Sunday, April 5, 2020


In the immortalized words of Dinah Washington (the famed 1950’s jazz singer)…”What A Difference A Day Makes!”

Song link here (it’s a beautiful song):

The song lyrics go like this….

What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain
My yesterday was blue, dear
Today I'm a part of you, dear
Lord, what a difference a day makes
There's a rainbow before me

In 24 “little hours” we have forever changed the Destiny Of Our World and have collectively taken a Quantum Leap to our New 5D Earth Grid! Congratulations to all of you dear readers and meditators who made this MIRACLE HAPPEN! I am so grateful to each and every one of you beautiful souls.


(For our French readers here is the french translation of this article:

I am thrilled to report that IT IS OFFICIAL! 

We now have confirmation from Cobra (The Portal blog), the Pleiadians and Forces of Light - that we did indeed have MORE THAN ONE MILLION MEDITATORS ACTIVITELY PARTICIPATING IN THE APRIL 4th /5th GLOBAL MEDITATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Official Announcement:

The first was a code that Cobra has been using for years and here is the code he used for the 4-4 global meditation:

GR+, GR++

GR stands for Grid Ratio. I have been avidly following Cobra’s blog since its inception in 2012 and the important thing to note is we have never seen TWO GR’s reported (the second one having two plus signs after it) – we knew this meant we far exceeded critical mass by a mile!!

The 2nd update is what we were all waiting to hear with breathless anticipation. It confirms we surpassed the One Million Mark and detailed analyses will be done on the implications of achieving such a Massive Milestone and all the positive things it will mean for all of us as a global society. A detailed follow-up report will be issued within two weeks.

I can already confidently report based on my own connection with the energy field of meditators last night and my strong intuition and inner guidance that we DEFINITELY permanently secured the Positive 5D Ascension Timeline! 

More than that, I believe we took an actual QUANTUM LEAP to the new timeline! You will be amazed when you hear more detailed reports of just how massive of an upgrade humanity received in Global Consciousness as a direct result of this historic Mass Meditation.


Everything is going to SHIFT in a completely different direction.
You will begin to see the changes very rapidly. Watch the news. Watch world events. Watch the financial system. Watch the quarantine situation. Watch behavior in your community, in your own home.

And while you’re watching and waiting…..KEEP MEDITATING!

Ascension is a process and in order to ascend as a global society, we must begin to change our priorities, our daily routines, our habits. The forced quarantine is going to help with this in a big way.

First and foremost, I encourage everyone to make MEDITATION a Top Priority.

Ideally it would be good to start and end your day with meditation. But since things are still a little chaotic and much will be happening on the world scene, even if you can’t stick to a definite time just commit to the daily practice. If you couldn’t meditate this morning, find a window in the afternoon to do it, or before you go to sleep that night. Most of us won’t go a day without eating or sleeping. Meditation is just as important so let’s add it to our short list of “Must Do” activities each day.

Meditate out in nature as much as possible as it will greatly enhance your practice and results! Not to mention you will benefit from all that fresh air, sunlight and connection with the plant and animal kingdoms.

I also wanted to share a little about my personal experience before, during and after this incredible meditation.

I did Sandra Walter’s “Christ Light Activation” meditation just prior to the one we all did together globally so that I could amplify and expand my energy field as much as possible in advance. During that pre-cursor meditation, I was absolutely in AWE of how much cosmic power I was able to connect with!

For the first time in this lifetime, I felt a direct connection with
the Cosmic Central Race (who live by the cosmic central sun and are highly advanced beings that Cobra has spoken of) and I also for the very first time felt a direct connection with SOURCE. 

Now that was truly indescribable and euphoric!!

Normally in my personal meditations (when I am in a really high vibratory state) I can feel energy moving between my hands very strongly and around my auric field, an ability I developed after practicing Qi Gong for several years. But last night….well…..I went wayyyyyyyy beyond just “feeling” energy.


I actually felt my body begin to morph into a liquid plasma state and then when I projected my energy out to the Universal Level I suddenly became aware that I had merged with the cosmos (on a quantum level)!

There are no words to describe how amazing and wondrous that is. Or to emphasize just how Monumental that is. The Matrix overlords went to extreme lengths to disconnect us from Source Energy for millennia of time so to be able to reconnect is a really major accomplishment!!

Later, as soon as the Mass Global Meditation began at 7:45 pm EDT, I felt the most powerful “heavy” collective field of energy I had ever experienced “drop down” into my own amplified energy field and when the two JOINED AS ONE I went into sheer Bliss State!!! This energy field was unlike any I have ever experienced – it was truly massive and engulfed me at a planetary level.

Another thing that was unique in this meditation is how STABLE our Energy Field felt! It’s one thing to create a large wave of energy but is it erratic or stable? How long can we hold it? Can we anchor it into the New Earth Grid? This was the first time ever that I felt actual STABILITY in our collective energy field and that is really important. The energy field held together for a very long time, even after the meditation ended.

Let me take a moment to say that we ALL once had mastered these abilities….to work with Energy very expertly….and we will definitely regain those skills. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching the movie “Dr. Strange” to see what Energy Masters can do!

For now, we can just become more aware of how we are working with these incoming energy waves and the energy generated during group and Mass Meditations. The more we are aware, the more we concentrate, the more skillfully we can wield the energies and use them to our best advantage.

I would love to hear about your personal experiences and what was new or different. 

Also in the near future I am considering putting together training materials for upgrading and improving personal communication and offering guidance on developing high vibrational communication skills for our Ascending Society so that all our interactions can become much more fruitful and pleasant.

I am also considering assembling and working with a group of committed individuals with Leadership Qualities who really want to advance and sharpen their communication and negotiation skills and be more directly involved in the ongoing Planetary Liberation efforts. This would be more high level training and mastery.

As we go through the various stages of cultural and planetary change, there will be a great need for those who can organize and manage groups and work in logistics and the movement and distribution of food, supplies, building materials and so on. This will require Expert Communication Skills and that is where this training could prove to be invaluable!

My “3D” work background is in sales and communications. I spent over 30 years mastering the Art of Communication (verbal and written). I developed a unique Diplomatic Style of selling that helped me rank at the top levels of every company I worked for, including having the top sales conversion rate among 300 sales representatives. I share this to show that my methods were very effective and my conversations with others highly productive.

I never liked the more brash aggressive styles they wanted me to adopt and found them unnecessary as I often outranked the agents using those tactics and they were left shaking their heads in disbelief. My customers on the other hand loved me and were loyal.

You could say I was “in training” or being groomed all those years for elevated communication styles which are so essential for the smooth functioning of a 5D Society. And now I am at a crossroads where I can no longer work for (or support) the 3D Matrix - the sales tactics and other behaviors they demand from employees go against all the tenants of universal codes of conduct that say "do no harm," which is why their systems are collapsing and are no longer sustainable.

But I did gain valuable skills working in those fields and it is time to use that knowledge to better our society! I would like to share what I’ve learned as I feel it is so needed as we begin the transition to a completely new world. 

The Matrix has worked very hard to degrade communication to an extreme degree. This is evident in the programming we see on our screens 24-7 which has degenerated into the gutter especially since the mid 90's. There was a time not long ago when people would never have spoken to each other the way they do now. It would have been unthinkable.

We need to restore healthy communication all across our planet! It is currently one of the most distorted areas of society and affects all of our interactions with each other. Cobra said in a recent interview that one of the prime reasons Planetary Liberation has taken so long is that human interactions (even in the spiritual communities) have often been confrontational and counterproductive!

This really must change.

Respect must take the place of ego. 

Open dialogue must replace closed mindedness.

Thoughtfulness, not selfishness, must be the new status quo.

An Ascending Society must begin to embody the traits and behaviors of the new higher vibrational network they wish to build.

This means everything must elevate!

Elevated thoughts.
Elevated speech.
Elevated communication.
Elevated behavior.
Elevated interactions with others.
Elevated music.
Elevated entertainment and movies.
Elevated food choices.
Elevated relationship choices.

Change must first come at an individual level, then communal and finally adopted by society as a whole.


So for those who wish to ride the Cosmic Elevator to 5D Earth it requires inner work which will have a ripple effect on group dynamics.

Your feedback will let me know how many would be interested in this kind of training / group project.

In closing I will say that Ascension is a process.

It’s not going to all happen in a day. It will be an ongoing work in progress. So while we hit a Major Milestone today, there is still much work to be done.

What we did in the last 24 hours was to create a solid framework on which the Foundation for our New Earth Society can be built. As with constructing a building, the foundation is only the first step, albeit a very important one. If your foundation is not solid the building will crumble.

First we must work on building a network of more stable human beings which will build harmonious relationships that will build stable communities that will radiate outward and build a stable peaceful high vibrational world.

BUILDING IS A PROCESS. So let’s start with Building Stable Communities of Committed Meditators who understand that ongoing Individual and Mass Meditations are an essential component of 5D Life.

Let’s commit to full participation in each and every Mass Meditation and spreading the word like wildfire!

Who’s ready to start building 5D Earth??? Comment below this article.


  1. Dear Brianna, I need to go to bed soon but I wanted to briefly respond to all of this. I participated in the meditation last night and also felt the energy strongly (for about an hour in all) before the field seemed to dissipate. I am so grateful to you for your work and so excited to have found you. I have been feeling helpless and terribly anxious since the Covid19 scare began. Today was the first day I actually felt good again - in fact much better than usual. Until now I have not felt a resonant place to "plug into" but this feels so right and so empowering to me. I would love to be a part of your team of high vibration communicators. Please keep me posted. Much Love and Light to you. Essence

    1. Level 1 of the training initiative I am working on launching will definitely empower you and is a great place to start! Stayed tuned for more info....

  2. I also did the two meditations but the other way round and felt for the first time molecules, the cosmos, my consciousness was so expanded. I even felt the wind come and spread my energy field. It was truly powerful. I saw the most beautiful earth and I cried from joy. It was the most powerful meditation I’ve ever had. A M A Z I N G!

  3. Hi I’m from Japan. Since the Spring day, I feel the other conscious level is our true home. The feeling is growing stronger. Thank you for the meditation event! I’d love to help build 5D earth!

    1. Wonderful! The best way to do this is by upgrading and improving our communication styles and skills. Stay tuned for an upcoming post that will outline in more detail the Training Initiative I wish to launch. I invite you to participate as a Foundational Builder. Two Levels of training will be available.

  4. I'm definitely interested in some training in communication and negotiation skills to increase my effectiveness towards planetary liberation. That's been a major focus of mine and only recently have I begun connecting with others who understand the spiritual and extraterrestrial nature of our situation. Thanks for the work you do. I understand that focused mass meditations and personal spiritual work are the most important things we can do and that those things will bring major changes in the physical world that we need to envision and implement. I'm quite interested in networking with others who are working towards planetary liberation with these understandings especially those who have important skills to share. I joined the email list. Can I expect to learn about possible training in the future thru that?

    1. Hi Dug - welcome. Keep an eye out for a post coming soon outlining the Training Initiative I wish to launch and the 5D ACC Leadership Team I would like to put together and work with. It will contain a secure email which we can use to communicate about this project. You sound like a Level 2 candidate. Stay tuned....

  5. I can see quantum changes directly through my eyes. I usually care about the energy field of people around me. But a few days after the ascension timeline meditation (including now), I no longer pay attention to this! After I realized my changes. I watched people's energy fields carefully. Find it incredibly big! This is the biggest change since the return of light to meditation on January 21, 2019! People's energy field changes very little before the light returns to meditation! Maybe as you said! People are beginning to reconnect with the source! Matrix is collapsing! I know what caused the change! In your words: the source of energy here has been greatly increased! Why does the source's energy here increase after the return of the light? You will know after the Event! The source of energy here increases because of something that happens after the return of light to meditation.