Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Earth Day Global Meditation 4/22/20 & Announcement


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Today, April 22, 2020 is a very special day as it is not only the day when the World Celebrates the Beauty and Sacredness of Planet Earth, but from a numerological standpoint 22 is a Master Builder number. Today also happens to be a New Moon Day in the lunar mansion of Ashwini (the birth canal) so what we plant or seed today will have far reaching implications for us and our planet!

This is a day for all of us to visualize the kind of world we wish to see manifest and hold that vision strongly! You can also perform your own sacred ceremony and call in the four directions.

Please Join Us tonight 4/22/20 for a synchronized Global Peace Meditation organized by Unify (

They are doing Live Broadcasts all day and have partnered with EarthX and National Geographic. The schedule of speakers and events is here (sorry for posting this so late but hopefully many of you can still make the evening schedule and/or global meditation):


The Global Ceremony for Peace on Earth beings at 4:00 pm PDT and the Live Broadcast will culminate at 7:00 pm PDT with a Synchronized Global Meditation! Indigenous Elders will be present to lead us in sacred ceremony.

Look forward to connecting with all of you in the Great Cosmic Void of Creation once again! It is time for Gaia and all her inhabitants to breathe a collective sigh of relief as Peace is restored and Harmony reigns supreme.



  1. Check out the Schumann Resonance today, my dear:

    Schumann Resonance Sustained Spike Over Power 100 For 2 Hours & Rising

    Big things are happening that we don't know about yet. 😉✌

    Thank you for being a pioneer of light, Brianna! 💟🕊

    In humble service, Love, Light & Unity,

    1. Good to see you over here my friend! I am proud to serve the Light. I feel each energy wave before it ever hits the Schumann chart....I am extremely sensitive to energy so I knew something huge was transpiring.

      This week (6 days straight) we've been hit with the strongest waves for the longest duration EVER. Solar wind speeds were record breaking - blowing at over 1900 kps (kilometers per second)! And speeds kept topping 1,000 for many hours over the last 3-4 days - unprecedented activity - causing our planetary magnetic field to go haywire. And yes the spikes of 100-140 are extremely high and long duration this time. Thank you for sharing.

      I kept sensing the "Black Vortex Alert" had to do with the implants as they operate on vortex technology so I'm hoping they're being blasted into oblivion by this pure high vibrational light.....which will be a major victory indeed!