Monday, January 18, 2021

CHOICEPOINT: Timelines Converge then Diverge January 19-22


There are 3 Key Live Mass Meditations

On January 19th and 20th.

Please see below for times and links.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I. I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." ~Robert Frost

This has always been one of my favorite quotes, one that I have lived by all my life.

We have now come to a critical juncture in mankind’s history. Two paths lie before us……two timelines to be exact.

One keeps us on a path of subservience and suffering and leads to increasing levels of chaos, additional loss of freedoms and the unfolding of a dystopian agenda.

The other is a swift journey to Victory for humanity on all levels.

These two timelines will converge (run closely parallel or intersect)…..and then swiftly diverge in different directions……January 19-22.

<<< We must therefore Choose Wisely as we are choosing our individual (and collective) DESTINY! >>>

How do we choose? By what we Focus on and send emotional energy to these next 4 days!

We also choose by the Declarations we make and the signal we broadcast out to the Universe. In addition to the 144k meditations the next three days and the Cosmic Reset meditation we will continue doing daily (link here:

…..we can also make the following Declaration out loud with gusto as we meditate:

By the Sovereign powers vested in me, I declare the following:

1.   I now anchor my consciousness to the 5D Organic Ascension Timeline and the 5D Earth Grid where all original codes of creation have been fully restored. From this moment on, I choose to only experience the higher vibrational 5D version of Earth and positive extra-terrestrial races who have humanity’s best interests at heart!

2.   I am a Free Sovereign Being of the Light and I now fully Reclaim My Sovereignty! As a human collective, we hereby declare that Earth is our home and we are dedicated to the healing of mankind and this planet.

3.   We hereby declare that the power has shifted to We The People in the smoothest, swiftest and most peaceful way possible. We are now a self-governing society. Our first Action is to Free ourselves and Gaia from all oppression and suffering!

4.   I hereby declare that I choose the path of Love, Compassion, Peace and Bliss! I choose to live in a harmonious world that protects and nurtures the organic sentient life within that world.

5.   We collectively declare that all matrix rulers be immediately removed from power and their lies and crimes against humanity be fully exposed. It is our collective will that the truly soulless beings who stubbornly cling to the dark be escorted to the galactic central sun for complete soul dismantling and reprocessing.

6.   I hereby declare that all global events from this moment forth are unfolding in the best possible way for the good of humanity and all sentient life on Earth!

7.   I and all of ascending humanity do hereby declare ourselves the true citizens and stewards of Earth and pledge to take the utmost care of this precious planet!

8.   I hereby declare that all of Earth’s wealth and resources be immediately returned to humanity, who will equitably distribute these resources for the upliftment of all life!


Nothing is more important, especially January 19 and 20 than to Focus exclusively on the World You Wish To Experience and Events as you wish to see them play out!

The 144K Starseed Group will be doing 3 Live Meditations over the next two days to ensure we Remain on the 5D Organic Ascension Timeline. I encourage you to join us if there is any way possible.

If you can, try to time your work breaks around these meditations or use your lunch break to meditate for as long as you are able. 

We need to GO THE DISTANCE these next two days!

Even if you must work the next two days, I strongly encourage you to place your focus and attention on the Higher Timeline and continue throughout the day to flood Washington DC and the United States with columns of blinding white omnipresent Light. See this light purifying these areas and removing all darkness and dark agendas.

You can do meditative/visualization exercises while working – I’ve done this many times before!

PLEASE make the effort to MEDITATE as often as possible the next 2-3 days! This is such a crucial point in the timelines, so we need to be meditating Day and Night!!

Here are the times for the 144k Live Global Meditations and links to join the live broadcast (scroll down the page to ‘Ground Crew Command Radio’ area):

Here is the link to DOWNLOAD the Live Meditation Broadcast (and Protection Protocol) from our 1ST MASS MEDITATION THAT WE DID TODAY JANUARY 19TH. Download these files in case the internet goes down either tomorrow or the following day!


1st Mass Meditation – January 19th at 2 PM EST / 7 PM UTC

Backup Link Here:


2nd Mass Meditation – January 20th at 11 AM EST / 4PM UTC

Backup Link Here:


3rd Mass Meditation – January 21st at 2 PM EST / 7 PM UTC

Backup Link Here:



There are many additional rumors that are swirling just in the last couple days…..everything from some kind of toxic red dust that was going to be released over several cities… planned Fake Alien Invasions (with reporters using green screen to report said fake invasion and hoping the masses fall for it) so that they (government) can declare global martial law and set themselves up as our 'saviors' using the fake invasion as an excuse to implement full scale totalitarian rule.

It would be wise as this week unfolds to NOT automatically believe anything you see or hear. Use extreme discernment. Even if you see things in the skies, they may or may not be real as Project Bluebeam would allow them to use convincing holograms to mimic real spacecraft or beings. Even if what you see is real, we will not immediately know if the beings that show up are here to help or harm.

The most important thing you and I can do is to connect directly to Source and our multi-dimensional self and continue to make our personal and collective WILL known to the Universe, as well as Flood the Earth with brilliant omnipresent Light!

The Dark Ones know the timelines are converging this week and they will use their fanciest tech and smokescreens to deceive us and keep us (or pull us back onto) the old dystopian 3D timeline.

We must be more vigilant than we have ever been the next few days and give all of our Energetic Power and Attention to OUR Highest Vision of 5D Earth and the life we wish to live and the world we wish to live in!!


Friday, January 15, 2021

The Next 7 Days.....Could Be EPIC


Greetings Dear Readers from the 5D docking station,

I hope you have gotten 2021 off to a great start and that you've been able to map out some inspirational goals for your life and our planet this year. I created goals in 3 categories for myself: Personal, Professional and Lifestyle. It’s good to keep these near and review them regularly to mark your progress and keep your motivation high.

THE NEXT 7 DAYS HERE IN THE U.S. COULD BE EPIC with the approaching presidential inauguration January 20th. We are in the most tenuous time window and are a breath away from a Major Planetary Breakthrough. The astrological alignments are quite explosive with several planets hemmed in by the moon and alot of aggressive Mars energy in Aries. Mars will also be squaring Saturn thru January 21. 

In addition, Uranus just went direct and is conjunct Mars which has never occurred on an inaugural day. Joni Patry, a well respected long time vedic astrologer said that we can expect "a shocking turn of events" on January 20th that will "rock the world." Expect the unexpected.

Greatly in our favor is the fact that we currently have a Stellium of Planets in Capricorn (5 to be exact)! 

So I hope you are all doing the Planetary Reset Meditation we did on 12/21 every day, as what we focus on this month......and especially the next 7 receiving a massive amount of Foundational Builder Energy.....this is our Big Chance to SOLIDIFY Our Collective Vision of Planetary Freedom and our new amazing life in 5D Earth - completely F~R~E~E of darkness, dark beings, quarantines and the entire lower realm experience that has been encased in non-stop suffering for humanity for millennia.

Let’s get as many people as possible doing this meditation over the next 7 Days!

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE GUIDED AUDIO FOR THE DAILY MEDITATION AT EITHER 11:11 AM or 1:11 PM your local time (if you miss those times for any reason you can do this at 8:11 am, 8:11 pm or 11:11 pm your time):

LET US MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT OVER THE NEXT 7 DAYS. I will personally be meditating literally Non-Stop January 19th and 20th. Please join me and meditate as often as you can especially those two days. Envision Peace, Stability, a Non-Violent Stand by the American people for their rights, and Miraculous Events that will finally F-R-E-E humanity from the Matrix! Raise Your Vibration to bliss levels by any means necessary and send that ecstatic joy out to the entire planet.

KEEP BLASTING WASHINGTON DC and surrounding areas, as well as the entire U.S. with Pure Omnipresent Light and keep anchoring tons of Divine Feminine energy into the Earth Grid!!!

<<< Together, we can create 

the Best Possible Scenario for all mankind 

so let's make it happen!!! >>>

The Dark Ones who have held power over us for so long are desperate and are scrambling like rats in the dark to hold onto a sinking ship. But all will be exposed, all will be known and Truth and Love shall prevail!

*** Let us individually and collectively completely TUNE OUT the mainstream propaganda and divisive political narratives......especially this coming week......and FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY on Planetary Liberation and THE GREAT COSMIC RESET - restoring the Original Creation Codes - bringing down The Veil, a Peaceful and Miraculous transfer of power back to the true citizens and stewards of Earth, the transfer of Wealth back to the people......Healing on a mass scale.....and fully birthing 5D Earth! *** 

It's more important than ever to understand that nothing exists until we cast our attention upon it. That is the true nature of Reality. This is why the Matrix works so feverishly to keep our attention focused on their pro-grams 24/7. So if we want to change our reality, we simply need to stop casting our attention on anything we no longer wish to experience......and it will cease to exist.


FROM 3D......TO 5D!!! >>>


I learned something very interesting this week......Nineteen hz is the Frequency of Fear. It is one decibel lower than what humans can audibly hear but it affects us nonetheless and has been shown to cause feelings of Fear, Panic Attacks and even Terror. Do you think it is a coincidence that this is the # attached to the planned-emic? I am quite sure both the vy-rus strain and the vax-een are laced with this frequency.

But WE the Starseeds of Earth and Ascending Humanity......shall NOT be overtaken by 19! We shall rise above it.......transcend......and Ascend to a higher plane of existence!!

NOW is the time to Reclaim Our Sovereignty and Declare to the Universe that we do not consent to any further violations of our rights or the Galactic Codex. 


v We do NOT consent to rogue invader forces ruling over us, enslaving us or holding any position of power over us -- those days are over!


v We do NOT consent to those who rape and torture children or consume their blood to have authority over us in a governmental capacity (the vast majority of political rulers are guilty of these heinous crimes)!


v We do not consent to poisonous deadly substances being injected into our veins.


v We do not consent to the debt slave monetary system.


v We do not consent to complete censorship by social media companies or the steady stream of lies and propaganda from a fake staged media system.


v We do NOT consent to rogue artificial intelligence systems trying to assimilate us.....a/k/a the de-humanizing of humans!

The more of us who collectively state our Non-Consent and send this signal out to the Universe, the faster these things will disappear from our reality! We can do this in a Peaceful, Non-Violent way but with conviction.

For those who don’t yet know or realize, the incoming administration in the U.S. plan to implement a sweeping agenda of population reduction and total Orwellian control over the lives of those who survive their inoculations (nurses have been seen fainting on live tv immediately after receiving the shot, some have died and others contracted AIDS). 

The incoming president has stated that his first priority in his first 100 days of office is “to get 100 million shots into the arms of the American people.” In other words, he is immediately implementing ‘operation population reduction’ – this is the primary goal of the self-appointed matrix ruling class. It is beyond time for the masses to awaken from the mass delusion and see the dark agendas of these governmental authority figures, which have always been about creating maximum suffering and extinction of the human race. 

Also working in our favor are the Unstoppable Waves of Pure Source Light flooding our planet!

The influx of energies since our 12/21 Global Meditation have been the most potent yet and are blasting Earth non-stop. I've been following space weather very closely since 2011 and I have never seen daily energetic blasts and certainly not of this magnitude. We've been getting triple and quadruple back-to-back hits of solar wind between 1300-2000 kps travelling at 4 million mph, which is unprecedented (our 'normal' has always been 300-350 kps)! That's in addition to massive CME explosions off the sun and interplanetary shockwaves. Earth's magnetic field is being pummeled. Energetically, the last two weeks have been very turbulent physically causing heightened anxiety, pain and exhaustion for many - but an undeniable indication that we are on the accelerated 5D timeline.


Finally, there is alot of 'chatter' about 10 days of darkness, internet outages that could last up to a week (which have already been occurring intermittently in various states in the U.S. and abroad), dozens of laptops being stolen from top officials at the Capitol Building Jan. 6th, a national mobilization of troops in the U.S. possibly in preparation for martial law, a possible strike on China's nuclear arsenal, Congress members fearful for their lives......and many more loud 'rumors' are circulating.

Several sources also state there will be alerts from the current U.S. President any day now by way of the emergency broadcast system (or galactic satellite network used by the military that would take over all media airwaves) announcing mass arrests and transitioning into disclosure.

Because of all the uncertainty during the next 7 days, I would recommend that especially for those living here in the U.S. that you stock up now on food, water and essential items that would last at least a month, in the event some of these things do in fact happen. It’s always wise to be prepared. It's also a good idea to have some cash on hand in case you can't access an ATM machine or stores go to cash-only mode if the internet goes down for an extended period, banks temporarily close, etc.

If there ever was a highly probable time for these things to occur, NOW is that time! Think of how exciting this will be to finally witness and be a part of Planetary Liberation!! This is the moment we've been waiting on for aeons of time.

Remember.......WE are in control......and WE collectively decide how these events play out. This is our world, our life, and our divine destiny to be Sovereign and F-r-e-e.


I Believe everything is working in our favor!

I Believe we are already F-R-E-E!


Sending Much Love To You All. It's been an incredibly long hard battle but now we are finally in the home stretch. The bases are loaded and we are about to hit a Home Run!!! 



~Sacred Architect 5D~