Thursday, December 31, 2020

*** The BEST Is Yet To Come in 2021: Truth and Transcendence! ***

 Have you been enjoying the slower pace and charm of the holiday season?

Can you FEEL the Cosmic Pause???

Can you feel all Earth Systems rebooting and reorganizing on a much higher octave?

Can you sense the massive Upgrade taking place on our planet?

We are ending 2020, one of the most difficult and unprecedented years of our lifetime, on a Very HIGH Note! We did indeed create a Christmas Miracle and we have created a brand new uplifting script for humanity as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

First I would like to send gratitude to ALL who participated (and invited others to participate) in our Global Meditation on 12/21/20! It was a highly successful meditation, with several MILLION Meditators and Starseeds participating in various groups around the world!!

We dramatically altered the timeline and future course of events. We brought in a powerful wave of Pure Omnipresent LIGHT and anchored it into the Earth Grid for the first time in thousands of years!

Did you feel this galactic wave as it entered the Earth Plane on 12/21? The sun became brighter than I have ever seen it. The energy felt very transformative and created a ‘quickening’ of everything inside of us and around us – I and many others felt this quickening which is direct evidence that we did in fact complete our Quantum Leap to the 5D Earth Grid!

The galactic wave that swept across the planet at the peak of our meditation also felt incredibly gentle, nurturing and restorative – which confirmed that the Divine Mother’s love did indeed touch millions (if not billions) of wounded human hearts as many are reporting deep healing on a heart level during and since the meditation.

We also collectively triggered the GREAT COSMIC RESET in our sector of the galaxy, which has already begun overwriting the damaged source code with the original perfect codes of creation! We are seeing preliminary effects of this, although it may take several more weeks or months for the complete Re-Write to occur as volumes of old ‘data’ has to be overwritten globally and throughout our solar system and galaxy.


To highlight the tremendous amount of damaged source code that needs to be rewritten, let’s revisit the DNA code contained within just ONE human being. When the DNA is unraveled and laid out end-to-end it would require 300 trips back and forth to the sun to see it all! Considering that our sun is 93 Million Miles from Earth – the math reveals that our DNA stretches out over 27 Billion 900 Million Miles!!!

This is an astronomical amount of source code that needs to be rewritten in our bodies, on the Earth Grid and throughout our solar system and galaxy.




I have been shown by the higher realms that we should continue doing the 12/21 Solstice “Cosmic Reset” guided meditation daily for the next 33 days…..throughout the entire month of January (which can also be a volatile time especially here in the U.S.).

I am asking that all of you join me with unified intention for the next 33 days (starting New Year’s Eve 12/31) at either 11:11 am or 1:11 pm (your time zone) as triple 111 sends a strong signal to the Universe that we are intending to start anew – new beginnings – the cosmic reset.

Once again, the guided audio link is here (you can also download it to your phone or computer for easier guaranteed access):

If you can’t make those times, then you can do the meditation at either 8:11 am, 8:11 pm or 11:11 pm (your time zone). On Sundays we will be joined by thousands of advanced meditators in Sandra Walters group, which will greatly amplify our manifestation power! They come together for the Sunday Unity meditation at either 8:11 am, 11:11 am or 1:11 pm PST.

Please invite as many of your family, friends and contacts to join us as possible! We possess great transformational power when we come together in large numbers to express a Unified Intent!


While doing this meditation daily, envision those 27 Billion Miles of DNA Source Code within you being completely reactivated, rewritten and upgraded!

Visualize the original Fire Codes of Creation that the Divine Mother endowed us with being fully reactivated and operational (I get into this a little more down below).

Visualize the Original Divine Blueprint (and its life-enhancing geometric patterns such as the Lotus of Life and Krystal Spiral) returning to Earth! Focus on these symbols daily and see life flourishing now that they have returned.

Focus intently on these 2 Original Creation Patterns:

Let’s also send out the signal that Millions around the world are now also aware of, and participating in, the Great Cosmic Reset and Upgrade of our precious planet!

By doing so, we will start the New Year - Year #1 of the Golden Age of Aquarius - off on a Very High Octave!!!

Here are some amazing insights I received this week:

I was drawn to watch a movie called “Assassination 33 AD” about some young geniuses who are working on a top secret project to transport matter and people from one location to another and also a 1991 TV film series on Roku Channel called “The Boy From Andromeda.”

There were two huge revelations in these films.

One was that we carry the Fire Codes of Creation (unique to this planet) imbued within us by the Divine Mother – the creatrix herself.

These fire codes are what gave us our supernatural powers and the very codes that the dark invaders have worked so hard to suppress. (see the link to the Wes Penre papers later in this article for a more detailed explanation about the fire codes)

The highly intuitive young girl who plays “Jenny“ in the series realizes that she has the power within her to eradicate “The Guardian” of the fire key which the Andromedans accidentally left behind to guard the volcano-powered weapon, that was to be used in the event of any future alien invasions. Unfortunately the Andromedans, in their haste to leave Earth, did not foresee that this ‘guardian’ would also view them as marauding invaders and seek to destroy them.

The Guardian was an A.I. whose program could not be overwritten and went rogue - threatening to exterminate returning Andromedans (his creators) along with all life on Earth. Jenny succeeds in eliminating him when she and the Boy from Andromeda combine their ‘fire code power’ and channel it into the fire key stone – within seconds the guardian simply vanishes.

This is the SAME Power we all possess!

I’ve known for years that if a certain critical mass of humans on Earth came together with singular intent at a powerful astrological moment like the one we had on December 21st we could dissolve the Entire Matrix in just a few minutes!

<<< If only enough people would collectively harness this power….this entire experience of intense suffering would instantaneously END. >>>

The second reveal is very relevant to our recent 12/21 Global Meditation. In the “Assassination 33 AD” movie, one young genius succeeds in coming up with the formula for not only teleporting matter and people, but sending them through time as well – yes, he invents Time Travel.

They begin time traveling numerous times in succession as the people they are working for are trying to assassinate them… well as a pivotal historical figure.

In the course of going back and forth in time, the ‘prime’ genius expands on something revealed in the “Back to the Future” movies – when you travel through time and do something in that timeline, you alter the course of history and events. When that happens, the Universe then has to REWRITE or RECODE that entire sequence of events.

Since they had traveled back in time thousands of years, altered the timeline by their actions and then leapt back to present time, he fears that the present timeline will also be drastically altered with the possibility that they may not even exist anymore. 

When these changes do not immediately materialize, the young boy genius realizes that it takes some time for that much history to be rewritten.

When we apply this to the COSMIC RESET we initiated on 12/21/20, we can expect some time to lapse before we see the tangible effects of that Source Code Overwrite – which could translate into days, weeks or even a few months – as we are looking at anywhere from 26,0000-100,000 years of history that needs to be Rewritten!

I was truly floored at this revelation…….and also elated to know that WE REALLY DID THIS……and it won’t be long before everything in our world changes – for the better!!

As I write this introduction, it is the day of the last full moon of 2020.

We should fully utilize the power of this full moon in Gemini in the lunar mansion of Ardra to RELEASE and completely LET GO of everything related to our 3D Matrix Lives up to this point -- all lingering disappointments, emotional wounding, trauma memories and 3D Matrix attachments/relationships/experiences. Full moon energies are still available 2-3 days after its peak.

The symbol for ardra is the teardrop and can be used for the release of sorrow, but also for renewal. This nakshatra is also known for its annihilation powers, so we can use the power of this full moon to quite literally ‘annihilate’ and completely dissolve all matrix systems, programming and dark entities! Ardra brings a thirst for knowledge and this thirst for ultimate knowledge (ultimate truth) will be a driving force as we enter the new year. 

Truth is the sword that will slay the matrix dragons and free us from their long-held grip!

We can ask for help from Prime Creator and the legions of light to help us not only energetically release these recurring low vibrational imprints and remove them completely from our being, but also to transmute and transform those energetic imprints into a much higher form! I am doing a burn bowl ceremony by the light of the full moon, which is an excellent way to Release and Transform all negative emotional loops that have kept us stuck in the 3D world.

Update: I felt SO empowered during this ceremony!

Earth’s magnetic field got blasted by 3-4 successive solar wind waves between 1200-1600 kps in the 2-3 hours prior to the peak of the full moon at 10:28 pm EDT – I felt the crushing pressure in my head as each wave hit, it was intense! Just before I went outside to do my candlelit burn bowl ceremony, I asked that the skies be cleared so I could connect directly with the full moon light….and that is exactly what happened!

A stiff wind was blowing, which only increased as I began to RELEASE and LET GO of 3D. I spoke into the flames and declared that all of my matrix experiences and suffering and all vestiges of the old 3D matrix world were GONE – I uttered these decrees one by one. Once I released the past and burned up the Matrix in my burn bowl…..the head pressure immediately lifted and I felt an immense weight lift from my body.

I then took a walk around my neighborhood and had an ‘out-of-body’ Contact movie style experience – after walking several blocks, I stopped and looked up at the night sky and something very bizarre happened.

It was as if the Big Dipper and several other bright points that looked like ships had come down very close to me and appeared to just be ‘hovering’ in formation and slowly moving altogether. If I had stacked a couple of tall ladders, I could have touched them – that’s how close they were!

They no longer appeared to be ‘tacked’ onto the night sky at higher altitudes and I could suddenly see all sides of each ‘star’ – I had never seen anything like it!

The false 3D Matrix and all of its illusions are already crumbling at a rapid rate. We can accelerate its dissolution by resolving not to carry anything from the 3D Matrix experience into 2021.

Remember, we are in the midst of a complete REWRITE of our Planetary Source Code, which means we are starting over…..from scratch. So let’s no longer give any thought or energy to anything produced by the matrix and it will truly disappear from our experience in rapid fire order!

For the last couple of months, one recurring theme has been reverberating in my brain above all others – and this theme is what will finally free our society from its stubborn matrix-imposed shackles:


Coincidentally, many other writers, light bearers and those on the ascension path started focusing on this theme right after it came blazing into my awareness. This type of ‘simultaneous epiphany’ is further confirmation that we are becoming much more unified as a collective, which is wonderful news indeed!

What is Truth?

The dictionary definition of Truth is:

the body of real things, events, and facts : Actuality”

“in accordance with fact, that which has been proven and is indisputable”

a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality

“things that have been experienced on a wide scale and accepted as Truth”

fidelity to an original or a standard

Some may argue that Truth is subjective and everyone has their own version of what is true and what is real. I do not dispute that this is accurate… an extent.

When I am discussing Truth in the context of this article, I am referring to Ultimate Truth and provable historical facts based on various evidence, recorded data and mass experience.

I am not speaking of individual interpretations of events or information based on personal perception or filters. We are each creating and experiencing micro versions of our own reality - within the greater reality.

What I wish to address here is a larger body of Ultimate Truth that will help us get to the bottom of what really happened to us here on Earth for the last 26,000-100,000+ (some say 450,000) years.

As I have pointed out in prior articles, the 3D Matrix creators became masters of illusion and deceit. They created endless layers of smokescreens, diversions and tapestries of lies so vast that it has taken millennia to unravel it all!

We are now at an incredible juncture in Earth’s history. As humanity prepares to enter a new era - the long awaited ‘Golden Age’ - Earth’s inhabitants are crying out for Ultimate TRUTH to be revealed!

We need to know – beyond any shadow of doubt - the actual Intention behind the presence / invasion of various galactic races who have either visited or occupied Earth – mostly without the knowledge or consent of humanity! 

Most of these ‘rogue’ galactic visitors have not been friendly and viewed humans and our precious planet as a resource for the taking. They have raped and pillaged this planet and caused untold suffering and destruction for thousands of years to its inhabitants. 

The actual course of events and true intentions of invading galactic races on our planet over the last several thousand years has been shrouded in mystery for far too long.

When it comes to identifying Truth, there are certain things that are factual, provable, undeniable and unequivocal. These are called tru-isms, things that are indeed clearly true and accepted as fact – and there are events that are verifiable, because they have been experienced and observed on a mass scale and have been documented or recorded.

This is what I mean by Ultimate Truth – not fanatical baseless beliefs, not fragments of truth woven into webs of lies, not manipulated or fabricated historical accounts or data, not embellished or augmented stories.

Just raw, unadulterated, unbiased - facts.

When you reach a level of Ultimate Truth, all of the doubts and warning bells inside of you go silent. You suddenly feel very peaceful and calm within your spirit. You experience a deep sense of knowing and feel in full alignment with what you are seeing or hearing. You feel a direct connection with the Source of all that is. No one has to ‘convince’ you of ultimate truth – you just know it when you encounter it.

We can use our intuition and deductive powers of reason to arrive at those euphoric moments of indisputable Knowing.

For example, from everything that is currently known about the Universe and its permanent energetic repository (cosmic library) of all things that have ever transpired – we can deduce that there is in fact an accurate account or record of exactly what has transpired on Earth since this planet has been in existence. 

There is a true account of exactly who has inhabited (or invaded) or occupied this planet, what their motives were, and what they’ve been doing since they have been here.

Somewhere there exists an accurate recorded account of how humans came to be in existence and exactly where their origins are (whether here or some other planet or sector of the galaxy). Unfortunately, the dark invaders did everything to suppress our innate ability to access the Cosmic Library!

The closest I have come to uncovering Ultimate Truth and what resonates on a soul level are these bodies of writings which were thoroughly researched by the author over many years. While I do not agree with everything written, I did resonate with much of the conclusions and I feel these are well worth reading or watching and digesting:

Even with all of that voluminous information I linked to above…….there still seem to be missing pieces of the story and big discrepancies in actual timeframes/dates and ulterior motives of these galactic ‘visitors’, which I believe will be fully revealed as we transition into a new year, new organic timeline, new earth grid.

The BEST Is Yet to Come……in 2021!


There appear to be many races who are aware of the truth – but they’ve done everything possible to keep us from finding out the truth. They seem to have succeeded in keeping us in the dark for at least 26,000 years, but they cannot deceive us any longer!

Unprecedented waves of pure source light from beyond this galaxy are illuminating every crevice of Earth (both on and beneath the surface of the planet) like a giant cosmic flashlight. All that was hidden is being uncovered.

Darkness, dark beings and dark agendas are being transmuted by this omnipresent Light. The veil is coming down, the shrouding mists are clearing, and the scales are dropping from our eyes. Just as a distillery reduces sugarcane to rum, this flood of omnipresent Light is extracting the pure essence of Truth from an unceasing sea of lies.



As we entered the last quarter of 2020 and especially the last 2 months of the year, we experienced a configuration of planets that will ensure the entire gamut of Matrix Lies, Deceptions and Scandals are fully exposed and ALL TRUTH is revealed to the masses!

After harnessing the numerical power of 11-11 during our global meditation, we had the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12th which further challenged long held beliefs and accelerated matrix dismantling. Mars finally went direct November 14th after being retrograde for nearly 3 months, releasing us from prolonged stagnation.

On November 16th, the Sun entered the sign of Scorpio followed by Mercury’s entry into Scorpio November 28th. These two planets began shining the bright light of Truth on all darkness and dark agendas.

November 29th Neptune went direct – a huge catalyst for the awakening of humanity. When Neptune (the ruler of deceptions and dreams) goes direct after many months of being retrograde, clear thinking returns to the populace and matrix illusions no longer work!

Then on December 14th, we experienced the Total Solar Eclipse with 5 planets in Scorpio…..on the gandanta (drowning) degree! This brought up the deepest darkest fears of the collective created by the illusions of the matrix. Remember, eclipse energy lasts for at least 6 months after the eclipse occurs, so all of that Scorpio energy will continue shining that cosmic flashlight on the deepest darkest deceptions on Earth through at least next summer!

<<< Nothing will remain hidden. >>>

And finally, on December 21st the day of the winter solstice, we harnessed the incredible power of the grand Jupiter-Saturn exact conjunction to initialize the Cosmic Reset!

The Great Cosmic Reset will result in mass revelations here on Earth on a grand scale! Many astrologers and spiritual leaders are already speaking of the imminent revelations of truth that will shock humanity. Sandra Walter has been calling the December Eclipse/Solstice gateway a ‘Revelatory Wave’ of Light that is flooding our planet.

The BEST Is Yet to Come……in 2021!

The Matrix is built on a vast network of lies and has used a complex artificial intelligence system to keep the truth hidden from us for millennia. To make things even more complicated and confusing, the Matrix creators mixed in partial truths within the endless web of lies that permeate every aspect of our existence. This was one of the most insidious weapons in their arsenal.

Thankfully, humanity is finally awakening from their deep prolonged slumber.

We are now collectively demanding:

“Let Truth Ring Out Across the Land!”

For years, many of us have been constantly scouring the internet, waiting on pins and needles for the latest ‘intel’ updates, reading through volumes of convoluted channelings and watching mind numbing hours worth of youtube videos – because more than anything we want to get to the BOTTOM of this endless maze of lies and confusion – so we can propel ourselves out of this painful existence we’ve been trapped in for aeons!



With these powerful revelatory waves of light pouring into Gaia, all lies and propaganda will cease and the Truth about everything and everyone shall finally be revealed!

Truth is needed in order for us to begin to heal ourselves, integrate the entire Earth experience and ultimately transcend it!

Transcendence is the act of “going beyond ordinary limitations and having a superior experience.”

We are keenly interested in going beyond the highly limiting, suppressive and oppressive 3D Matrix to the 5D Earthly Realm where freedom reigns supreme and peace, love, joy and abundance are to be had in full measure.

<<< Knowing and Accepting

Ultimate TRUTH

will set us FREE! >>>

I have been in pursuit of Truth all my life. Having been born in a mind-control based cult, I was tossed into a cauldron bubbling with lies, at birth. It took me 36 long years to dig my way out of that first mountain of lies, only to discover I would have to claw my way through a bottomless rabbit hole, uncovering many more layers of lies, which are stacked to near infinity here in the Matrix.

Irrespective of all the other ulterior motives of the galactic races who are vying for control over mankind, the ultimate battle is being waged against our consciousness. If they can convince us that we are helpless and powerless and can only live a short finite lifespan, then they can continue pushing their nefarious agendas.

In other words, as long as we buy into their LIES, they continue to control us and this planet. 

As soon as we demand and embrace the TRUTH, the whole truth, and nothing but the Truth…….we shall be F-R-E-E……for all eternity!

It is the pursuit of Ultimate Truth and a sense of urgency to use enhanced discernment that is prompting me to discuss the following…

Since the Matrix runs on repetitious Computer Code, they rely on various software (mind control) programs to keep their system going.

I preface the following by saying that this blog is intended for those who are seeking answers and insights beyond what established religions or self-appointed authority figures on earth can provide. I in no way am attacking, undermining or disrespecting the beliefs of anyone – we all have the right to believe whatever we choose – and we are all at different points in our growth and understanding.

I am presenting information that may not have previously been available to many so that they can have a fresh perspective. Keep in mind that most of our ‘beliefs’ have been heavily programmed into us from birth as a society, and we should question them and closely examine them before accepting them as our own.

Can you guess what the longest running Matrix Program on Earth is…….?


  <<<   THE SAVIOR PROGRAM   >>>

One of the biggest LIES they have told us is that we need a SAVIOR – that our only hope for survival or liberation or healing is to wait for an External Savior to arrive – whether that be God or Jesus, a fleet of extra-terrestrial spaceships, or a quantum computer.

I say this with the utmost respect, as the vast majority of us have bought into the Savior Program in one form or another. But the sad reality is we have all been held prisoners of the Matrix world (and its endless reincarnation loop) by continuing to wait on a “Savior,” regardless of the label or name attached to said savior.

Have you noticed how the highly promoted ‘savior’ never seems to arrive? Many have lived countless lifetimes in this false matrix world waiting……but the savior never comes. Instead, the suffering increases and conditions deteriorate. Thus is the vicious cycle of the Matrix hologram…..UNTIL we learn how to finally break FREE of it!

In religious circles, Christ is also known as the ‘redeemer.’ Do you know what that really means?

To redeem means “to make something or someone seem less bad.” The Matrix overlords wanted us to feel so wicked, unworthy and guilty of so many alleged ‘sins’ that this pure innocent angelic man had to come into human form and bleed out on a stake to ‘make up for’ all of our gross unforgiveable sins. That is how the story goes……

If you read the Wes Penre documents, you’ll see that the being behind that story was the true perpetrator of wickedness and did everything in its power to shift its extreme (very real) karma onto humanity. This is why, in nearly all Hollywood films, humanity is constantly denigrated as very bad, evil and the sole cause of all ruin on earth…..when nothing could be further from the truth! 

It is time for us to stop blindly accepting these false narratives, whose purpose is to keep us enslaved and suffering.

The reason the Sin and Savior Program

 is so heavily pushed in most religions

is to make us feel completely powerless

and helpless

to act on our own behalf.

I grew up feeling very dejected, afraid and victimized as a result of hearing these soul crushing words all my life, supposedly emanating from a divine authority. Eventually I realized that humans were neither wicked nor unworthy and I began to connect more with my inner power and inner knowing of who and what we really are.

Sadly, the majority of humanity is still under the spell of the Savior Program.

Once they disempower you with the Savior Program, they then institute THE WAITING GAME.

The Waiting Game keeps humanity endlessly waiting for an EVENT that never comes – and it has carried many names……..Armageddon, The Final Battle between Good and Evil, The End of the World, Planetary Liberation, the RV/financial reset, etc.

Truism and Major Planetary News Alert:

* WE Are The Saviors and Truth Is Our Sword! *

It is so important that we begin to embrace this at a core level! Doing so can catapult us on a path of self-liberation and a permanent quantum leap to 5D Earth vs. the increasingly dystopian alternative.

The BEST Is Yet to Come……in 2021!

I will develop this truism further, as we examine the “Savior Program” – how it operates and how we dissolve this entrapment program.

Once the Matrix realized millions were no longer buying into the religious based Armageddon story, they switched us to new age ‘channelings’ from various galactic races and so-called ascended masters.

The majority of channelings here on Earth are either fake or highly infiltrated – and it seems most human beings have not yet been able to directly communicate with actual positive extra-terrestrials because there was so much interference from the dark side.

Many of these channelings – such as the Law of One (highly touted by David Wilcock among others) - were heavily promoted by groups of beings (i.e. The Ra collective) intent on ‘Harvesting’ the souls of humans under the false pretense that they would ‘ascend’ to a higher dimension and be freed, when in fact the goal was to simply transfer their consciousness onto a lower astral dystopian world run by a “Borg” type collective with a hive mind where they could be further preyed upon and their energy used to ensure the survival of that parasitical hybrid race.

Well-meaning channelers like Greg Giles, who for several years honestly believed he was channeling The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command, eventually realized he was a victim of the ‘Voice of God’ technology which beams voices from average human beings (military operatives sitting behind a desk) into your head and makes you think they’re coming from outer space or your star family.

Greg was so traumatized by the endless voices babbling in his head and the confusing, odd and contradictory dialogue he was receiving - that he shut down his blog in 2016 and issued a formal apology to his followers.

This is not to say that we cannot glean nuggets of truth within certain channeled material, because we can. I am also not saying that star races do not exist because there is far too much evidence that they do. Some may have even communicated certain positive messages to a few humans here on Earth. I would like to believe that the majority of E.T. races are positive.

Once the channeling scam was exposed and had largely run its course, a slew of mysterious yet intriguing sources of ‘intel’ cropped up all over the internet to replace it as…..

……you guessed it……

…….the latest Savior Program!

The matrix just keeps churning out the same exact program…..with different faces or players attached to it.

These ‘intel’ sources keep us waiting for weekly and monthly ‘updates’ -- all leading up to the highly anticipated EVENT that will change the world for the better. And some of these sources have been around since 2011 or 2012.

Again, I am not saying that you cannot glean insights from various intel sources. But the latest revelations I have had showed me that nearly all of these sources are churning out misinformation (knowingly or unknowingly). How could they not…..the ones feeding them the intel are very likely dark agents or rogue E.T. races who want to trick us into continuing to be their slaves and energy/food source…..who themselves are a product of faulty source code?!

Nearly everything in the matrix is masquerading as something other than what it really is! They know there is a mass awakening occurring since 2012, so they have to feed us a lot of disinfo masked as truth to keep us from discovering what they are really up to.

This is why extreme caution and discernment should be used in how much of this so-called ‘intel’ you accept as proven fact, especially if there is no corroborating evidence to be found to support their claims.

We should start asking ourselves……should I hinge my and humanity’s entire existence and future on this intel source?

Or should I start disconnecting more from all these narratives and begin thinking and acting ORGANICALLY from a place of personal power and sovereignty?

If we give them too much of our energy and focus, we could be furthering along the wrong agendas, even though on face value they all say they’re acting in our best interests.

< What we lack, however, is crucial tangible undeniable PROOF. >

So why is there so much suffering and persistent darkness on our planet?

After many years of research, my current understanding is that an unprecedented spacial anomaly came into existence (highly distorted energy blocks within our galactic structure) – which occurred due to a distortion of original mathematical codes and geometric patterns caused by massive explosions in this sector of the galaxy.

These explosions may have been caused by attempts to create a world or an advanced conscious being…..or they may have been the result of early space wars.

The anomalous energetic distortion spread far and wide in the Milky Way Galaxy and resulted in a fall in consciousness and the creation of the nightmare or hell realms we’ve been living in for so long.

There were several galactic races in our solar system and galaxy that were affected by the anomaly which caused them to operate on the negative polarity and serve the darkness instead of the light, some of whom decided to take this planet hostage. These groups then caused massive ongoing interference for those positive beings that wished to contact us and offer assistance.

<<< The mass distortions created by the Anomaly include geometric patterns, so the very building blocks we’ve been using to try to correct the situation are only keeping us locked in the anomaly’s endless repeating loop!! >>>

This is currently the best plausible explanation I know of that helps us understand why darkness and dark forces exist and have persisted for so long. It does make logical sense when you consider that everything in the universe is based on frequency (sound), mathematical codes and geometric patterns.

When these sacred patterns are disrupted or distorted, chaos ensues.

My Recent “Matrix Shattering” Epiphany

As a preface to this recent revelation, I want my readers to know that I have had a “calling” and deep fascination with geometric patterns all my life and this greatly increased since the year 2012. I then began researching and learning about sacred geometry that was reportedly used to build structures on ‘sacred sites” around the Earth.

Despite this ongoing fascination and need to learn more about the cosmic building blocks of our planet, I could not connect with or work with symbols such as the ‘Flower of Life.’ They just didn’t resonate with me at all, and I wasn’t sure why. I kept getting the sense they were somehow incomplete or not supportive of life.

So I have been searching for years for more concrete information about these geometric patterns. I was shown a Vision back in 2012 which was described to me as a return of the ORIGINAL Divine Sacred Blueprint of Creation – and how this blueprint would restore optimal health, peace, love, unity, enhanced abilities and even immortality to mankind.

The major epiphany I had in the last few weeks is that absolutely EVERYTHING in the Matrix has been distorted by the anomaly – nothing on this planet has escaped its devastating effects!

This is the grandest revelation I have had to date and a crucial one. It is also the reason why it has taken more than 26,000 years – possibly even 100,000 years or more – for anyone to recognize and identify the distortions. We no longer had the original Divine Blueprint with which to compare the distorted symbols!

When I was studying the science of Biogeometry a few years ago, the founder of this branch of science – the Egyptian architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim – said in a lecture I heard him give, that in order to correct energetic disturbances and distortions, one had to go beyond this realm and the space-time continuum.

I now understand what he meant.

As an example, if you try to correct the shape of a cake using the same mold that produces the distorted shape, you will continue ending up with a lopsided cake!

The same is true for the geometric (mathematically coded) shapes (produced by frequency/sound) that in turn create matter and form. For centuries, even millennia, mankind has been trying to correct the distortions on this planet using the same “mold” or distorted geometric shapes and patterns – like the globally touted ‘Flower of Life’ symbol or the Fibonacci spiral.

Upon deeper examination, it becomes evident that all of these geometric shapes are flat (2-dimensional) closed systems and do not send life-enhancing codes outward from their centers, meaning they are limited in scope and cause rapid entropy and death. Symbols like the Flower of Life are fragmented and are missing a large portion of the original complete shape.

Once you understand that everything in 3D Earth is distorted, it becomes so much easier to disengage from all of it and stop seeking the solutions from the same system that created the chaos.

This is what we are doing collectively by triggering the GREAT COSMIC RESET – which began with our Global Meditation on 12-21-20 on the day of the Winter Solstice and the exact Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn!

Millennia of galactic wars is just one obvious example of how this chaos plays out. But the effect of the anomaly goes much deeper. It caused severe distortions in the original sacred geometry upon which this galaxy and universe were built.

Instead of the ‘holy trinity’ of 3-6-9-12 mathematical codes, we were left with fractionated flat (2-dimensional) patterns such as the Vesica Pisces and resultant Flower of Life. Even the fibonacci spiral and so-called ‘golden ratio’ is severely flawed.

I’ve been wondering for decades why everything rapidly deteriorates here. We begin dying the moment we’re born. We age rapidly and experience much pain and suffering during the short tenure of each ‘lifetime.’

Even famous scientists tell us that we live in an ‘entropic’ universe, which means nothing here supports life, that all the elements are constantly working towards the demise of every living thing.

At a soul level, I’ve known for years that entropy was NOT in accordance with divine design.

Life was meant to flourish and EXPAND……GROW……EVOLVE!

Earth systems were meant to support life, not destroy it. So what causes entropy? That is the million dollar question I’ve been asking for years, and finally, I believe I have been shown the answer.

Entropy, and rapid death of organisms and life forms, is occurring here because the anomaly caused serious distortions in the geometric patterns from which all life springs.

If you look at the flower of life pattern for example, you will see that it is a CLOSED and fragmented pattern. Life Force is supposed to radiate outwards from the center (like it does in the 3-6-9-12 kathara grid pattern pictured above), but that is not the case with the Flower of Life and many other so-called symbols of ‘sacred geometry.’ These patterns are actually causing rapid deterioration and death.

The same is true of the Fibonacci or golden mean. Each number in the mathematical ‘code’ must devour the number in front of it to get to the next spot in the code chain – meaning that this type of pattern is parasitical in nature. This only allows life to continue for a very limited time, all the while relying on the energy of other life forms to survive.

As for all the ‘sacred sites’ around the world such as Stonehenge, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Sedona and many others – while it is possible that at one time many millennia ago that true divine healing energy emanated from these places – I have come to the conclusion that most, if not all, of these sites were hijacked by the dark invaders. They do give off a strong energetic field, but it seems to be more of a distorted scalar type of field vs. an organic energetic field – people often feel overwhelmed, sick and spaced out in these locations.

Pure divine Source energy should feel good and balancing, not weird and whacky.

Using highly sophisticated dark wormhole technology, the dark invaders created unnatural vortexes in these places and put a reverse spin on them. This likely made them huge ‘looshing’ sites, so when unsuspecting humans gathered during powerful cosmic alignments to perform ‘sacred’ rituals, the dark beings were siphoning or stealing this energy and using it for their own nefarious purposes.

They did the same thing with all the churches and football stadiums (any place where large crowds routinely gather) placing many on the 33rd degree ley line – so they can feed off of that ecstatic massive wave of energy that gets released in these places.

I know it is a disturbing realization – but humans have been nothing more than a food source and energy battery to the invading forces. The sooner we understand and accept this, the sooner we can reclaim our physical power.

It is my understanding that in addition to calcifying our pineal glands with bad diets, they also tampered with our ‘merkabas’ – the structural portion of our energetic fields which allows us to travel to other dimensions and locations in the galaxy and universe – our ‘ascension vehicle.’ They put a reverse spin on our inter-galactic travel mechanisms to keep us grounded here on earth, unable to leave!

I believe all of these unnatural vortexes will be eliminated just as soon as the new source code replaces the damaged code throughout the entire planet.

I also believe (as do many others) that the Veil or complex energetic quarantine fence that was placed around Earth thousands of years ago will also be completely dismantled very soon and that all matrix implants within us will simply dissolve.

The same will happen to all other harmful matrix networks such as 5G and all radiation generating equipment – it will simply disappear from our reality.

Here is my personal experience with playing the “Waiting Game” which held me back from making any real progress in my life for 36 long years. I am sharing this to help you also identify identical recurring PATTERNS in the Matrix so you won’t be fooled by their attempts to capture our souls and keep us as slaves and as sources of food and energy for those dark beings who set themselves up as “rulers” over us.

In the religious / mind control cult I was raised in, they were instilling and drilling the fear of Armageddon into my brain from the time I was a little girl. It was always imminent…..just around the corner…..any day now…..the much feared ‘God’ of the Bible would rain fire and brimstone on our planet and exterminate legions of ‘wicked’ people and only a few ‘obedient’ ones would remain.

They insisted this would occur in the year 1975 based on ‘bible prophecy.’ Many believed them and sold all their worldly possessions, did not further their education and quit their jobs, only to be left with nothing when the date came and went without incident. Then for many decades afterwards, this same organization kept insisting Armageddon was imminent (they still are) and their members better follow all their rigid rules…..or else…..they will be destroyed by the wrath of God. They even went so far as to change key teachings to continue the Armageddon charade.

I am noticing this same pattern – THE WAITING GAME - playing out in the online world of top secret ‘intel’ that gets leaked out to those actively seeking answers as to how our story ends – what happens to humanity during and after this chaotic chapter in our history? Is there any hope for our future? This is what we all want to know!

Most truth-seekers (myself included) have been following various sources of ‘intel’, particularly since the year 2012. We’ve been seeking answers to some profound questions:

What really happened on Earth in the last 10,000, 25,000, 100,000+ years?

Were we really invaded by dark alien forces and if so, who are they and what do they want?

What is the truth about our galactic history?

Do aliens or various galactic races walk among us or live below the surface of our planet and if so, what do they look like?

Is there really an entire world beneath our feet, complete with elaborate cities and supersonic train systems?

Are these beings here to help or harm us?

What are their motives and why are they hiding?

Why do we age when we were designed to be immortal?

Who’s really running things on the surface of the planet?

Why is there so much suffering in our world?

Why do we work so hard and receive so little in return for our labor?

Why is there so much corruption and lack of empathy in the world?

And on and on the questions go…….

Many of these ‘intel insiders’ claim to be in direct contact with specific galactic races, galactic commanders, galactic federations, highly advanced extra-terrestrial races living inside inner earth, dragon families of the east who have access to all the gold on earth, and so on.

Yet for all of their high level clearance and alleged direct contact, most of these intel sources have yet to provide us with one single shred of proof that their information is accurate or true.

They tell us it’s all top secret and ‘classified,’ too dangerous for them to reveal or that humans simply cannot handle the truth. Some of these individuals say they receive their intel from ‘channeled information’ or galactic beings stationed underground or in Earth’s orbit, and some claim to have special DNA, galactic clearance, or super soldier status on Mars.

More recently, we have seen new fantastical players entering the realm of purported ‘Intel Insiders” such as the “Q” movement whose messages have been ‘decoded.’ 

The latest purported ‘savior’ figure has been nick-named “Kim-possible.”  She claims that she is the only person on the planet who has the codes to the global financial system and power over all world leaders and says she serves on a galactic council.

She goes as far as to say that here in the U.S. the people cannot receive additional relief funds unless she releases the money. Her partner and front man claims she has Eve’s DNA, was chosen by a sophisticated A.I. system to ‘save humanity’ and is fulfilling a biblical prophecy. This may be one of the boldest claims we’ve heard yet. Kim is also pointing the finger at other intel sources and saying they are a ‘psy-op’ or cabal agents and that she alone is telling the truth.

Yet this page has a long laundry list of purported fraud and elaborate scams she and her team have been running for some time now:


<<< So who do we believe? >>>

Are some of the intel sources giving us a measure of truth mixed in with a litany of lies? Are they being fed lies by the ones feeding them ‘intel’?

We are in the most significant window of time in humanity’s history, so it is imperative that we ask these questions now.

Their stories are intriguing, the stuff of science fiction, and very appealing at a time humanity is desperate for liberation and relief from suffering.

While all of these stories may be very compelling, the fact remains that none of us have any actual proof that any of these claims are true.

We simply take it on faith because we want and need answers. 

Now is the time when we must question EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and no longer blindly accept or believe what any source is telling us.

I am not suggesting to summarily dismiss them all and not believe or listen to anything they say – but we need to start looking at their information from a more detached and empowered point of view.

We’ve been told by many of these sources since at least 2011 or 2012 that a cosmic life-changing “Event” is imminent.

We’ve been told there would be a financial reset globally, that debts would be wiped out and a new gold-backed system that cannot be hacked would replace the old one.

We’ve been told there would be thousands of arrests being made of those guilty of the most heinous crimes against humanity.

We’ve been told amazing new off-world technology would be released for the healing and betterment of human beings.

As a result, many are growing weary of these never-ending updates and narratives, usually telling us (a) has happened but not (b), (c) or (d); therefore there will be more delays in……the financial reset and RV starting, stimulus money being released to the people, liberation of the planet, etc.

Here are my thoughts about “The Event” we’ve all been waiting for since 2012…..

I do believe that planets, solar systems and galaxies go through cosmic cycles as they trek through space while completing various orbits. It also seems very plausible that a divinely orchestrated ‘Solar Flash” Event would occur at certain time markers to accelerate ascension and evolutionary growth (as well as clear out any darkness - or anomaly in our case) by dramatically and permanently raising the planet’s frequency in an instant.

However, I do not believe this Cosmic Event is reliant upon any intervention by other galactic races and we need to be careful of blindly accepting intervention when we do not know the true motives of those offering to intervene, nor have we interacted with them personally – all we know are words we’ve read on an internet page somewhere.

There’s an old tried and true saying “Before you step into the jungle, you better find out what’s in there!”

The same holds true for extra-terrestrials (given the long history of rogue invaders on our planet) – before we invite them to come down and land or jump on one of their spaceships, we should exercise great caution and find out who and what they really are…..and more importantly, what their TRUE motives are!

I do believe that WE collectively are the ones who trigger the Event – the Cosmic Reset – and the resulting profound changes that this blast of Omnipresent Source Light ignites.

The most dramatic way to broadcast a signal of our Unified Intent to the Universe is with SYNCHRONIZED MASS MEDITATION and I believe we did successfully send this signal and triggered the Return of the Original Divine Source Code during our global meditation on December 21st - and that is going to rapidly put an end to all the chaos we have been experiencing for millennia.

I know there were MILLIONS meditating based on all the groups who advertised their participation well ahead of time - I would estimate 5 Million or more on 12/21 with the same Unified Intention – to exit the Matrix and enter the 5D World and the long awaited Golden Age! So while some sources may report a much lesser amount and insist that if the participants did not follow an exact script that their participation did not count……I disagree.

What matters is that we meditated at the same exact MOMENT at the peak of the Grand Cosmic Alignment of Jupiter and Saturn with the same basic INTENT. My internal guidance tells me that every participant counted and the changes we will see over the coming weeks and months will be far greater than many intel sources would have you believe!

They always want to report much lower numbers and results because this supports their agenda which is The Waiting Game - and I for one am no longer buying into it.

I also believe we are broadcasting this signal consistently once there are enough of us holding a singular intent, which is also very powerful and definitely speeds up the manifestation process.

There will be a variety of experiences here on Earth in response to the massive wave of transformative Light that entered the Earth plane on 12/21. For those who refuse to embrace love and the light, they will experience more ‘hell on Earth’ and a rapid end to their power and authority they have held over mankind. For those who are feeling and sending Love, they will experience many positive Miracles and a Quantum Shift to the early stages of 5D life.

What many do not realize is that there are infinite realities being experienced on this planet – some are similar with only slight variations and some are literally worlds apart. This has been the case from the moment this planet was inhabited. We are ALL quite literally creating our reality from one moment to the next based on the thoughts and emotions we are sending out into the endless Field of impressionable energy all around us!

So now that we’ve established that YOU and I……..and all of us……have the power to alter the course of our life and our world………

The question I wish to pose is:

How Long Do We Keep Playing The Matrix Waiting Game?


Why would we play it in the first place?

Here is what the Matrix creators want you to do:

“WAIT endless months for us to argue amongst ourselves and block every effort to release much needed stimulus money to the population.”

“WAIT Until WE Say you’re not in Lockdown.” – the dark rulers want you in permanent lockdown

“WAIT Until WE Say you don’t have to Wear A Mask.”

“WAIT Until WE Say you don’t have to Stand Six Feet Apart.”

“WAIT Until WE Say you can hug your family members or see your dying parents in the nursing home.”

“Wait Until WE Say you can re-open your business, attend a gathering or travel.”

“Wait Until WE Release a Vax-ine (one which contains the AIDS virus among other horrendous substances, will lead to a painful and early death for many, and is designed to completely and permanently disconnect you from the one true Creator.)”

“Wait Until Our Next Intel Update so you’ll know what the next delay is.”

“Wait Until we blow up some more underground bases or cities. (with zero proof that we blew up the ones we said we did last month)

“Wait until we destroy some more spaceships.”

“Wait until x-y-z top secret operations occur and then something tangible might happen on the surface of the planet.”

“Wait until we tell you that you’re evolved enough to see aliens or act on your own behalf.”

“WAIT……………WAIT……………….and then WAIT some more.”

It is really critical that we stop buying into the Savior Program and STOP playing the Waiting Game!

These programs are designed to keep us passive and inactive and STUCK in the 3D Matrix world, which will continue becoming more dystopian by the day.

It’s amazing that using these two simple programs, the dark invaders have kept humanity trapped in an endless reincarnation loop for at least 26,000 years, coming back time and again to this prison planet to be enslaved and tortured yet again.

< It is time to start acting like the Sovereign Beings that we are! >

If we really want the slavery and the suffering to end, there are 3 important things we need to do:

1)   Focus exclusively on Our Life, Our Story and Our World (and shut our eyes and ears when it comes to mainstream news or intel sources or information that is questionable or does not resonate with us)

2)   Remain in a Highly Positive Emotional State every day - and engage in activities that raise our frequency and uplift and inspire!

3)   Demand and envision Ultimate Truth

On December 21st, we initiated a complete Earth System Reboot and created a Brand New Reality of our own choosing!

We don’t have to wait for election results, government mandates, stimulus checks or intel updates. We are NOT at the mercy of their system. We are powerful beyond measure and we can Create Any Reality We Wish!

The KEY to successfully Rebooting all Earth Systems and maintaining the new 5D Life experience is the Frequency Signal we’re sending out daily - our emotional charge – what we are FEELING from moment-to-moment.

What emotions are you broadcasting all day?

Is it Fear, Anxiety, Anger or Lack? Or are you consistently feeling with your Heart and sending out strong Love signals throughout each day? It’s important to monitor this as the Emotional Frequency you are broadcasting will dictate your personal experience in the coming weeks and months.

One of the BEST ways to elevate your frequency each day (and keep it in an elevated state) is to engage in activities that make you FEEL JOYFUL.

How you begin your day is extremely important as it will determine how the rest of your day unfolds. Consciously CREATING your day before you rise from bed and engaging in a mindful morning routine will not only shape your day, but your entire life!

Stretching luxuriously upon waking, followed by taking several slow deep breaths is an excellent way to begin. Declaring out loud that you are going to have the greatest, most fruitful, most amazing and delightful day ever (and sending out sincere joyful emotions as you make this statement) is very powerful and will affect everything else you experience that day.

Once this is done, I like to do meridian tapping with a bean bag to open up and harmonize all the energy channels in the body. This can be followed by further stretching, walking, light weight training, trampoline or any other favorite gentle exercise routine that warms up the muscles and moves the lymphatic system.

After movement comes mindful, soul lifting activities. I have re-started my Gratitude and Idea Journal and I also love to watch Cozy Morning/Evening Routines and Home/Holiday Décor Vlogs! I also enjoy coloring mandalas and doing an occasional puzzle.

Hands-on artistic endeavors such as coloring, drawing, painting, pottery, woodwork, scrap booking, jewelry making, playing an instrument or gardening are wonderful ways to turn off your analytical mind (and worries), switch on your creativity and be fully present. If it’s your day off, spend as many hours as you like indulging in your favorite high vibe hobby or past-time.

Here are a few new vlogs I’ve been watching lately. I hope they bring as much sparkle into your day as they did mine and that you’ll come away with some wonderful decorating ideas:

Allison – young and sweet, you will love her cozy daily routines, healthy yummy meals and decorating/shopping sprees):

Decorate With Diana (Christmas Kitchen Decorate):

The Carriage House (Bekah – the epitome of sweet southern charm and loving attentive mother, I just love her!):

The Daily Connoisseur (Jennifer Scott) – The Business of Bliss (elegant yet cozy homemaking ideas):

Lauren Nicholson (Christmas Home Décor Tour):

Christmas in Florence (Kylie Flavell, who now lives in Tuscany, Italy):

As I’ve mentioned in prior articles, Music is an integral part of my life and an instant Mood Lifter

I watch videos that feature uplifting or relaxing music and I always listen to uplifting music when I work. I match the style of music to what I am doing – if I’m exercising I may play more upbeat 80’s playlists, but if I’m writing an article I’ll play softer abstract background music so the words can float into my head on puffy cosmic notes.

I’m hoping to add some of my favorite music to my Spotify account (once I get it set up). I will share some of my playlists later so that you can also find daily inspiration to match your current mood, holiday, or work project.

Even though we discuss all things galactic on this blog and I do a lot of research on those subjects, we are on Earth to have a physical experience. Even a 5D world is very physical (albeit less dense), a world in which senses are heightened.

This means we should savor every moment in the material world……the exotic smell of lavender in bloom, the soothing sound of water pouring from the coffee or tea pot into a waiting cup, the caress of a breeze across your cheek, the crisp feel of autumn leaves crunching beneath your feet, a songbird’s morning melody, a butterfly’s colorful wings silently gliding by, the beauty of a sunrise reflecting on a glassy lake.

Each of these sensory experiences is a wondrous gift that we should cherish, and revel in the nuances that accompany that gift. Slowness and mindfulness are required to truly enjoy the simple pleasures of the material world, so I encourage you to cultivate these attributes – they will dramatically improve your life.

So as we are in the final countdown of the year 2020, let us focus on Truth and Transcendence….as the BEST is yet to come!

In less than 24 hours……..we will welcome in the New Year.

How do you plan to usher in the foundational first year of the New Golden Age?

What are you resolved to do as we begin writing the first chapter of our New Lives and our New World?

Are you prepared to transcend the old world and begin living your new 5D Life in earnest?

Do you long for Ultimate Truth to be revealed and clearly seen by all?

Won’t you inspire us by leaving an uplifting comment below?

Let’s welcome 2021 with hopeful hearts, great expectations and crystal clear thinking.

Together let’s start weaving the most beautiful Earth Tapestry we can envision!


Let’s make this the thunderous cry that was heard ‘round the world!

Wishing You An Amazing Cosmic New Year, New Life, New Earth,


The Sacred Architect 5D