Monday, September 28, 2020

FINAL BATTLE OF LIGHT & DARK: Global Meditations 9/29 and 10/9



Just 5 days ago, it was announced that there were drastic military escalations behind the scenes, and a full scale war ensued between the Galactic Confederation and Draco fleet in sublunar space and between the Resistance Movement and IBC (Illuminati Breakaway Complex) in the underground bases. These are the last two remaining obstacles to planetary liberation.

This is the historic moment we've been anticipating for so long, as this escalation of the Final Battle between Light and Dark will accelerate compression breakthrough, The Event and our ultimate liberation!

The Light Forces are confident that the end result of this war will be defeat of both the Draco and their minions, as they recently discovered a method to decloak the Draco ships and were finally able to reach the surface of Earth with their Mjolnir (Hammer of Thor) technology. However, the energy of this conflict can affect us here on the surface so we are being asked to participate in two Key Global Meditations when the potential for violence on the surface of Earth will be at its peak:

1) SEPTEMBER 29, 2020 when Mars squares Saturn - we will meditatate globally at the peak time of the square at 9:49 pm UTC / 5:49 pm EDT using the guided Flower of Life Meditation (link below)

2) OCTOBER 9, 2020 when Mars squares Pluto - we will again meditate globally at the peak time of the square at 1:09 pm UTC / 9:09 am EDT using the guided Flower of Life Meditation (link below)

You may also say the following mantra silently or out loud at the end of the meditation:

"In the name of the honorable and powerful presence of I AM, I decree and command the process of planetary liberation continues in a positive, harmonious and peaceful way for the planet, all living beings and especially for those who are holding Light for the planet."

These global meditations will greatly assist in reducing the possibility of violence or casualties and infuse Peace into this conflict, so please mark your calendars, join us at the specified time and help spread the word.

When you meditate, see a Deep Peace settling in the hearts of every man, woman and child on Earth. See them waking up from the intense matrix mind programming that has greatly influenced their behavior and overridden their own thought processes, powers of deduction and innate wisdom. See the masses of humanity no longer blindly accepting the false narrative the matrix overlords have been force feeding them, and finally seeing the Truth of how deeply we have all been manipulated and lied to.

It would also be helpful during our meditations to see both the Light Forces bravely fighting on our behalf on the front lines of this battle and members of the Resistance Movement being shielded in reinforced bubbles of pure pink Goddess Energy and visualize them having strategic advantage in all situations and locations from now on. 

You can fill all the underground bases with pink Goddess Energy as well as the pure white light of the Galactic Central Sun (as those dark beings literally cannot physically withstand that kind of high vibrational light). You can then visualize the entire planet (including above and below the surface) being encased in a "pink egg" of the Goddess' pure protective energy.

You can also visualize the Dracos, Reptilians and IBC (who are solely responsible for all the misery and suffering on Earth) being vaporized or escorted to the Galactic Central Sun for complete soul restructuring and the entire power and financial structure shifting from the dark ones to the People of Earth. 

We are also being asked to increase our daily meditations during the next few weeks  - doing the brief but powerful Flower of Life meditation up to four (4) times per day (or as often as each person possibly can - it only takes 11 minutes): 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm UTC (every 4 hours) 

........and also doing the "Prevent 2nd Wave of Lockdowns" meditation daily at 9:30 pm UTC / 5:30 pm EDT

Here is the guided audio for the Flower of Life Meditation (which you can download to your phone or computer):

And the guided audio for the "Prevent 2nd Wave of Lockdowns" meditation in several languages:

The next 4-6 weeks will be some of the most critical in humanity's history! So let us all be VIGILANT in the pivotal days of this EPIC FINAL BATTLE for the Liberation of Our Planet and participate in as many meditations as possible!

October is energetically the darkest month of the year and culminates in the biggest Satanic Ritual of the year from October 28-31st, the final day being Halloween (All Hallows Eve). During these days thousands of young children and adults are ritualistically murdered in blood sacrifices, so this is another reason why our coming together in large numbers for our daily and key meditations are so vital! We must counteract all this darkness with our Unified Mandala of Light!!

Please share this post with all your contacts and make this viral!


I deeply appreciate each and every one of you and all of your sacrifice and the love you continue to show one another, despite all of the hardships and matrix programming we all have to deal with.


Keep holding the Highest Timeline for Humanity and the Grandest Vision of a Liberated Earth in your mind's eye and energetic field!

Together we will forge the final mile,

The Sacred Architect 5D

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Humanity Is About To Reap an EPIC HARVEST!


Hello lovely souls,

In a moment we’ll be diving into a pile of crisp autumn leaves and walk among the vast fields of mankind’s crops to see what kind of harvest we can expect this year…..

Before we dive into the article……a personal note.

It’s been awhile since I have posted an article or update. I sincerely hope you are safe and intact in these most challenging of days. In the western U.S. millions of acres of precious forest have been burned and so many people and animals have lost their homes and endured unspeakable suffering, due to what is now believed to be intentional arson on a staggering scale.

I’ve been physically out of commission for more than two weeks. These unprecedented high vibration solar plasma waves inundating our planet since the Earth grid reset on August 31st have taken quite a toll on me.

Based on several sources and testimonials from many during this two-week period, coupled with the insane amount of energetic pressure I felt coming down on my head for many days now, I am convinced that those of us on the positive timeline literally went through a wormhole (or as one source put it “a rift” in the time-space continuum) and have basically quantum leaped past all potential negative scenarios and will see miraculous things happen in the next few weeks!

I’ve never experienced anything that comes close to the energetic intensity of the last two weeks (and for me that’s saying something)!!

These wild cosmic energies plunged me into yet another prolonged period of purging even more dense energies and trauma memories from my body -- it has been extremely painful and relentless.

The good news is that an area of my body ever so slowly has opened up these last 14 days and breathed a huge sigh of relief, after many years of being tight and in constant pain. Something that greatly facilitated this unfurling of very tight soft tissue was a special EMF cancelling plug I installed in my home. It’s a device I’ve been wanting to get for some time as the EMF just kept getting stronger in the home I moved into early last year – I would feel the intense surge of energy coursing through my body day and night – it was unbearable and felt like electronic torture.

This holographic plug transforms the harmful radiation in the home from wi-fi and other electronic devices into healing energy. It also neutralizes the 60 hz (dirty) electricity (called a lily-wave) that flows six feet outward from all home outlets and puts enormous amounts of stress on the body. This device was developed by a man I consider a genius who teaches Biogeometry at the Vesica Institute in Asheville, North Carolina (but sold through a company called Safe Space Protection).

As soon as I installed the plug, I noticed within a few hours my body began relaxing far more deeply than it is normally able to and points in my neck began to open up. By the 2nd and 3rd day, the hardened tissue, muscles and nerves in my neck opened up far more and began cracking. This was SUCH a relief as I had not been able to get my neck to craaack for years! It was frozen in place and I had very little range of motion. My shoulders felt like cement and were constantly pulling on the back of my neck and head.

Even my cats, who had been acting really zany whenever the solar plasma/solar winds would hit and were reacting to the stronger radiation waves from a new router that was installed, have calmed down tremendously.

We don’t realize just how much stress our bodies are subjected to daily from the radiation soup that surrounds us everywhere we go. Bones, muscles and tissues can rapidly deteriorate when constantly being subjected to EMF waves 24/7. This is one reason I am so passionate about working on projects that will help make these kinds of correctional devices as well as energetic healing chambers available to everyone!

I’ve packed a lot of information into this article, so make yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, put on your favorite background sounds or relaxing music and settle in for a tantalizing read……..

A Time To Gather

Fall is traditionally a time when people gather…….in their homes and with their families.

But this year they will gather in a much more public way.

They will spill into the streets in a sea of solidarity, to protest the ongoing oppressive restrictions and squelching of personal freedoms and constitutional rights.

Many peaceful mass protests occurred during the month of August all over Europe, in many countries around the world.

October 1-3, a massive peaceful demonstration will occur in the streets of Berlin and in the Great Star Square (the center of the Goddess Vortex in Berlin). FIVE MILLION plan to gather in Berlin during the first three days of October!

It will most certainly be a historic occasion, exceeding the mass protests last month where a reported 3-4 Million participated on August 29th in Berlin and successfully reactivated the Goddess Portal there. If you are called to this occasion and are in that region, it will definitely be a thrilling moment in time, one for the history books. The rest of us will be lending our support energetically and in meditation to maintain peace and safety for all participants.




Despite all of the chaos we have seen playing out on the global scene so far this year, a wonderful autumn season awaits us, one that will yield a rich Harvest for all life on Planet Earth! Rumi, the profound 12th century poet, said:

“Every tree, every growing thing as it grows, says this truth --

You Harvest What You Sow.” 

What seeds has humanity sown over centuries of time? What kind of soil grows in men and women’s hearts? Are we just a largely unevolved destructive violent race, unable to make decisions for ourselves or care for our planet? Or are we far more than we have been given credit for and are mere victims of the grandest charade ever perpetrated on a group of beings in this or any other universe?

These are themes we will explore later in this article, so be sure to keep reading as you won’t want to miss the upcoming Harvest and what it means for us as well as the dark ones!


Echoes of Fall

For me, mood is everything. So let’s create a fall mood, shall we?

I encourage you to listen to this piece of music while reading this section of the article. David Arkenstone is a musical genius who captivates my heart each time I listen to a new arrangement. 

His music moves me in a way I can scarcely describe, especially his more recent albums. His music has matured like a fine wine and evolved into a graceful swan. It will sweep you away into worlds of whimsy, longing and ecstasy!

In this album, he is accompanied by the California string quartet and the sound of the bow gently caressing the strings will stir beauty in your soul and immerse you in seasonal wonder. When you listen to this music, you will see bright crimson and gold maple leaves cascading like feathers in slow motion before your eyes and imagine that you are suddenly weightless, twirling in unison with those ecstatic joyful wanderers. He has truly captured the majesty, stillness and quiet splendor of autumn.

Flutterings from the Autumn Trees:

The entire album he just released is called “The Turning Of The Year.” Here is the link to listen to it on Youtube (you’ll see all the other songs on the right side). It is a masterpiece and so exquisite that it may even make you weep!

After enduring the searing heat of summer, our soul aches for the cooling kiss of autumn as it quietly descends upon the land and gently sweeps us up into its glorious artistic reverie.

For many, autumn is the most highly anticipated season of the year. The mere mention of “fall” evokes feelings of comfort, warmth, stillness and restfulness.

Dreamy scenes float across the screen of the mind – hillsides ablaze in golden and crimson hues, pumpkin patches, hay rides, arts and crafts festivals, warm fuzzy socks, a kitten curled up next to a crackling fireplace, the smell of apple crisp and cinnamon wafting from the kitchen, slowly pouring a cup of tea, the mesmerizing sound of the wind rustling through tree branches.

If I could only choose one word to describe the fall season, it would have to be: COZY.

The cooler crisper drafts of air make us want to bundle up and go within and explore: our homes, our kitchens, our minds. The sudden drops in temperature and switching on of colorful landscapes arrest our imaginations and trigger our desire to decorate our abodes and savor every color, every scent, every moment spent with a loved one or pet.

We find ourselves lingering more……and reveling in the simplest of sounds – the tinkling of a spoon against our teacup, the crackle of the fire, the rustle of a page turning in a cherished book.

I personally love Fall and feel it is the most Magical time of year! I encourage you to savor all the joys of this enchanting season and recreate the ambience of autumn in a small charming town during a simpler time. You can find an orchard full of inspiration for this project from these beautiful souls who have captivated me:


And……a male perspective:


Music and isolated sounds are an integral part of my life and a deep source of inspiration for me.

Not too long ago I discovered an entirely new world of sound therapy called ASMR. I have been delightfully addicted ever since.

This genre has allowed a burgeoning renaissance of sorts to be ignited and I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the wide array of creativity one finds in these videos (everything from dressing up/elaborate vintage role play, to hair brushing, to scratching on various surfaces that create “tingles” in the listener when using earbuds and helps them fall asleep).

My initial introduction to the fascinating world of ASMR were the “ambience” videos.

This time of year, I LOVE to relax and work while playing these amazing fall-inspired ASMR Ambience videos. They add so much atmosphere to your work space or relaxation corner!

I just had to sneak this one in……ladies and gentlemen alike will enjoy this highly relaxing video:

Honestly, I can watch and listen to these kinds of videos and audio tracks for hours! They deeply soothe my spirit and restore my soul.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my cozy world as a writer and how I set the mood and find my inspiration. :-)

Now that your mind is spinning in tandem with brightly colored maple leaves and your mouth is watering thinking of that first bite of freshly baked apple pie, let’s return to the topic of Humanity’s Greatest Bounty and why you can confidently look forward to reaping your just reward this fall and winter season.

The dark beings who imprisoned humanity 26,000 years ago and imposed “quarantine Earth” on billions of souls without their express permission and consent, contend that humans are the ones to blame for the paltry conditions we see around the globe.

In every book and film they are always repeating the narrative that “humans are a depraved race of beings” and that we are the ones who depopulated the forests, started brutal wars, and will do absolutely anything for money and power. Are these allegations true, or just how far do the lies and manipulation go?

It’s important we grasp the truth at a heart level, because we have been grossly lied to and maligned as a race. Once you understand the true nature of human beings, you will be very excited about the upcoming fall season and anxious to roll out the Harvest Celebrations because the bounty humanity is about to reap is truly EPIC and well deserved!

From the time I was a very young child, I knew that human beings were very peaceful and caring by nature and that their capacity to love was extraordinary.

I observed the way mothers would patiently care for and protect their children, the way communities would come together to locate a missing child or rebuild their homes after a disaster had occurred. 

I felt the deepest kind of love coming from my own mother as she tenderly and selflessly took care of five children amidst very harsh conditions. I saw how young and old were delighted by the animal kingdom, and how gentle the majority of people were when handling these precious creatures. And I observed how hard and how diligently most of humanity worked, putting a great deal of effort and pride into their work.

Yet, this was not the story I “heard” or was being told….

I grew up in a religious cult where we were heavily brainwashed to believe that we were all just a bunch of hapless ‘sinners’ unworthy of even life itself and always walking a thin line to the fiery bowels of hell and eternal destruction.

The same narrative was repeated in almost every movie I ever watched……”humans are SO bad, they destroyed the Earth, they’re heartless, greedy and selfish.”

Every time I heard this line repeated I cringed…..because this could not be further from the truth!

The archons (demonic soulless beings who are at the top of the Matrix hierarchy) and their Draco and Reptilian minions have committed some of the most heinous crimes ever committed against a group of beings and have broken every tenant of the Galactic Codex! The level of lies, manipulation, and alteration of our body temple is staggering beyond comprehension!

Here are a few of the things they did to us (without our knowledge or consent):

~ Disconnected all but 2 of our 12-strand DNA complex (severing our connection to Source Creator and removing nearly all of our metaphysical abilities)


~ Switched us from a nearly immortal Silica-based Avatar body into a much weaker, sicker carbon based body (this is where the proverbial 6-6-6 “mark of the beast” comes from as 666 is the number assigned to the element Carbon in the periodic table)


~ Added a reptilian component to the base of our brain, making us aggressive and violent (which goes completely against our true nature for we are created in the image of Prime Creator – we were designed to be innocent, loving and peaceful)


~ Wiped all our previous memories and knowledge prior to each new incarnation on Earth and kept our soul trapped in an endless cycle of reincarnation into their Dark Matrix to serve them as slaves


~ Placed plasma based Implants into every single person as they incarnate and used said implants to punish us physically with pain, keeping us constantly fighting and arguing amongst ourselves and even sending dark thoughts directly into our brain (many of which we assumed were our own thoughts)!


~ Herded us through an endless array of Mind Control Cults (religions, schools, universities, new age cults, etc.) and Lied to us about virtually everything (i.e. the nature of reality being solid when the truth is everything is energy and mutable, humans are the only beings that exist in the entire universe, we can only live 70 or 80 years at most and then we cease to exist, and so much more)


~ Destroyed our entire Ancient Giant Tree Network and along with it nearly 85% of the Oxygen in our Atmosphere (thus triggering myriads of diseases, especially cancer which can only develop in an extreme absence of oxygen) – the remnants of these trees are what we know as “mountains” and “plateaus”


~ Promoted and enforced De-Population Agendas with the intent to kill the majority of mankind and enslave the rest, ultimately converting them into cyborgs


~ Poisoned our food (chemicals and GMO), our water supply (fluorination), and our air via chem-trail spraying for years now


~ Created deadly vaccines with the intent to kill millions – these vaccines are responsible for the untold suffering and death of millions of people, including the paralyzing of hundreds of thousands of boys and girls (particularly in Africa) who were perfectly healthy prior to being vaccinated


~ Started wars (mass executions) all around the planet for thousands of years and used psychological warfare to incite fellow humans to hate one another to the point of killing one another


~ Kept humanity on a constant treadmill of work, slavery and psychological brainwashing and distractions by means of highly demanding jobs, constantly escalating price of goods and taxes, sports, television, entertainment, and social media

~ Withheld prosperity from humanity by hoarding vast amounts of gold and wealth in underground tunnels while much of humanity lived in abject poverty or at best, had just enough to survive on 

(it is now coming out that 9-11 was manufactured to prevent these prosperity funds from being released to humanity along with debt forgiveness / financial reset which was scheduled to begin that same day;  N-E-S-A-R-A  / G-E-S-A-R-A had already been passed into law;after the 9-11 tragedy all members of Congress were placed under gag order and could not speak about that law or the funds)

~ The dark ones hid below the Earth’s surface in elaborate underground facilities which they used our taxpayer money to build, while our own infrastructure crumbled

~ Kidnapped, bred and enslaved millions of our precious innocent children and subjected them to horrific Satanic rituals, rape, torture and the harvesting and consumption of their blood in elaborate underground bases that snake all around our planet beneath the very ground we walk upon

THEY BASICALLY SOUGHT TO CONTROL OUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE (and were telling us this is what they were doing through their media channels - here is one example, remember this TV show intro from the 60's?):

I will stop there -- for this is just a sampling of everything our dark captors did to us. All of this vile manipulation and suffering humanity has been subjected to has led to deep psychological traumas, physical disease and a near collapse of our civilization.

This is exactly why I am committed to assist with the Healing of Humanity’s trauma for it is vast and deeply embedded in both our physical as well as our mental and emotional bodies and energetic fields!

As you went through that list, did a picture not emerge of total EVIL and INSANITY?! That any being (or group of beings) could even conceive of such heinous crimes, let alone commit them…..repeatedly…..for thousands of years….without any remorse or rescinding, is nearly impossible to comprehend.

And yet…..we are all witness to the fact that these atrocities were in fact carried out against humanity.

What kind of karmic debt do you suppose these evil beings have amassed, having perpetrated this grand of a deception and this extreme level of torment humanity has endured for 26,000 years?

Their karmic debt is so VAST that even if they attempted to repay it, it would take eons of time to do so. Many of these beings are simply not redeemable and they will be escorted to the Galactic Central Sun for complete dismantling and recycling.



















This is very bad news for the archons, dracos and reptilians and all who turned to the darkness…….

They shall reap in full measure what they have sown……greed, hatred, division, enslavement, inequality, oppression, destruction and death.

It is wonderful news for humanity! The majority of us have sown the seeds of Love, Compassion, Selflessness, Generosity, Integrity and Resilience – and we continued to display these qualities even in the face of pure evil while experiencing unprecedented suffering!!

Starseeds have experienced extremely brutal conditions here on Earth as they were the #1 target of the Matrix -- they came here on Missions of Mercy, Anchoring Light and Awakening for the masses and they were tortured to the extreme. I can vouch for this personally and I send heartfelt gratitude to all starseeds who remained faithful to their missions no matter what was done to them. I also send much love to all other souls here who have refused to give in to dark tendencies and continued brightly shining your light.



It deeply saddens me when I see how far we have stepped away from our true nature and that so many slumbering humans really believe the LIE that we are anything but pure vessels of the Light.


WE THRIVE ON CONNECTION AND UNITY…..and accomplish miracles when we come together, which is why the Matrix works so hard to isolate and divide us.




We will be highly honored and respected by our Galactic brethren. Never again shall our race be maligned or viewed as a threat!

We will be sought out by other galactic races for our wisdom and stories of how we survived daily life in the pits of darkness, fighting against an invisible evil force.

We are a highly peaceful group of beings, who wish to protect all life and be FREE to learn, grow and savor every moment of physicality we are able to enjoy.







As for the dark deeds that many humans did commit, I will say this. Yes, there were obviously a number of souls who did indeed sell themselves to the “Devil” and they will pay dearly for that decision.

But for the vast majority of humanity, the hurtful things they did were a result of extreme psychological manipulation, lies and physical torment. It has been established that those born into cabal lineages and royal families often complied with their evil agendas because refusing to do so would result in instant death and/or torture of their families.

Many whistleblowers have said that they personally know of countless individuals trapped in these families or in underground bases that have NO desire to do what they are asked to do, but only comply out of fear and an inability to escape these situations.

So can we arbitrarily conclude that all humans who have done things we insist we would never do are really ‘bad’ or ‘evil’? No we cannot. Many of these crimes will be forgiven in courts of law once all evidence is presented. Or perhaps, a lesser sentence will be served.

None of us can confidently say what we would do if someone were holding our loved ones and children captive, ready to torture or kill them at any moment. So we must keep an open mind and compassionate heart for those who were forced into these terrible predicaments.

I would go a step further and add that humanity is going to be SHOCKED when they realize and see proof that at least 30-50% of those who walk among us are either not human to begin with or are possessed and controlled by demonic entities.

Remember that here in the Dark Matrix – NOTHING is at is appears to be. So be prepared for the unexpected. All will soon be revealed and irrefutable evidence presented globally via mass media channels……so stay tuned for the show of a lifetime before the final curtain closes on the Matrix stage!





WE MUST KEEP OUR EYES FOCUSED ON THIS GOLDEN PRIZE! (to the exclusion of all else)

We are literally just weeks (or at most) a few more months away from the GRANDEST LIBERATION this Universe has ever seen!

I personally believe it will happen between November and December of this year – I can feel it on an energetic level and so can you if you tune in to the right frequency.


We are about to fully reclaim our status as Sovereign Beings of the Light!

We will momentarily be entering the long-awaited Golden Age – the Age of Aquarius – and we will experience copious Abundance and Bliss on a level currently unfathomable!

The blessings that will be showered upon us will exceed all expectations!

The Floodgates of Abundance, Joy, Prosperity and Freedom are opening…….and will remain open for at least 1,000 Years!!!


Let Go and Be Still

As You Behold The Splendor of Autumn

Splatter Across Earth’s Canvas

It is apparent that collectively, we are in the deepest throes of releasing all darkness as we approach the three months that remain in this year and the highly anticipated climax of divine intervention during the December 21st Solstice.

Ironically, our annual trek into the longer nights of autumn and winter is the catalyst that will allow us to finally transcend the darkness on this planet and welcome the Return of the Light this December!

The light has been within us all the time, although its flame was barely visible above the wick. On (or possibly even before) December 21st we will completely reignite that Sacred Flame when our Light Body reconnects with Source itself at the moment when Earth is flooded with a massive blast of pure Divine Light. Anything that is unpure will not be able to withstand this high vibrational energy and will be returned to the formless void from whence it came.

At that moment, Earth will finally break free from the chains of darkness that have held us captive for millennia!

This is the moment of “divine intervention” we have all been eagerly anticipating for several years now, and it is literally less than 3 months away!

Here are some suggestions on how we can all expertly navigate the next 3 ½ months and come out Victorious by the time December rolls around.

The best advice I can offer as we enter the ‘Season of the Witch” is to fall lockstep in with nature’s footsteps and do as the ‘green witches’ do – take full advantage of Mother Nature’s wisdom:

~ Go Within and Deep Into the Stillness

~ Find Balance (Equinox)

~ Let Go

~ Rest and Recharge

~ Yield A Bountiful Harvest

Go Within and Deep Into the Stillness

2020 has been a very volatile year full of unexpected twists and turns and chaotic situations. We can transcend a lot of the chaos we have experienced this year by cultivating stillness, and autumn is the perfect season to help us do just that!

Have you ever sat on a park bench in the peak of the fall season and just listened to the brisk autumn wind whistling through the trees? It is one of the most delightful and cleansing sounds you will ever hear. As you let the crisp sounds wash over you, a quiet hush descends into the depths of your soul, and perhaps for the very first time you feel truly at peace. You can suddenly hear the wisdom of the universe pouring in and you become aware of the longings of your heart.


Nature displays it so beautifully every autumn, so effortlessly. All we have to do is sit quietly…..and observe. Notice every detail on a single leaf as it dances on the wind. Listen to every distinct note as the leaves and branches sway like a pendulum in perfect pitch to a special symphony being composed in your honor. Allow yourself to feel the freedom of the brightly colored leaves as they swirl through the air to a rhythm all their own.

Commune with nature often this fall season and consciously create as many Moments of Stillness as you can for the remainder of the year.

Not only will you start to have epiphanies and revelations, but you will be approaching life from a deeply centered place which will allow you to make wise decisions and become a voice of reason in a transforming world.

Conscious deep breathing (pranayama/yogic breathing) is another way to cultivate stillness and oxygenate your entire body.

Meditation is also an excellent way to train the body and the mind to be quiet and very still. I have found that my most productive meditations occur while I am out in nature, feeling the wind in my hair, the sun on my face and being serenaded by songbirds.

By practicing Stillness, it will be much easier to disconnect from the disquieting narrative of the Matrix which is blaring for our attention, knowing its days are greatly numbered.

NOTE TO SELF: It’s important that we disengage completely from the mainstream narrative over the coming weeks – especially steering clear of the political arena. The Light Forces have requested that we remain neutral when it comes to the presidential election and not voice any further opinions for either side as this is exactly what the dark beings want – to completely polarize the population and foment civil war in the U.S.

Let us each do our part to maintain peaceful conditions, especially here in the United States. May all readers see the importance of remaining unattached and neutral as regards the upcoming election and simply observe events as they unfold.

Also, remember, that as we go deeper into the stillness and silence of the autumn season, we will be planting Seeds of Peace and greatly impacting what will unfold -- so let’s use our meditative powers to the full the next 8 weeks!

These next few weeks we want to focus exclusively on PEACE and see the hearts of all men and women (particularly in the U.S.) overflowing with deep feelings of peace. We want to visualize the planetary liberation efforts (both above, on and below the surface of Earth) being carried out in the most Positive and Peaceful manner.

Visualize all plans of the dark forces failing – there will be NO Civil War in the U.S., NO further lockdowns, NO more masks, no more spraying of deadly chemicals & nano-tech on airplanes, no forced vaccines, no chipping or Vaccine ID tracking of the population, no more spying and censoring of our content by the social media moguls, no further delays on Stimulus payments, Universal Basic Income or release of humanity’s Prosperity Funds!

Visualize a swift end to the plan-demic and all of its restrictions, re-establishment of travel and re-opening of all businesses, the implementation of a gold-backed unhackable New Financial System, total FREEDOM and LIBERATION for humanity, Healing Technologies and Prosperity for all mankind!

September 17th was a New Moon, so if you haven’t done so, this weekend is a perfect time to create a List of Intentions or SEEDS you wish to sow for your New Life in the New Liberated Earth! You’ll definitely want to have these new Seeds firmly planted before the Equinox on September 22nd, when we fully transition into a new Earth cycle. 

Find Balance

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on September 22nd this year and gives us a template we can use to completely reset our lives. As one of only two days in the entire year when day and night are of equal length, the Fall Equinox provides us a rare opportunity to experience total BALANCE and Harmony within nature’s cycles.

Because I am so sensitive to, and in tune with energies, I can distinctly sense the delightful sense of Flow and Ease I always feel on equinox days. These are the days I wish could last forever and never end. They soothe the spirit and relax the mind. Pay close attention to how the energy feels on September 22nd, the day of the equinox, and see if you notice the gentle flow that permeates that day.

It is no coincidence that the Equinox takes place on a “22” day, the number of the Master Builder. Take full advantage of the ease and flow of this day to lay out the construction plans for your New Upgraded Life and 5D Earth!

Take a brief inventory of the last 9 months of your life this weekend.

What areas of your life are out of balance, have been neglected or could use some attention?

Have you been properly caring for your body and paying attention to the foods you consume?

Is sleep (and prepping for sleep) an important ritual in your life? Do you read, meditate, or listen to calming music 30-60 minutes before you fall asleep to completely reset and quiet the mind?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by certain activities, demands or obligations?

Are you always rushing through your day or is there a steady healthy pace in your life?

Do you create pockets of stillness and rest throughout your day?

Do you feel scattered or are you organized in your daily activities?

How much time do you spend on the internet, social media and in the comment section? Can you eliminate social media engagement for awhile or greatly reduce your screen time? Can you refrain from participating in polarizing/triggering or argumentative exchanges? This is really important to do in the coming weeks and will bring you a renewed sense of peace!

Have you established a healthy daily routine? Do you carve out time for deep breathing, stretching, meditating, walking in the forest, soaking in a warm bath with scented oils?

What can you remove from your schedule that would restore order?

How can you make space for stillness, exercise, rest and recreation?

How can you do more of what you love, what truly inspires you?

How can you help others on a more soulful level and from a place of peace and centeredness?

Make a list of a few simple actions you can take to restore balance to these areas and the overall flow of your everyday life.


Do you remember being a child and holding a delicate dandelion flower in your hand?

As you would gently blow on the flower, you would squeal with delight as you released its spores and watched them float away on the wind. In your young mind, you were a magical flower wizard. At that tender age, the process of letting go was a thrilling creative exercise, one that repeated over and over again.

It’s time to reconnect with that youthful eagerness to LET THINGS GO.

Between August 31 and September 2, we experienced a complete reset of our Earth Grid. A brand new pattern never before seen, suddenly appeared on the Schumann Resonance on those specific days! It was a steady balanced harmonic pattern filling the entire chart:

During those 3 days I remember feeling a lightness of being and waves of hope and bliss were reverberating throughout my body temple. I knew we were experiencing a MAJOR SHIFT in our reality. The colors of the grass, leaves and sky became much more vibrant, the breezes cooler, the sunlight more golden and dozens of assorted butterflies began fluttering by the patio at the rear of my home. I had not seen them in weeks!

The 2nd day of the reset, I was given a powerful omen. While I sat in my screened-in patio, I suddenly saw an Eagle land right in front of me near the lake and sit there for a moment. It then flew in circles above me 4 or 5 times before flying directly into the sun!

< The Eagle has been my freedom symbol for many years. >

Butterflies are also a symbol of freedom in my world.

I had never before seen an eagle in this location so that was a majestic divine omen signaling the arrival of FREEDOM on a massive scale on our planet!

On September 9, 2020 a portal opened that will remain open for 10 days thru September 19th (the day the Lunar Nodes change signs) and just three days prior to the fall equinox.


This portal was heralded as total downtime – a time for Spiritual Maintenance – and a time for completely disconnecting from the Matrix Grid permanently.

9-9 numerically is the number of endings and this 9-9 Portal is the END OF THE MATRIX AND OUR EXPERIENCE IN IT.

This week is the END of a brutal and extremely violent 26,000 year chapter of Earth’s history, so we want to make sure we don’t take any of that past with us as we enter the Equinox Portal on September 22nd!

So it is imperative that this week we truly LET GO of everything that has kept us tied to the Matrix – you’ll want to relinquish all ties, identities, contracts, attachments, relationships, beliefs and perceptions that were contrived by the Matrix in an effort to keep us trapped and stuck! Doing this verbally, out loud, is even more powerful.

It is truly time to LET GO of humanity’s long cycle of suffering…..and our collective dark past……ALL OF IT!

Fall energies assist us in sweeping out all of our mental cupboards to make SPACE for the New Existence we all so desperately long for.

I wanted to get this article published a few days ago, but unfortunately, extreme pain levels prevented me from getting it out sooner and for that I do apologize. However, it is not too late! You still have one more day before the portal fully closes and you also have all weekend to release these things as we will be in the energies of the new moon for a couple more days.

I would highly recommend performing a sacred ritual this weekend (such as a burn bowl ceremony) where you write down everything you are LETTING GO OF and then burn it with fire as you speak your Release Intentions into the flame. This is a very powerful alchemical practice that brings finality to a situation and sends a powerful energetic signal of closure out into the Universe.

Once you have truly LET GO of all Matrix related attachments (energetically and emotionally), it is equally important to focus ONLY on the things you wish to create and experience. What we focus on this week (and weekend) will have long-term ramifications, so choose wisely!

This weekend is also an excellent time to go into the Stillness and deepen your meditative practice as you prepare for two major Global Meditations on Monday, September 21st and Equinox ceremonies on September 22nd.

Rest and Recharge


I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say that the Matrix has had us perpetually revolving on a treadmill of constant activity -- to such an extent that we have forgotten how to truly rest our bodies and our minds. We are always GO-ing somewhere to DO some-thing. We never slow down and we never stop to look at (let alone smell) the roses in the garden of life.

The ancient spirits of autumn will help us remember……

Gentle cooling breezes remind us to linger in the moment and savor the blessings of the wind fairies. Landscapes that suddenly become ablaze with color remind us to slowly and purposefully drink in the artistic beauty of the divine.

A hammock in a grove of trees beckons, and we curl up with a dreamy book as nature cradles us in her loving arms.

This fall season, reserve plenty of time for Rest and Rejuvenation!

Rest literally means to “cease work and movement” and “ceasing to engage in strenuous or stressful activity.” When we think of resting we think of being still.

Remember that mood is everything - so first you’ll want to set a restful mood and add seasonal touches to your home or place of rest.

Thoughtfully decorate your home with the scents and colors of autumn. Create a sanctuary in your bedroom, study or any space you can languish in and let all the stresses of the day melt away.

Use real leaves and twigs, scented candles, soft plush fabrics and throws, and the spices of the season to create the perfect setting. Delve into your imagination and don’t be afraid to incorporate new items or rearrange a room!

Lie down on your favorite sofa, close your eyes, and just daydream for awhile. Pour a cup of tea or coffee, grab a light blanket and lounge in your favorite hammock or deck chair, while soaking up the beauty of the garden, rows of golden and crimson colored leaves, or nearby lake or stream, as you slowly inhale the crisp clean air.

Let all your troubles float away as you stare up into an endless sky. Really revel in the feeling of emptiness and non-activity!

Linger in bed on a cold autumn morning. Just lie there and enjoy the comfort of the sheets and blankets all around you, without a care in the world. Take your time getting up and luxuriate in the sensation of slow-ness and moving slowly and rhythmically.

In the evening, soak in a luxurious scented bath, using oils on the skin to nourish and rehydrate. If you are blessed with a jacuzzi tub, turn on the bubbles and give those tense muscles a little TLC and soak to your heart’s content. Light candles all around you and stare lovingly into the flame as it transports you to realms of love, romance and bliss. Tip for our gentlemen: you can also greatly enjoy and benefit from a long hot bath.

Once you feel thoroughly rested……

It’s time to recharge your physical batteries.

RECHARGE yourself with jaunts into nature!

Let yourself be Wild and Free!

Run through a field of flowers.

Walk on a wooded path as you listen to the crunching of the fallen leaves beneath your feet.

Skip alongside a butterfly as it flits effortlessly through the air.

Yield A Bountiful Harvest

By going deep into the stillness, finding balance, letting go and resting and recharging this fall season – by listening intently to what your body is telling you and connecting physically with the Earth - you are guaranteed a Bountiful Harvest!

You have been sowing the Seeds of Love and Compassion your entire life. Now it is time to reap the rewards when the verdant fields of your light-filled crops are harvested.

I withheld a secret about the 9-9 Portal……

Not only is it the final release for us of all things Matrix related, but it’s a literal Stargate! For 3-4 days (September 13-16) we actually went through a wormhole or “rift” in the time-space continuum, which allowed us to quantum leap past all the worst case scenarios that could have played out on the old 3D timeline and landed in a much higher version of the new positive Ascension Timeline.

I personally knew something very intense was happening during those three days. The extreme pain I had been feeling for more than a week became excruciating. My entire scalp hurt so bad that I could not lie in any position without feeling searing pain. It was crazy!

The first night going through this rift I felt the heaviest energy I have ever felt pushing down on my crown and entire body. It was so heavy and strong that I felt as if it would literally pulverize me into the ground! I have felt many powerful energetic waves hit me, but NOTHING on that scale. It reminded me of those sci-fi movies where they show the person traveling through the wormhole and their entire body feels massively compressed, being squeezed into a 2-dimensional space. It felt exactly like that!

Many starseeds in particular (myself included) experienced a type of ‘dark night of the soul’ during those three days where we went completely Out of Time and were unable to complete even simple tasks. We were so disoriented that it took us hours just to grasp a sentence we were reading and we had to repeat it over and over.

It’s as if we were rapidly clearing lifetimes of our own deep sadness and trauma, along with a large portion of the collective’s trauma.

Finally, after intense pain and emotional heaviness, everything cleared by the New Moon on Thursday (Sept 17th) and it felt like we had literally landed in the new world, on the new 5D Earth Grid with our vessels feeling much lighter and centered.




(although we may not yet realize it)


As a collective,

humanity is preparing


in October, November and December 2020!

~ We’ve survived the Matrix and lived to tell the tale!

~ We’ve continued displaying love, gentleness and compassion despite the overwhelming pressure to lower our standards or denigrate our soul.

~ We’ve retained the goodness in our heart and continued to shine the light of the divine in a bedarkened world.

~ We’ve protected the children in our care and will continue to fight for their innocence.

~ We’ve shown love to the animals and advocated for their rights and proper treatment.

~ We’ve rushed to the aid of those in need of assistance and generously contributed of our time and resources.

~  We take pride in our work and seek to inspire our fellow human beings with our creations.

~ We’ve demonstrated a wide array of loving qualities, even in the face of harsh persecution and oppression.

~ We are inherently good, loyal and peaceful. We deeply love our families and sacrifice a great deal for their well-being.

~ We love Gaia (Mother Earth) and it hurts us to see her in such a down-trodden state.

Let us walk confidently into the final months of this year, armed with the knowledge that we have so much Light and Love to offer this world, our Star Families and the Universe at large! They will soon know the depth of our endurance and the wisdom of our experience.

Let us remain firmly rooted in the rich soils of the Earth as does the mighty Oak tree, centered and unmovable. As the chaotic winds of change sweep across the planet, we are unphased as we hold our position and continue to anchor in more light.

Let us come together in Unified Solidarity, standing as one body, and steadfastly refusing to be assimilated by the soulless dark beings and their rogue A.I. technology.

Resistance is NOT futile!

This is not going to be an ordinary changing of the seasons.

Autumn 2020 will mark the moment when we cast off the shackles of slavery and clung to the sails of FREEDOM, as they carried us to the shores of Liberty, where the Harvest Celebrations and our new lives begin!