Friday, May 22, 2020



How fitting that today is the 22nd – the numeric hallmark of a Master Builder. As you know, this blog is all about reaching souls who wish to be a participant in building our new 5D Earth Reality. We have a very important window of time approaching that we can use to accelerate these efforts!

Today is a New Moon and a very important one. This new moon is the portal that launches us into the Pre-Eclipse period that begins June 5th and continues thru July 4th. It’s going to be a rare Triple Eclipse window so this will give us even more opportunities to truly GROUND and MANIFEST our most lofty goals and dreams including: further anchoring and stabilization of the Positive Ascension Timeline, Abundance and Prosperity for all and Ultimate Freedom and Healing for Humanity!! (new article coming out soon on the Triple Eclipse Time Period)

From a vedic astrology perspective, this time period (the next 30 days) is highly charged and blessed with planetary Manifesting energy which is great news for all Citizens of Earth! May we set our Intentions today and this weekend accordingly…..

The New Moon on Friday, May 22 falls in the sign of Taurus which represents feminine energy. The moon is joined by Venus (which rules Taurus), Sun and Mercury. Mars and Jupiter are also casting their aspects on this new moon so we will experience a major amplification of grounding / healing but also mental clarity and an expansion of our abilities to Manifest solid structures into our reality.


This New Moon occurs in the Krittika nakshatra (lunar mansion) known as “The Cutter.” The energies will be very supportive in helping us cut away anything that has been weighing us down and that we don’t wish to bring with us to the new 5D Earth grid! Let’s use this time wisely to prune the gardens of our lives and cut away any negative 3D attachments (persons, work environments, situations) that are keeping us bound to the old world.

It will also help us to weed out the landscape of our inner garden, so that we can prune away negative tendencies and personality traits that do not serve us or help create the healthy happy society we long for.

These new moon energies will encourage us to seek a New Life Path and engage in more soulful work that benefits the greatest good of all beings. With 3 planets retrograde, this is an excellent time to deeply reflect on our relationship with ourselves and with others and identify ways we can create more harmony in these areas.


The Taurus New Moon encourages us to see the beauty in even the smallest of tasks and enjoy simple pleasures. Here are a couple of examples of people who do this on a daily basis:

There will be a focus on family, beautifying our homes and gardens and self-care. While the energies are especially supportive of these types of activities during this 30 day cycle, it would be good to continue these practices and maintain this outlook as much as possible going forward as the more grounded and content we feel, the more effective we will be in everything we do.

This is a wonderful opportunity to create "heaven on earth" in our respective homes and lives and begin to really act and believe that we are indeed living in the beautiful 5D World we envision!


Today (May 22nd) is an excellent day to begin writing down your Intentions for the next 30 days….and beyond! I encourage you to do this both for yourself and for the world at large. What do you really wish to manifest in your personal life over the next 30 days….and the rest of this year? What kind of world do you want to live in from this day forward?

Once you’ve written down your intentions, you can light a candle and use your voice and a crystal to declare them, speak them aloud, into existence! The Universe is always listening……so this is a very powerful practice…..

One vedic astrologer suggested that May 23 and May 24 (Saturday and Sunday) are actually even more powerful days to set your intention. I am planning to do my Intention Ceremony all three days…..because after all….you can’t possibly do enough Manifesting Magic at this important time! 😊

One more thing I’ve been doing for years which I highly recommend doing on the New Moon Day is to write your Universal Abundance Check. This is a powerful exercise that sends a clear manifestation signal out to the universe! I hang up my check so I can see it for the next 30 days and reinforce that intention. 

Here is the check I like to use that you can print out:

Let the Manifesting New Moon Rituals begin! 

Spend some time this weekend reflecting on the Universal Importance of the next 30 days and what role you can play to Manifest the best possible scenarios playing out on the Planetary Liberation and Ascension front. There will be a massive Global Meditation announced soon which I believe will be on the Solar Eclipse June 21st. I am awaiting confirmation and once I receive it I will be posting a new article with a call for Massive Global Participation!

So please start gearing yourself up and formulating your plan to spread the call even farther than we did for the 4-4 meditation. We need to double our efforts and results this time as what we accomplish during the next 30 days will have a major impact on the Destiny of Our Planet! I will create the best possible “Open Invitational Letter” that I can, relying upon universal intelligence to guide my fingers.


Together…..we will make it happen! I have great faith in you and humanity. Much love and appreciation for all you do.

~Brianna / Sacred Architect 5D~

Thursday, May 7, 2020


If you have not read the lead-in article to this one, I highly recommend you do so before reading this one. It is titled “4/4 Planetary Progress Report & Post-Matrix Recovery Projects!”

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been following the Portal 2012 blog and its founder (codename: Cobra which stands for compression breakthrough of the Light) since its inception eight years ago.

<<< The 5D Ascension Projects I am currently developing will support his mission and that of the Light Forces working to Liberate Humanity from the 3D Prison Matrix billions of souls have been trapped in/reincarnating into for at least the last 26,000 years. >>>

Cobra has said this many times……and I wholeheartedly agree…..the best way to deal with these extremely trying times is to find a way to Be A Part of The SOLUTION, to Make A Positive Difference and Create the Changes we want to see in our world.

When you purposefully divert your energy into a productive activity or larger scale project, you don’t have much time or energy left for worry, doubt or mainstream propaganda and hysteria.


If enough of us strongly Hold the Vision of our new 5D World clearly in our mind’s eye throughout each day and stabilize the new 5D Earth Grid by anchoring these massive incoming waves of divine light in our daily meditations (i.e. Flower of Life), very soon that glittering new world will materialize before our very eyes! For some, this is their primary contribution and a very powerful one (holding the light).

Others are contributing to a better world by simply dis-connecting from screens and biz-iness during this quarantine period…..slowing down and becoming more quiet and reflective……cherishing the stillness…..spending more time with their true inner self and/or their loved ones…..and more time in nature where feasible. If you’ve been to a store recently you may have noticed all the bicycles have been bought, puzzles and games are out of stock globally…..people are getting back to healthier routines and more interactive fun activities.

A third group of individuals are realizing they are here to serve on a different level….and work on larger scale projects. That is what I feel called to do and I am about to put out a Clarion Call to those who wish to participate at this level.

< But first let’s put “The Event” into a more realistic perspective, which I already addressed quite a bit in the lead-in article posted just prior to this one. >

The true extent of the Lies and Manipulations on planet Earth have slowly begun to surface and are only now beginning to enter mainstream awareness but still to a limited degree. This means once the full spectrum of heinous crimes against humanity are known by all, the general population will go through a period of intense shock and grief.

The masses are going to need a lot of Compassion, a lot of Support and a lot of Healing!

There is so much more to “The Event” than most realize and many of us will be needed in order to stabilize the global situation on a localized level to help the masses deal with the trauma and heal on a deep psychological and emotional level. Tachyon Chambers are the only device I am aware of that can heal a person on all levels and will be very needed after The Event!

THERE WILL BE A POST-MATRIX RECOVERY PERIOD that could last several months or even longer and we need to prepare ourselves for this.

As Cobra has said since 2012, things will be rolled out incrementally, in phases, in terms of Truth, Revelation, Disclosure and Distribution of/access to advanced healing technologies. This process must be conducted in an orderly manner, at a pace the majority can handle, for the ultimate good of all. We can help make this massive planetary transition smoother and more efficient if we choose to become involved!

Cobra and the Resistance Movement/Light Forces are going to need people to a) Educate b) Fund c) Distribute d) Build – various projects. It would be great if many more could channel their energy into these kinds of activities starting now. 

There is much work to be done to help ourselves and our fellow humans!  Each person can ask themselves…..“How Can I Serve?”…..”What Talents, Resources, Expertise Can I Contribute?” This is what I ask myself every single day……

Don’t focus on any type of perceived “lack.” The reality is The Matrix owes US Millions/Billions/Trillions of Dollars and they have already started paying a small portion of that out! If you’ve heard of Prosperity Funds, Nesara/Gesara, Birth Certificate and Social Security Trust Funds, that were set up in our name from birth and kept secret from us, stolen gold reserves and other sources of Funds that are due and about to be paid out to all humanity, you will realize that we are on the verge of experiencing the Biggest Showering of Abundance this world has ever seen!

Here in the U.S. many have already received their first stimulus check with another to follow and legislative bills have been introduced that would provide basic income (anywhere from $1000-2,000 monthly for everyone for at least one year.)

Debt forgiveness has already begun and will increase. There are also trillions in prosperity funds that will be released to help fund humanitarian projects around the globe! These are the scenarios we should all be focusing on manifesting in our group meditations!! 

When we fully step into our Sacred Missions and Roles the Universe will provide the way to move forward. We must fully trust this now more than ever before.

Based on my own experiences in work settings and online social media interactions the last few years, it appears that an extreme amount of mental healing also must take place all around the planet

Society as a whole has been heavily programmed by the Matrix to think, speak and act in very harmful ways – you can see the evidence of this faulty mental program in nearly every conversation, on every blog and social media channel.

Rather than searching for common ground and calmly engaging in open-minded discussions, most people have been “hard-wired” to constantly disagree with others and launch offensives against anyone they don’t understand or who has a different view than theirs. 

Neighbors are calling the police on neighbors in places with greater restrictions during the quarantine, angrily chastising one another for going outdoors (or not), going to parks and beaches (or not), wearing masks (or not), protesting against the governments (or not), etc. The Matrix Creators keep devising endless ways to get us to turn on one another if we don’t strictly follow “their rules.”

The Smith Agents want us to view each other as the enemy rather than the man (“green men”) behind the curtain pulling the strings…..

Sadly, The Matrix has done a fantastic job of completely POLARIZING People against one another which means that as a society we are deeply divided. These societal rifts must be repaired and mental imbalances corrected in order for our Society to be able to truly come together as one United Whole and begin rebuilding our world.

This is why I intend to launch three 5D “Post Matrix Recovery” Projects (in phases) that will center on Deprogramming / Restoring a Higher Level of COMMUNICATION and ENERGETIC HEALING / Rebalancing of the physical and subtle bodies.

>>>>> To those of you who feel called….I hope you will join me in this most noble of missions and help our global community Heal and Transcend this old 3D virtual reality and move on to the Glorious 5D World that awaits us! Your spirit will soar by actively becoming a part of the Solution! You will look back on this time period with immense pride, knowing you were an integral part of helping humanity finally break FREE from the Matrix and helping them heal from some of the most traumatic experiences any being has been through anywhere in the entire Universe!!  >>>>>

I Am So Excited to Reconnect With You Dear Soul Family!! I’ve missed you all a great deal! It is time for a Soul Family Reunion don’t you agree?…..I’ll bring the olives, crackers, hummus and chips and dip. Who’s bringing the veggie/cheese tray, desserts and vino?



Several years ago I received an Incredible Vision that has been stirring within me and can no longer be contained! 

I was actually shown glimpses of this vision from the time I was a young child but did not understand its significance until many years later. I had a strong sense from the time I was 5 years old that we were not meant to physically suffer, live only a few short years and then die a painful death. 

I was also repeatedly shown futuristic building designs at a very young age that made a deep impression on me and reminded me of “home.”

A few years ago, those nudgings came together in a very powerful vision…..of a Sacred Blueprint….that would be restored upon our planet… our bodies… our homes….and in our cities….and eventually cover the entire surface of the Earth!

The Sacred Blueprint would be restored within our bodies by way of very advanced healing devices that would reinstate perfection in our cellular structure and body systems. Some of these devices would even be able to upgrade our entire body blueprint to a much stronger virtually indestructible body that could easily last hundreds or thousands of years…..similar to the ones depicted in the movie “Avatar.”

The Sacred Blueprint would be restored to our homes and cities by reintroducing Sacred Architecture based on sacred geometry. I was shown new holistic circular SACRED CITIES being built that energetically support their inhabitants and all biological organic life using sacred shapes and Bio-Architecture.

Rectangular boxes will be replaced with domed, pyramidal and free flowing structures.

The incredible vision I was shown of Sacred Cities (the New Atlantis) or what Cobra has referred to as “Cities of Light” – was that these circular living spaces filled with concentric rings including gardens, educational centers, housing and recreational activities - will become living breathing symbiotic organisms in and of themselves that will completely support and uplift all life forms and interconnect energetically with other sacred city centers – some smaller/simpler in design and others larger and more populated with access to more activities.

Cars will be replaced with much safer above (or below) ground high speed rail and personal anti-gravity vehicles.

Together these self-sustaining cities (organisms) will form one harmonic network or web of light across our planet pulsing in unison, with one heartbeat, one breath. People will rejoice and celebrate life every day in these new cities!

It is truly an amazing vision to behold and I will be sharing visual examples of what these cities may look like with those who join my MasterMind Group!

……I was shown that we will develop New Ways of COMMUNING (commun….i….cating)….relating to one another…..a new way of living…..within an interconnected WEB OF LIFE.

COMMUNE…......means….......TO SHARE…..

……..not only resources…..but one’s intimate thoughts and feelings… FEEL closely CONNECTED….on a spiritual level.

COMMUNE……Peacefully Co-Exist….in the same energetic space.

Before we can U-NITE as a society in sacred purpose and activity, we must learn how to COMMUNE with each other in a healthy way.


The Creators and Deceptive Overlords of this Dark Matrix have employed every trick in their playbook in order to destroy our natural sense of BE-ing and COMMUNE-ing…..with the whole of creation….and with one another.

Shapes and Frequency/Sound are key mechanisms that were distorted by the primary anomaly, the Archons and now the A.I. Borg……to agitate, suppress, separate and control us.

When you do even a cursory investigation into and study of Quantum Physics you realize that SOUND is the primary building block of physical matter and all visible creation. This is the reason the Agents of Darkness have worked so hard to distort the SOUNDS we hear and create with our voices!

Remember……the Prime Agenda of those who serve the dark beings is Destruction and Death…..they seek to De-construct and De-stroy all that the Light has created. This is the intent behind everything they promote via their media channels.

Several Ways The Dark Ones Distorted Shape and Sound:

1)  Gross Degradation and Manipulation of Language

2)  Replacement of Life Sustaining Sacred Architecture With Disharmonious Square Boxes

3)  Mass Distortion of Music (an artistic expression of Source)

4)  Shortwave Bio-disruptive Technology (such as 5G and Wifi that constantly pummel our bodies 24-7 in a sea of harmful radiation and disrupt healthy cell and immune function)

In the Communication Course I am developing and in my MasterMind Group, we will be diving much deeper into these Areas of Distortion so we can see the larger picture of exactly how they managed to alter the Sacred Blueprint of Creation to such an extreme degree and what we can do to correct these distortions and restore the Divine Blueprint in all aspects of our lives!

I intend to do everything I can to help Restore the Divine Order of Things and of course if at any point Cobra and the RM / Light Forces have special projects for us to work on in these areas, my MasterMind Group will be more than willing to answer their call and tailor our projects in line with their direction while providing useful feedback and ideas based on our collaborative work!

Implementing 5D Projects
Via A MasterMind Group


You will know who you are as the urge to answer this call will be undeniable and is the one you have been waiting for!

This is a video of me sending out the broadcast - the planetary signal. I had to use some old spare parts from the 80’s but hey I think it’s working!


Dear Beloved Soul Family,

It is time for us to Unite and Embark on our Sacred Mission to help Heal Humanity, Rebuild Our Society and Create the Prototype for New Sacred Cities that will be built in which all life will thrive!

If you answer this call - you are passionate and knowledgeable about or have exhibited mastery in one or more of the following areas:


Researcher / Writer / Author

Public Speaking / Motivational Work

Teaching / Conducting Webinars

Organizing Teams / Project Management

Logistics / Distribution

Architecture / Bioarchitecture

Futuristic City Design / Urban Planning

Engineering / Large Scale Construction

Hydroponics / Greenhouses / Landscaping

Biogeometry / Creating Energetic Harmony in Living Spaces

Fundraising / Investing

Sacred Geometry / Quantum Physics

High Speed Rail / Transportation

Energy Healing / Vibrational Healing (Bodywork)

As Sovereign Beings of Light, it is our divine right to Live in Perfection and Harmony… environment in which our bodies and souls can THRIVE. We don’t necessarily have to leave Earth just yet to experience it – we have tremendous power to Transform it into a 5D World.

At this time, I wish to connect with members of my Soul Family and form a MasterMind Group with highly conscious joyous souls who are Focused, Dedicated, Open Minded and ready to Actively Assist in making the Highest Vision of 5D Earth A Manifest Reality!

We will come together in an upbeat highly supportive environment that fosters Unity, Mutual Respect and the Peaceful Interchange of Ideas.

I am appealing to those who fully support Cobra, the Light Forces and the mission of Planetary Liberation and sincerely wish to contribute to 5D Projects that will vastly Improve the Quality of Life for all.



Primary Areas of Focus (with an emphasis on communication) as I develop these 5D Projects with your assistance, insights and contributions (the MasterMind Group that is). These Ascension Projects will be executed in 3 phases.

Note: Phase 1 and Phase 2 may be rolled out simultaneously, depending on how quickly project funding for Phase 2 becomes available as there will be an immediate need for the Tachyon Chambers.

I have already begun working on the framework and outline for the Communication Initiative but still have a lot of content to create for Level 1 of the course. I will be also be creating a very inspiring video called “Visions of 5D Earth” that I will share with the MasterMind Group to get the creative juices flowing.


LEVEL ONE – Societal Core Communications Upgrade

Objective – Decipher the Language of the 3D Matrix, Explore How It Was Used to Degrade and Control Society and Provide the Format to Upgrade All Communications to the 5D Language of Light

(here are some preliminary course highlights; instructional e-books, videos and webinars will follow)

-      Communication is the Cornerstone of 5D Earth Society

-      An introduction to Quantum Physics and the Building Blocks of Creation – Frequency and Sound

-      How Deep Does the Distorted Rabbit Hole Go?

-      The 3D Matrix Creators Used Extreme Distortions of Sound, Music and Technology to Confuse and Control the Masses

-      Identifying Mind Control Mechanisms such as NLP, Psychological Manipulation and Fear Based Cults

-      Decoding the Language of the Matrix / Word Spells and How to Become a Word Wizard of the Light -- this is going to be a fascinating study!

-      Deciphering the True Meaning of Matrix Words / Delving Deeper into Word Origins/Etymology – this will simply blow your mind!

-      The Great Polarization of Society and the Advent of A.I. Trolls (Bots) Posing as Humans

-      Deprogramming Ourselves / Healing Our Mind

-      Becoming Conscious Communicators / Creators

-      Adopting New Uplifting Life Supporting Speech Patterns and the Language of 5D

-      Healthy New Ways of Relating, Interacting and Responding

-      Words Create Worlds / The Butterfly Effect
COMMUNICATION INITIATIVE : LEVEL TWO – Mastering the Art of Negotiation

(this is a very rough outline - some very preliminary/potential course highlights with examples, interactive role play and instructional webinars to follow)

-      Leading With Diplomacy
-      Using Sincere Complimentary Language
-      Establishing A Common Ground
-      Finding Points of Agreement
-      Keenly Listening and Observing
-      Matching Communication Styles
-      Steering the Ship With Benefits
-      Non-Manipulative Reasoning
-      Strategic Interjection
-      Concessions and Mutual Wins

Highly Conscious individuals, who choose their words and actions wisely, will form the Nucleus of the New 5D Earth Grid and this Divine Sacred Blueprint will then replicate itself until it covers the entire surface of the planet.


Primary Objective: Expand the Tachyon Chamber Network Cobra has already begun building by obtaining investor / private funding, Establish Manufacturing / Distribution sites in the U.S. and other key areas globally to expedite the acquisition process and reduce production costs.

Currently there are only a handful of these available in the U.S. I had to travel over 1,000 miles one way to get to one. We need many more!

Tachyon Chambers can remove deep psychological and emotional trauma from cells and tissues and heal the body on multiple levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They harmonize all body systems and create a deep sense of calm and well-being. The effects are permanent. Some will need months of treatment to heal from deeper traumas and physical illness. Others may require far fewer treatments.

Keep in mind that cosmic Tachyon Energy was completely blocked from reaching the surface of the planet until just a few short years ago and it is only available where Tachyon Chambers have been set up.

Tachyon energy is the most powerful healing energy I have ever experienced. We need to make these chambers accessible as soon as possible to as many people as possible!


Opening Healing Centers (smaller and larger scale) so that increasingly larger segments of the general population will have access to these amazing healing technologies.

Distributing and working with other highly advanced Galactic Energy Healing Devices including the re-atomizing Med Beds when they become accessible (watch the movie “Elysium” if you want to see how amazing these are!)

Restoring the Divine Sacred Blueprint to our bodies and removing all imbalance and suffering using these devices, which will also greatly increase our lifespan


Primary Objective: Restore the Divine Sacred Blueprint to Living Spaces by Planning, Designing and Building New Cities using the principles of Sacred Geometry when designing homes, educational, healing and recreational centers. Replace biologically harmful 3D buildings with Life Enhancing Bio-Architecture and Energetically Balanced Land Areas.

This phase will be the culmination of the Sacred Vision I was shown. I have many exciting ideas and visuals to share on this topic!


Studying and incorporating designs and features of Life Enhancing Cities and architectural structures dating back to the days of Atlantis and a few modern initiatives that will inspire you! This may involve actual “field trips” and group travel in the future. I have a few key destinations in mind.

*** Phase 3 is going to be an Adventure and very exciting indeed!!! ***

Serious collaboration/masterminding sessions with and subsequent blueprint creation by brilliant Architects, Engineers and Urban Planners who embrace this 5D Vision!

Working with advanced replicating and 3D printing devices when these become available!

Undertaking and mastering the study of Biogeometry, Feng Shui and similar sacred sciences used by ancient civilizations that identify the effect various shapes, architectural designs and directional/geographic/leyline placements of structures have on the health of biological organisms. These disciplines and applications will be utilized to harmonize city areas and living/work/recreational spaces!

For the Communication Initiative, there will be plenty of opportunities to serve - in a learning, promotional or teaching capacity.

As you can see, there is no shortage of work to be done or areas in which you can serve and assist!! You can also refer others to me who may not know of or read Cobra’s blog but have something valuable to contribute. 


And now the time has come to respond to My Invitation and Be the Change You Wish To See In The World….

***** SOUL FAMILY MEMBERS – PLEASE CONTACT Sacred Architect 5D to Join My MasterMind Group! *****

So My Long Lost Soul Family,

If a Creative Oasis for Starseed Souls with the opportunity to mastermind and collaborate on the exciting 5D Post Matrix Recovery / Ascension Projects I have outlined appeals to you and you would like to be considered for the MasterMind Group, please send me an email telling me a little about yourself, your background/experience, how you feel you can contribute and please include the name you use here on blogger:

Those who are chosen for group participation will receive the link to our “Sacred Space.”

The core group will need to be kept somewhat small initially for ease of collaboration. As we get closer to launching each Project/Phase, we can build teams and bring on more participants at various levels of involvement. Every effort will be made to include as many as possible. I will be using a decentralized social media platform which is more secure than the larger ones and eliminates the spying and tracking issues.

Feel free to refer anyone you know who could make a valuable contribution to these projects. If you are new here you are also welcome to contact me – I would just ask that you begin reading through Cobra’s blog to become more familiar with the planetary situation and his mission, which my initiatives will support. There is a wealth of information on his blog dating back to 2012:

We can also use this gathering place to stay focused on our individual and Mass Meditations and other high priority activities that accelerate the Freedom and Healing of humanity. Together as a foundational core group of the New 5D Earth Society, we can Hold the Light even stronger and raise our vibration even higher which is greatly needed at this time!

I look forward to connecting with you illuminated souls (members of my Soul Family) over at 5D COMM CENTRAL and igniting some creative fires!

GROUP GUIDELINES: (please read before contacting me)

Since 5D is all about self-awareness and self-governance, I do not foresee the need to establish any rules for our group. But I do need to clarify the purpose of the group and make one request. 

This will not be a space in which to debate or argue about the intel Cobra releases on his blog or for debates in general. Nor will this be a platform for venting frustrations about the supposed lack of intel or speed of The Event. Any discussion of Cobra’s posts, Planetary Liberation or The Event should be in a positive light to gain further understanding, support his mission and further the work we will be doing as a group.

Members should also be able to objectively extract the pure essence of useful information from a variety of sources during the course of their/our research without being triggered or sidetracked by the “personality” who is the source of the information.

The Sacred Purpose of this group is to collaborate and work together to develop and implement specific 5D projects for the Healing and Upliftment of all life on this planet. This platform is about openly Sharing Ideas and Collaboration in a peaceful environment that fosters mutual respect and unity.

In order to maintain harmony within our group and embody a more elevated Communication Style that will be the hallmark of the New 5D Earth Society……

……..I ask that we have an agreement among all members to consciously choose to use high vibrational loving supportive vocabulary when conversing with each other in our Sacred Space and refrain from the use of demeaning or derogatory language (including “curse” words which are rooted in anger and frustration and have been heavily programmed into our society by the Matrix Creators). It is time to break free from their programming!


Words emit a frequency (sound) that either support or destroy life. If you need a visual representation of this, look up videos on Dr. Emoto’s experiments showcasing the effect certain words like Love / Hate had on water molecules or similar experiments done with plants.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I care deeply about each and every one of you and I am sending much love and appreciation your way. 😊😊😊