do!

The World “Rainbow Bridge” Meditation sounds fantastic. It is being held for a “Resurrection in Consciousness” and the organizers are saying it can be done at any time on Easter Sunday (although I think it’s more powerful to synchronize) so for those in the U.S. at least why don’t we plan to do this meditation at 5:00 pm EDT (10:00 pm London/11:00 pm Germany if our European friends wish to join) to give everyone a chance to engage in their own religious services or spiritual practices. Here is the Instagram Link. I would advise printing or saving the instructions to your phone or computer in case the internet goes down.

Also I encourage you to join Sandra Walter’s advanced meditation group for the weekly Sunday Unity Meditation (3 times available at either 8:11 am, 11:11 am or 1:11 pm EDT for 33 minutes). This meditation will be especially powerful on Easter Sunday as we are anchoring in the diamond Christed Ascension Codes into our new earth grid and it is a most auspicious day to do so!

Sandra’s global meditation group is very experienced and highly advanced. I believe they had a lot to do with stabilizing and anchoring the massive field of energy we created on April 4th! I am recommending that we connect with her group every Sunday!

We will be doing her guided “Christ Light Expansion” which is phenomenal for expanding your Energy Field and connecting with your higher self, the galactics and Universal Source Energy. Here is the link (recommend downloading in case of internet disruption):

Don’t forget about also doing the Ascension Timeline Meditation on Easter Sunday at 3 pm UTC which is 11 am EDT.

As you can see there is no shortage of Mass Meditations for you to participate in. Mark them on your calendar and commit to creating the expanding field of Divine Light that will free us from the darkness forever!

Meditation for Planetary Liberation and anchoring the New 5D Earth Grid is our PRIMARY FOCUS at this time.  And upgrading our communication patterns is second.

I will join you in the Mandala of One Million Points of Lights daily and especially this Easter Sunday - as we meet once again in the Cosmic Void of Creation and give Birth to the Highest Version of ourselves and our New 5D World!!!

Victory of the Light!

Sacred Architect 5D

Sunday, April 5, 2020


In the immortalized words of Dinah Washington (the famed 1950’s jazz singer)…”What A Difference A Day Makes!”

Song link here (it’s a beautiful song):

The song lyrics go like this….

What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain
My yesterday was blue, dear
Today I'm a part of you, dear
Lord, what a difference a day makes
There's a rainbow before me

In 24 “little hours” we have forever changed the Destiny Of Our World and have collectively taken a Quantum Leap to our New 5D Earth Grid! Congratulations to all of you dear readers and meditators who made this MIRACLE HAPPEN! I am so grateful to each and every one of you beautiful souls.


(For our French readers here is the french translation of this article:

I am thrilled to report that IT IS OFFICIAL! 

We now have confirmation from Cobra (The Portal blog), the Pleiadians and Forces of Light - that we did indeed have MORE THAN ONE MILLION MEDITATORS ACTIVITELY PARTICIPATING IN THE APRIL 4th /5th GLOBAL MEDITATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Official Announcement:

The first was a code that Cobra has been using for years and here is the code he used for the 4-4 global meditation:

GR+, GR++

GR stands for Grid Ratio. I have been avidly following Cobra’s blog since its inception in 2012 and the important thing to note is we have never seen TWO GR’s reported (the second one having two plus signs after it) – we knew this meant we far exceeded critical mass by a mile!!

The 2nd update is what we were all waiting to hear with breathless anticipation. It confirms we surpassed the One Million Mark and detailed analyses will be done on the implications of achieving such a Massive Milestone and all the positive things it will mean for all of us as a global society. A detailed follow-up report will be issued within two weeks.

I can already confidently report based on my own connection with the energy field of meditators last night and my strong intuition and inner guidance that we DEFINITELY permanently secured the Positive 5D Ascension Timeline! 

More than that, I believe we took an actual QUANTUM LEAP to the new timeline! You will be amazed when you hear more detailed reports of just how massive of an upgrade humanity received in Global Consciousness as a direct result of this historic Mass Meditation.


Everything is going to SHIFT in a completely different direction.
You will begin to see the changes very rapidly. Watch the news. Watch world events. Watch the financial system. Watch the quarantine situation. Watch behavior in your community, in your own home.

And while you’re watching and waiting…..KEEP MEDITATING!

Ascension is a process and in order to ascend as a global society, we must begin to change our priorities, our daily routines, our habits. The forced quarantine is going to help with this in a big way.

First and foremost, I encourage everyone to make MEDITATION a Top Priority.

Ideally it would be good to start and end your day with meditation. But since things are still a little chaotic and much will be happening on the world scene, even if you can’t stick to a definite time just commit to the daily practice. If you couldn’t meditate this morning, find a window in the afternoon to do it, or before you go to sleep that night. Most of us won’t go a day without eating or sleeping. Meditation is just as important so let’s add it to our short list of “Must Do” activities each day.

Meditate out in nature as much as possible as it will greatly enhance your practice and results! Not to mention you will benefit from all that fresh air, sunlight and connection with the plant and animal kingdoms.

I also wanted to share a little about my personal experience before, during and after this incredible meditation.

I did Sandra Walter’s “Christ Light Activation” meditation just prior to the one we all did together globally so that I could amplify and expand my energy field as much as possible in advance. During that pre-cursor meditation, I was absolutely in AWE of how much cosmic power I was able to connect with!

For the first time in this lifetime, I felt a direct connection with
the Cosmic Central Race (who live by the cosmic central sun and are highly advanced beings that Cobra has spoken of) and I also for the very first time felt a direct connection with SOURCE. 

Now that was truly indescribable and euphoric!!

Normally in my personal meditations (when I am in a really high vibratory state) I can feel energy moving between my hands very strongly and around my auric field, an ability I developed after practicing Qi Gong for several years. But last night….well…..I went wayyyyyyyy beyond just “feeling” energy.


I actually felt my body begin to morph into a liquid plasma state and then when I projected my energy out to the Universal Level I suddenly became aware that I had merged with the cosmos (on a quantum level)!

There are no words to describe how amazing and wondrous that is. Or to emphasize just how Monumental that is. The Matrix overlords went to extreme lengths to disconnect us from Source Energy for millennia of time so to be able to reconnect is a really major accomplishment!!

Later, as soon as the Mass Global Meditation began at 7:45 pm EDT, I felt the most powerful “heavy” collective field of energy I had ever experienced “drop down” into my own amplified energy field and when the two JOINED AS ONE I went into sheer Bliss State!!! This energy field was unlike any I have ever experienced – it was truly massive and engulfed me at a planetary level.

Another thing that was unique in this meditation is how STABLE our Energy Field felt! It’s one thing to create a large wave of energy but is it erratic or stable? How long can we hold it? Can we anchor it into the New Earth Grid? This was the first time ever that I felt actual STABILITY in our collective energy field and that is really important. The energy field held together for a very long time, even after the meditation ended.

Let me take a moment to say that we ALL once had mastered these abilities….to work with Energy very expertly….and we will definitely regain those skills. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching the movie “Dr. Strange” to see what Energy Masters can do!

For now, we can just become more aware of how we are working with these incoming energy waves and the energy generated during group and Mass Meditations. The more we are aware, the more we concentrate, the more skillfully we can wield the energies and use them to our best advantage.

I would love to hear about your personal experiences and what was new or different. 

Also in the near future I am considering putting together training materials for upgrading and improving personal communication and offering guidance on developing high vibrational communication skills for our Ascending Society so that all our interactions can become much more fruitful and pleasant.

I am also considering assembling and working with a group of committed individuals with Leadership Qualities who really want to advance and sharpen their communication and negotiation skills and be more directly involved in the ongoing Planetary Liberation efforts. This would be more high level training and mastery.

As we go through the various stages of cultural and planetary change, there will be a great need for those who can organize and manage groups and work in logistics and the movement and distribution of food, supplies, building materials and so on. This will require Expert Communication Skills and that is where this training could prove to be invaluable!

My “3D” work background is in sales and communications. I spent over 30 years mastering the Art of Communication (verbal and written). I developed a unique Diplomatic Style of selling that helped me rank at the top levels of every company I worked for, including having the top sales conversion rate among 300 sales representatives. I share this to show that my methods were very effective and my conversations with others highly productive.

I never liked the more brash aggressive styles they wanted me to adopt and found them unnecessary as I often outranked the agents using those tactics and they were left shaking their heads in disbelief. My customers on the other hand loved me and were loyal.

You could say I was “in training” or being groomed all those years for elevated communication styles which are so essential for the smooth functioning of a 5D Society. And now I am at a crossroads where I can no longer work for (or support) the 3D Matrix - the sales tactics and other behaviors they demand from employees go against all the tenants of universal codes of conduct that say "do no harm," which is why their systems are collapsing and are no longer sustainable.

But I did gain valuable skills working in those fields and it is time to use that knowledge to better our society! I would like to share what I’ve learned as I feel it is so needed as we begin the transition to a completely new world. 

The Matrix has worked very hard to degrade communication to an extreme degree. This is evident in the programming we see on our screens 24-7 which has degenerated into the gutter especially since the mid 90's. There was a time not long ago when people would never have spoken to each other the way they do now. It would have been unthinkable.

We need to restore healthy communication all across our planet! It is currently one of the most distorted areas of society and affects all of our interactions with each other. Cobra said in a recent interview that one of the prime reasons Planetary Liberation has taken so long is that human interactions (even in the spiritual communities) have often been confrontational and counterproductive!

This really must change.

Respect must take the place of ego. 

Open dialogue must replace closed mindedness.

Thoughtfulness, not selfishness, must be the new status quo.

An Ascending Society must begin to embody the traits and behaviors of the new higher vibrational network they wish to build.

This means everything must elevate!

Elevated thoughts.
Elevated speech.
Elevated communication.
Elevated behavior.
Elevated interactions with others.
Elevated music.
Elevated entertainment and movies.
Elevated food choices.
Elevated relationship choices.

Change must first come at an individual level, then communal and finally adopted by society as a whole.


So for those who wish to ride the Cosmic Elevator to 5D Earth it requires inner work which will have a ripple effect on group dynamics.

Your feedback will let me know how many would be interested in this kind of training / group project.

In closing I will say that Ascension is a process.

It’s not going to all happen in a day. It will be an ongoing work in progress. So while we hit a Major Milestone today, there is still much work to be done.

What we did in the last 24 hours was to create a solid framework on which the Foundation for our New Earth Society can be built. As with constructing a building, the foundation is only the first step, albeit a very important one. If your foundation is not solid the building will crumble.

First we must work on building a network of more stable human beings which will build harmonious relationships that will build stable communities that will radiate outward and build a stable peaceful high vibrational world.

BUILDING IS A PROCESS. So let’s start with Building Stable Communities of Committed Meditators who understand that ongoing Individual and Mass Meditations are an essential component of 5D Life.

Let’s commit to full participation in each and every Mass Meditation and spreading the word like wildfire!

Who’s ready to start building 5D Earth??? Comment below this article.