Thursday, November 26, 2020

*** EARTH SYSTEM REBOOTS 12/21/20 - Make This Viral! ***

Mark your calendars everyone!

There are 3 Key Mass Meditations coming up

culminating on December 21



November 30th – Lunar Eclipse (Taurus) 

at 9:00 am UTC / 4:00 am EST

(eclipse maximum is at 4:45 am est)

December 14th – Total Solar Eclipse (Scorpio) 

Meditation begins 3:00 pm UTC / 10:00 am EST 

(eclipse peak is at 4:13 pm utc / 11:13 am est)

December 21stEARTH REBOOT – Winter Solstice

Age of Aquarius Stargate Activation

at 6:22 pm UTC / 1:22 pm EST

exact moment of  the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

occurring first time in 800 years!

Guided Audio:

download the guided audio to your phone or computer A.S.A.P.

as the internet may very well be down on 12/21

or the video site could crash due to overload!

(meditation details and instructions

appear at the end of this article)

Since the Solar Eclipse (12/14) and Solstice (12/21)

Meditations both occur on a Monday in the U.S.

at peak work times for many,

please schedule your work breaks at the meditation time

if at all possible or make other arrangements

to be able to participate - especially on Dec. 21 for 20 minutes -

our collective destiny depends on it!!!


We need to shatter all previous Mass Meditation Records

so that we can trigger a complete Earth System Reboot,

overwrite the Matrix Code

and create a Christmas Miracle!!!!!


If everyone takes this seriously

and we bring Millions together

to meditate as One Heart, One Voice

on these 3 cosmically charged dates

and especially on 12/21,

December will be the most EPIC

and transformational month of the year.




LET’S ENVISION (in our daily meditations)





ON DECEMBER 21st!!!!!


Please read the introduction and overview,

mark down the dates and times on your calendar

(set reminders)

and let’s Turbo Boost this article link

 by sharing it far and wide

so it can start circling the globe 

this Thanksgiving weekend

 at supersonic speeds!

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the United States! I hope you will be enjoying precious time with your loved ones and a delicious home cooked meal. Despite the intensity of this year, we can be grateful that we have made it to the final weeks of 2020, and that together we are going to create some holiday miracles that will set us on a course of healing, prosperity, and transcendence. I wish you all a beautiful holiday and memories that you will long cherish.

December 21, 2020 will be the darkest and shortest day of the year. But it is much more than that! It is the day of the Winter Solstice when the sun literally stands still and begins a process of rebirth. It is a day for us to still our mind and connect with the higher realms and the dark womb of creation as we collectively birth our New Earth as free sovereign beings.

December 21st will also be the day of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, within a mere one tenth of a degree of each other, in perfect alignment!

They will appear to merge together as one extremely bright Star in the sky – a Christmas Star lighting the path as we exit the 3D Matrix world and complete our Quantum Leap to 5D Earth and the most fantastic future we could ever imagine. 

The last time Jupiter and Saturn were in occultation was 800 years ago, when the Templar banking system was established! That is how RARE and POWERFUL this alignment is on December 21st.

What makes this rare conjunction even more magical, is that these two gas giants are meeting up at zero degrees of Aquarius. This astrological sign is represented by the water bearer, who pours out physical and spiritual healing upon the people and the land. Aquarius is also the sign of Freedom, unconventional thinking, humanitarian endeavors, radical change and social progress.

On November 20th, Jupiter entered Capricorn and will remain in the sign of commerce until April 2021, which signals economic expansion in the coming months. We also have the added power of Mars and Mercury now that both those planets are once again moving in a forward direction. On November 29th Neptune goes direct, which will help humanity once again connect with the divine and see through all the illusions the Matrix has cast upon our world. (I will expand on this in a future article so stay tuned…..)

HOPE SHALL SPRING ETERNAL and HEALING will begin in earnest with all of this positive Astro Power gracing our planet as we journey through the last few weeks of 2020. This is what we need to tune into and harness, not the false narratives still swirling in mainstream media.





If you have any doubt that the entire universe is inside of you, consider this…….

The total length of DNA in one human body (if it were stretched out end to end) is One Hundred Trillion (100,000,000,000,000) Meters! That is 300 trips to the sun and back from Earth!! Can you fathom the vast amount of information that is stored inside just ONE human body?






Anyone who owns a computer has experienced the software reboot. Perhaps your digital screen froze in the middle of typing, you suddenly get the ‘blue screen of death’ where you’re informed a bad virus has infected your computer, or you modified the source code and needed to do a reboot for the changes to take effect – you either pressed the ‘Ctrl-Alt-Delete’ buttons simultaneously or used the ‘restart’ option from your windows button to REBOOT or RESET your computer system.

Earth was infected with a Virus many millennia ago – a spacial Anomaly that distorted the original Source Code and set off a chaotic chain of events. 

This mass distortion occurred as a result of intense galactic wars, nuclear explosions and creation experimentation. This Anomaly (mathematical code virus) has infected EVERYTHING on Earth, in our Solar System and other sectors of the Milky Way Galaxy, and drastically lowered the consciousness level of this planet.

What we view as ‘sacred geometry’ is actually distorted geometric shapes, patterns and mathematical formulas. Everything – including the entropic Flower of Life pattern and the Fibonacci Spiral creates entropy and death, not expansion of life as did the original harmonic shapes and patterns. 

This is a topic I will be delving into more later, but it is a crucial topic that we need to explore so we can restore the original divine blueprint which will immediately resolve all of the problems and suffering plaguing humanity and other civilizations that were also affected by the Anomaly.

<<< It all boils down to a ‘computer style virus’

and damaged ‘source code’! >>>

The Anomaly and resulting mass distortions caused consciousness to fall to record setting low levels. It is this ‘Fall’ or sudden drop in consciousness that allowed dark and demonic beings and the ‘hell’ realms to exist and persist.

In addition to this proliferating Anomaly, the dark invaders of Earth created a false matrix system that they overlayed over the original Earth Grid – like a cloak. We’ve been living in this computer coded Matrix for thousands of years. This Matrix has been a prison for our minds and has controlled every aspect of our lives, the quality of life, and even the duration of our lives. The architects of this fabricated Matrix world needed artificial intelligence to deploy and maintain their clever ‘smoke and mirror’ show.

The key to exiting these dark realms is to raise our emotional quotient and maintain a higher vibrational state, as well as sending love to others and being rooted in the heart center. We also must unitedly send out a clear signal to the Universe that we desire certain changes to occur in our world – the most effective way to do this is through synchronized mass meditation.

We have an extremely rare opportunity to completely OVERWRITE this damaged computer code and replace it with Original Source Code on 12/21/20!

We are such a highly advanced cosmic I.T. team that we don’t need gadgets. We have the power innately within ourselves to overwrite the entropy/death codes, initiate a complete SYSTEM REBOOT and Create A Completely NEW SOURCE CODE AND REALITY…..using our Consciousness and Our Collective Will!!! 

The exact Jupiter-Saturn conjunction grants us unprecedented Manifestation Power, so let’s create the most dazzling Blueprint of Earth ever envisioned!

In the movie “Elysium” Max agrees to have a top secret program downloaded from a chip in his brain, which will end his life but save the lives of millions living in poverty and slavery on a disease-stricken war torn Earth in the year 2154. This program was written by a rogue faction of the elite overlords of Earth seeking to replace the ruling president with a coup attempt.

Meanwhile, a tech savvy boot legging citizen of Earth hacks into the program so that when the ‘System Reboot’ occurs on Elysium (the elite’s luxury space station), all citizens of Earth become citizens of Elysium and suddenly have full access to med bed healing technology. The film ends with craft filled with med beds being deployed to Earth for the immediate healing of Earth’s citizens – a history altering moment that will change the course of humanity forever.

Take a moment to view this final scene from the movie as it sets the stage for what we will be doing on December 21st. I cried tears of joy when I saw the tail end of this scene, as this life changing moment will soon be a reality for us!

The upcoming pair of Eclipses occur in the astrological signs of Taurus and Scorpio, indicating the need for deep healing on our planet. 

With Neptune going direct the day before the Lunar Eclipse and Ketu being in the mix, all scandals, deceptions and corruption will be exposed and revealed. Scorpio is a watery sign that dives into the depths of the darkness to discover the truth and bring it to light. We can expect many shocking revelations as a result of this eclipse season!

November 30th – Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse (thankfully) occurs in Taurus, a very grounded earth sign. 

And it will be in the Rohini nakshatra (constellation) which is all about spiritual liberation – exactly what we are working to achieve! Rohini can also bestow great wealth. The downside to this lunar eclipse is that it does occur near the fixed star Antares (the star of war).

Lunar eclipses represent endings, so this lunar eclipse we should focus on putting an End to all the Chaos, Distortions and Suffering that has plagued humanity for countless incarnations!

Since a lunar eclipse is a highly amplified full moon ‘on steroids’ and it can dramatically stir up human emotion, there is definitely a strong potential for battles playing out on the Earth plane.

This is why we need to come together in large numbers to diffuse those negative potentials and raise the planetary vibration at the peak of the lunar eclipse, which will have far reaching effects in maintaining stability and peace in the world!

Being that this is an amped up full moon day, it provides the energy we need to Release things that have been keeping us tied to the 3D Matrix experience. We will be using this opportunity to Release all remaining dense trauma energy from our physical and energetic body, and cutting cords to negative entities, contracts, people, relationships, institutions that enslave and anything else we identify that has been preventing us from becoming free sovereign beings.

We can use the grounding rooted energy of Taurus (the bull) to deeply stabilize the path that leads us to Freedom and a Sovereign Status as a collective. 

December 14th – Total Solar Eclipse

This solar eclipse occurs in Scorpio and more precisely in the gandanta zone between Scorpio and Sagittarius. In vedic astrology, gandanta is known as the ‘drowning’ degree which causes people to feel extremely overwhelmed or hopeless.

Many planets will be in Scorpio during this solar eclipse including the Sun, Mercury, Ketu, Venus and the Moon! That is A LOT of Scorpio energy affecting the psyche of people around the world. Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac that centers around themes of death and rebirth and also rules poison since this eclipse occurs in the tail end of Scorpio(n) – the stinger. 

This is why there is such a push currently for mandatory injections of the global population, and why WE are urgently needed on 12/14 to come together in record numbers and prevent these dystopian scenarios from ever materializing!

Without our Global Meditation to counteract these effects, humanity could plunge into the depths of emotional despair. This would lower the frequency of the planet and could affect our ability to complete our Quantum Leap to the 5D Earth Grid on 12/21 – so it is CRITICAL that we get Huge Participation on Dec. 14th!!

On a positive note, Scorpio is also the sign of Total Transformation, so we can transform all this dark emotional energy that will rise to the surface into energy of a much higher octave and trigger transcendence to the 5D Ascension Timeline. We can also do volumes on December 14th to prepare the way for a smooth Planetary Reboot on 12/21


3 KEY MASS MEDITATIONS – Details and Instructions

Please copy and paste instructions on your phone

and download the guided audio for the 12/21 meditation

as the internet is very likely to go down that day!

November 30 – Lunar Eclipse Global Meditation

Time: 9:00 am UTC / 4:00 am EST

Lunar Eclipse Peak: 9:45 am UTC / 4:45 am EST

Link to Join the Live Meditation (if you’re already a free member):

Link to Join (if you’re not a member – free to join by email):

This is a 144k meditation, so if you’ve participated in these before, you know that they are longer than the typical 20 minute ones, but we do a lot of prep work and more in-depth clearing work. If for any reason you cannot participate for the longer meditation, please do join us at the peak time of the eclipse for 20 minutes and focus on the following themes. Everyone is encouraged to incorporate these visualizations during the longer meditation. Meditating outside in nature is always recommended when possible.

Instructions / Visualizations:

1.    Take a moment to relax your body and clear your mind by breathing slowly and deeply, until you feel yourself sink into a calm quiet space.

2.    Visualize roots made of bright white light extending from your root chakra growing downwards and anchoring deep into the heart of Mother Earth. Then visualize a bright column of white light connecting your soul star chakra to a spiral of omni-present white source light, located in the farthest sector of this Universe, and anchor that column of light there which connects you directly to Prime Creator. Maintain this dual connection throughout the meditation.

3.    Surround yourself with a giant violet flame and ask it to transmute anything that is not of the light and keep this flame operational.

4.    Visualize the End of the Anomaly and Fall in Consciousness and the End of our individual and collective experience in the dark 3D Matrix and make the declaration out loud.

5.    Visualize the End of all Chaos, Distortions and Suffering. See it all dissolving into a fine powder and then simply vanishing into nothingness.

6.    Visualize the End of the Plandemic and all dark lab creations that were intended to harm humanity.

7.    Visualize the Return of the Light and the Return of the Original Divine Sacred Blueprint – see it restoring complete harmony in our bodies, in our world, in our solar system and in our galaxy – perfect harmony on all levels!

8.    Call in the Divine Mother (Goddess) and visualize millions of us sending out a powerful stabilizing wave of Peace throughout the planetary grid and into the hearts of all men and women.

9.    Hold the higher octaves of Love, Peace and Healing in your heart throughout the meditation and for as long as you can afterward.


December 14 – Solar Eclipse Global Meditation

Time: 3:00 pm UTC / 10:00 am EST 

Solar Eclipse Peak: (eclipse peak is at 4:13 pm utc / 11:13 am est)

Link to Join the Live Meditation (if you’re already a free member):

Link to Join (if you’re not a member – free to join by email):

We will be joining the 144k Live Meditation Group. I encourage you to also incorporate the following visualizations in the course of the meditation as it makes the results even more powerful. If you are unable to do the longer meditation, at least join us for 20 minutes at the peak of the eclipse at 4:13 pm UTC / 11:13 am EST, using the instructions below.

Instructions / Visualizations:

1.    Take a moment to relax your body and clear your mind by breathing slowly and deeply, until you feel yourself sink into a calm quiet space.

2.    If you can be outside and connected with Solaris (the Sun) directly, this will be even more powerful. It is not advisable to stare directly at the sun during an eclipse unless you are wearing protective glasses, but you can still connect with the rays of light. Some groups will be outside meditating from December 12-14 in preparation for this powerful eclipse.

3.    Connect with your solar plexus chakra, your seat of power. See it being strongly activated and send golden sunlight into that region of your body. Feel the power of this activation.

4.    Command and Decree out loud that you are a Free Sovereign Being of the Light and from this moment on you stand fully in your power.

5.    See yourself becoming one with the sun, shining brightly and emitting the Light of a Thousand Suns from your being. In the moment when the sun is completely eclipsed by Ketu and the Moon, send this light into the hearts of men and women all around the world to infuse them with Love and Hope in a moment that may otherwise feel very bleak. Visualize the entire planet being illuminated by the Infinite Light of the One True Creator.

6.    Visualize the Violet Flame transmuting all poisons (including CV-19) and eliminating any planned in-jections (and removing their creators and promoters) so that they do not even exist and therefore cannot be used on the population.

7.    Visualize blinding white Source Light flooding our planet and see all darkness, dark entities, dark agendas and the dark 3D Matrix being completely Eclipsed out of our lives and our reality by this influx of pure divine light!

8.    At the peak moment of the solar eclipse (4:13 pm utc / 11:13 am est) visualize humanity being healed on all levels with the restoration of the original Divine Blueprint and with highly advanced healing technology such as Quantum Biofeedback Machines and Med Beds / Celestial Chambers!

9.    Visualize a Complete Transformation occurring on both a societal and planetary level! Envision all deceit, illusions, deceptions and crimes against humanity being fully revealed and acknowledged by a now awakened collective. Envision the plandemic being officially declared over, the removal of all restrictions and masks, the end of vax-inations and lab created vi-ru-ses and poisons, and life returning to a new normal of freedom, abundance and deep healing. See this transformation occurring swiftly and in a miraculous manner! We possess the power to create this transformation.


December 21 – THE BIG ONE - Solstice Global Meditation

Time: 6:22 pm UTC / 1:22 pm EST

Duration: 20 minutes – but many will meditate longer as this is SUCH a Destiny Making Meditation!

If you can be out in nature and specifically near a body of water such as an ocean, lake or waterfall, you will be able to have maximum impact during your sacred ceremonies on this transcendent day (some like myself will be out at sunrise to welcome back the Light to our planet)! You can also put your feet in the water and speak your intentions out loud as water is a powerful carrier of intention.

Winter Solstice is a day of deep spiritual ritual, so in addition to the global meditation, please engage in your own personal (or group) rituals, so we can really let the Universe know how serious we are about transcending the 3D Matrix on this power packed astronomical day when Jupiter & Saturn become a Solstice Star for the first time in 800 years and will help us manifest a Global Christmas Miracle!

Guided Audio

for 12/21/20 Global Meditation:

download the guided audio to your phone or computer A.S.A.P.

as the internet may very well be down on 12/21

or the video site could crash due to overload!

Instructions / Visualizations:

(print these out or copy and save them on phone/laptop before 12/21)

1.     Take a moment to relax your body and clear your mind by breathing slowly and deeply, until you feel yourself sink into a calm quiet space. Call in Prime Creator and our Divine Mother to be at your side throughout the meditation. Also call in the legions of light - those with no ulterior motives who are merely here to assist with our Organic Ascension.

2.     Visualize 5 Million+ high vibrational souls on Earth joined together in a powerful dazzling mandala of light. We are surrounding Mother Earth as one massive chain of light!

3.    Visualize the cosmic power of Jupiter and Saturn being with one-tenth of a degree, which has not occurred in 800 years! See the two largest gas giants of our solar sytem merge together as one very large Star in the sky. Feel the magic of collectively harnessing the incredible amount of Raw Manifestation Power we are using during this historic meditation as these two planets are at the peak of their exact conjunction.

4.    Visualize the sun standing still in all of its glory with powerful rays emanating outward from the center. See and feel all of creation pausing on the most transformational Solstice Day we will ever experience! Concentrate on each slow breath......until you are breathing as one with all life on this planet. Remain in the pause for several minutes.

5.    Once you have reached a point of deep stillness, see an extremely bright wave of Solar Light (the highly anticipated Solar Flash) emanating from a sea of pure Omnipresent Light (from a realm far beyond this galaxy). Watch as it approaches Earth, and eventually engulfs the entire planet in its brilliance. This is a benevolent wave that does not disturb the Earth's equilibrium nor does it harm our physical bodies - we are bringing in this wave with our collective will! 

Visualize this powerful wave of light clearing out all remaining darkness and entities, and overwriting the distorted matrix codes. 

Visualize this massive brilliant wave of omnipresent light restoring the original 3-6-9-12 Creation Source Code of Planet Earth with 45 degree angles (and see these codes also being restored throughout our solar system and galaxy).

See this wave of light upgrading our bodies and fully restoring our 12-strand DNA and metaphysical abilities.

6.    Now visualize the moment in the Elysium film where all systems go offline. Everything goes dark. Feel the silence and the stillness of the darkness. Feel the peace of the Divine Mother and harmonious energy of the Divine Father descend upon the Earthly realm and within you, in perfect balance. Breathe slowly and deeply and embrace the peacefulness of this complete blackout. Remain in the complete stillness of the Planetary Reset for 3-5 minutes.

7.    Next visualize a complete REBOOT of the Earth Grid and all Earth Systems and life forms, landscapes and structures as the new upgraded organic 5D world comes online (free of all anomaly and distortion) -- feel the Elation of this Cosmic Reset in every cell and DNA strand in your body! 

8.    See the old dark damaged grid dissolving completely and in its place emerges a perfect golden crystalline 5th dimensional light grid! This new light grid contains all of the original codes contained in the Divine Blueprint and is immediately restoring Harmony, Peace, Perfect Health and Prosperity. See these codes and life-expanding sacred geometric codes and patterns being anchored into the new Earth Grid. Spend at least 3 minutes visualizing and experiencing the new Earth Systems coming online.

9.    See and feel yourself and millions more completing the Quantum Leap to the 5D Earth Grid and the Organic Ascension Timeline!

10.    See the Age of Aquarius – the long awaited Golden Age – being activated as the Reboot occurs!

11.  Spend the remaining 5 minutes or so visualizing life after the Reboot as the Aquarian Age gets into full swing – mass release of quantum healing and free energy technologies, healing in relationships, healing of the land, abundance being showered upon mankind, celebrations and joyous reunions, and freedom on an epic scale! 




Monday, November 9, 2020


We are coming together globally, as one voice, on 11-11 to Anchor Peace and Stability into the Earth Grids! Many meditation groups will be combining their high vibrational energy to ensure we remain on the highest version of the Organic Ascension Timeline and that world events unfold as smoothly as possible as many Truths are revealed and we approach the Great Cosmic Reset at the December Solstice.

November 11th is a powerful gateway and numerologically is a double master builder number. This 11-11 gateway is even more powerful as it is also within hours of the third and final exact Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 2020, which means that the Transformative Power we will have at our disposal to birth a light-filled new world and take a quantum evolutionary leap, will be highly magnified!

November 11th is a huge opportunity to Co-Create A New Reality filled with healing, abundance and trascendence and steer global events in our favor! Please join the Mandala of Light and share this invitation far and wide. Make sure you set your alarms (if you're in the U.S.) and together let's Manifest some cosmic Miracles!  


11-11-20 Global Meditation

For Peace and Positive Transformation,

Co-Creating An Amazing New World,

and Securing the Organic Ascension Timeline!

These are the main themes we will be meditating on.

The meditation will begin at 10:11 am UTC /

5:11 am EST / 11:11 am Paris time

and will last for 20 minutes

(although you may continue longer if you wish)

Envision a Glorious Laurel New World

 rooted in peace, love and compassion -

a world in which humanity thrives

blessed with abundance and longevity -

a world graced with wonder and beauty in all its forms.

You may stand with arms stretched upwards

(in the 1-1 position) if you wish

like a human antenna

to better receive and anchor

the powerful influx of energies and light codes.

And if you can do this meditation out in a nature spot,

that is even more powerful.


Friday, November 6, 2020

On 11-11-20 We Ignite A Cosmic Reset! (Mass Meditation)


Details for the upcoming Global Meditation on 11-11-20 are contained within this article (look for the red bar separators). The meditation begins at 10:11 am UTC / 5:11 am EST / 11:11 am Paris time.

On 11-11 We will come together in UNITY as ONE GLOBAL MIND, ONE GLOBAL HEART, ONE GLOBAL VOICE and Alter Our Destiny Forever! 

We will also be harnessing the tremendous Transformative Power of the 3rd and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction which is an Extreme Magnification of Death/Rebirth, Money/Finances and Evolution.  So let's make full use of this astrological power to continue our journey on the Organic Ascension Timeline, Give Birth to 5D Earth, Assure Abundance for All and Say Goodbye to the False 3D Matrix Forever!

Please Join Us as this will be a Destiny Making Meditation……so let’s all mark the date and time on our calendars and make this invitation go VIRAL!!!

November 11…….is a Gateway that, when activated, can lead us to any world and experience of our choosing. On this day, whatever we think or speak, undergoes a rapid acceleration from the formless void into form…..more so than on any other day. This is a day when we can truly allow our imaginations to run wild and Manifest Miracles!

The more of us who participate in the Global Meditation on 11-11-20 holding a Singular Vision of humanity being FREE and HEALED and PROSPEROUS while continuing on the Organic Ascension Timeline……the greater the probability that this is the scenario that will manifest in the coming weeks as we approach the Cosmic Reset opportunity on December 21st when we can complete the Quantum Leap we initiated during the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal. So please let’s start sending this invitation out Far and Wide between now and 11-11!!!

11-11 is the root of all other master builder numbers. 11+11 adds up to 22. There are 22 amino acids in the body and 22 chromosomes with which human DNA is constructed, 22 bones in the it is a building block of creation.

Astrologers and Numerologists both advise paying close attention to our thoughts on an 11:11 day as the amplified power of that numerical sequence can cause thoughts to Manifest instantaneously!

11:11 also greatly amplifies Global Consciousness and the feeling of connection to everyone and everything.

The very shape of the number 11 mimics an antenna and allows it to channel the maximum amount of energy through its form, meaning we can Activate a New Beginning – or COSMIC RESET – with the double power of an 11:11 day!

This Great Cosmic Reset will occur on December 21, 2020 and I will expand on this more in a future article. In the meantime, we can use the extremely powerful Manifestation Energies on 11-11-20 to jumpstart and activate this Reset that will completely alter our destiny in the best possible way!

It’s time for us to take a break from election updates, narratives that promote fear and the latest purported ‘intel’ which is often sketchy and unreliable……and begin to fully utilize the Power that is inside of us. We must also stop buying into the “Savior Program” which dictates that we keep looking outside ourselves, to some external source, to save us or liberate us. I will speak more about the Savior Program and Waiting Game in my next article, as these two Matrix Programs are what has kept us trapped in the Matrix so long and are preventing us from taking the necessary actions to Liberate Ourselves.

The Truth is -- WE are writing the script of what we are experiencing – either by acquiescing and going along with the restrictions and fear mongering the old crumbling regime is still churning out OR by turning off their narratives and focusing ONLY on our own version of how this story will play out....




The Matrix Creators have to work hard to get our attention with their constantly blaring narratives because they know that:


What You Focus On E – X – P - A – N – D – S!


…..and that……


Energy F-l-o-w-s Where Attention Goes

The word “attention” stems from the Latin “attentio” to give heed and “ad” which means direction. So when we give our attention to something, we are actually DIRECTING Energy towards that object or scenario. Yes, like an orchestra director, we are literally STEERING and SENDING Energy with our Magic Focus Wands to either the Matrix’s gloom and doom agendas or we are Moving this same Energy towards the manifestation of what WE wish to see and experience in the world.

<<<  It really is as simple as waving your magic wand

as you direct the energy, and uttering the magic words

 “abracadabra” – I create what I speak.  >>>


When you identify what it is you’re giving the bulk of your attention to and where you are directing all that energy, you will understand why things are happening in your life and in the world the way they are.

This is why I continue to emphasize the Level of POWER and CONTROL we all have over our World and Our Reality! We MUST begin to exercise this power NOW. Otherwise, we will plunge deeper into a dystopian experience that none of us want to find ourselves in.

We do this by FOCUSING the bulk of our attention every day on Visualizing the World as we desire it to be. We DIRECT our Energy to OUR Vision. The more we do this, the more Our Vision will begin to Manifest on the physical plane!

So let’s all make a pact to Expand Our Vision of a Glorious New World every day leading up to 11-11 and far beyond. Wake up every day in this new world and inhale its fragrance. Visualize it in great detail. Spend time each day seeing and feeling the elation of a world free of all dark influences, a world in which we are Sovereign and self-governed, a world in which our children are safe, a world that blesses everyone with prosperity and abundance, a world where everyone is healed and thriving, a world rooted in love and compassion. Transport yourself to this magical place each night as you drift off to sleep.

Here is some magical music I've been listening to that will help you sail away to stunning 5D lands:

Feel this marvelous new world and experience it with all of your senses throughout the day. Act as if you live there. How does it make you feel? Sink deep into this feeling. How does it smell? How tall are the trees? How many waterfalls and streams? What colors do you see and how vibrant are they? How does the fresh greenhouse produce taste? What kind of exotic birds and butterflies or magical creatures do you see? What do the learning centers and healing centers look like? Are you in a hovercraft, flying like an eagle in the sky, teleporting from place to place? Revel in every detail. Rejoice in every wondrous moment you spend there!

Let’s EXPAND this Vision together over the coming days and weeks leading up to 11-11 and then 12-21. We’re all directing energy all day long towards something, whether we are aware of it or not. So let’s direct this energy towards our Collective Dream of Freedom and Ascension to the 5D World and not give the Matrix one ounce of this precious energy any longer!!

This is how we Evolve and Ascend – by becoming very conscious of what we focus on and where we send energy. In so doing, we become Conscious Creators.

On November 11, a Doorway will open between the 3rd and 5th dimensional Earth worlds. We will be using this doorway to further anchor our individual and collective consciousness onto the 5D Earth Grid and the Organic Ascension Timeline – by way of a Global Meditation.

Note: It’s important that we secure the Organic Ascension Timeline to ensure there will be no interference by other galactic races who may seek to ‘harvest’ our souls in order to further enslave us or continue serving as a food source for them, reincarnating endlessly in the false 3D Matrix, etc. We must clearly state that WE are in control of our own Ascension and that this proceeds naturally and organically in accordance with the original Divine Plan without any outside interference or attempts to hijack our Ascension Timeline or our Souls!

This Mass Meditation is CRUCIAL as it will be a prime determining factor in how global events play out the rest of 2020 and the threshold we will cross on December 21st, the exact moment of the Great COSMIC RESET of Earth!



11-11-20 Global Meditation

To Ignite the Great Cosmic Reset

that will occur on December 21st,

Secure Our Organic Ascension Timeline

and usher in the coveted Golden Age of Aquarius!

The meditation will begin at 10:11 am UTC /

5:11 am EST / 11:11 am Paris time

and will last for 20 minutes

(although you may continue longer if you wish)

During the meditation,

be sure to state your express will

that mankind continue our evolution

on the ORGANIC Ascension Timeline,

free of any interference or ‘soul harvesting’

by other galactic races.

Focus on all power of governance and finances

being shifted to US, the citizens of Earth!

Visualize a smooth and peaceful transition

of this Transfer of Power to the people.

See Abundance raining down upon humanity

as all stolen funds are returned to us at once.

Visualize everyone having access to

Med Beds and highly advanced healing technology.

You can also stand with your hands stretched upwards

towards the sky to amplify your Manifestation Ability

by channeling transformative energy

like a human antenna (standing in the 1-1 position)

during the meditation.

You can use this guided audio

(adding in the additional suggested visualizations):



For those who are able, I also invite you to participate in the more intensive 144K Mass Meditation, hosted by Jim (a/k/a The Unknown Light Warrior).

It will start super early in the U.S. this time, so you’ll need to go to bed early to get up for this one…..but if you can make it…...we definitely could use your participation… our future depends on it! The 144k meditations usually go for about two hours and they’re pretty powerful – we travel beyond space-time and the multiverse and we do a lot of grid clearing and anchoring of omnipresent light into the Earth grids. This group (combined with other seasoned meditation groups such as Sandra Walter’s group) have prevented far worse scenarios from manifesting on the Earth plane.

This is the members area link for 144k and if you provide your email, you will receive email reminders about all upcoming mass meditations as well as progress reports to see what impact we had on the global situation.

The 144k Mass Meditation on 11-11-20 starts at 3:30 am EDT which is 8:30 am UTC. What I do is follow him up until the start time for the larger global meditation which in this case begins at 5:11 am EDT or 10:11 am UTC and then I switch to doing the guided audio I provided the link to above (with important added visualizations as suggested above). Sometimes he runs over, so you’ll just have to monitor the time to be in sync with all the other meditators beginning at the 5:11 am EDT / 10:11 am UTC time slot.