Saturday, March 28, 2020

Unity Meditation Sunday March 29th With Sandra Walter - New Influx of Light

I am happy to report that Sandra Walter and her group will be joining us on April 4th for our Global Meditation! She is a Master Gatekeeper of the earth grids in Mt. Shasta and we all know that is one of the most spiritual places on the planet and home of Ancient Lemuria. 

Sandra has a following of close to 18,000 on Facebook alone and she's been working as an Ascension Guide for over 20 years so her participation will definitely push us closer to the Goal of One Million Meditators!!

She asked me to also join her and invite others to her Unity Meditation this Sunday, March 29th at any of 3 times throughout the day.....5:11 am, 8:11 am or 11:11 am PST....which is 8:11 am, 11:11 am or 2:11 pm EDT

Update: I participated in this Mass Meditation on Sunday 3/29/20. It is one of the BEST meditations I have experienced in a long time!! It's an amplification and expansion of the Gold and Diamond Crystalline Light in your energy field. 

Two things were really notable: These are highly advanced meditators. The moment I joined their energy field I instantly felt grounded and fully present (which has been challenging to achieve lately)! 

Also when Sandra connected us to the Multiverse (Universe) I literally felt the presence of the Cosmic Central Race which was a phenomenal energy you truly have to experience to understand! I will be doing this meditation daily and weekly - that's how powerful it was. I can only imagine how incredible it will feel to join with her group and One Million others around the globe on April 4th! Get ready to be AMAZED!!!

I would encourage everyone to participate in this. She's been doing these Sunday meditations for several years and was one of the early proponents and organizers of ongoing mass meditations for Ascension. Her work is right in line with what Cobra is doing over at The Portal ( so I am really thrilled that she's joining us and I plan to do the SUnday Unity Meditation.

It will be a great pre-cursor to the April 4th meditation as she is saying there will be a New Influx of Light coming in this weekend that will build into the following week. You will feel the power of thousands of others around the globe who faithfully do this meditation weekly. Let's welcome in The Light!

Here is an excerpt from her post about the Unity Meditation. Full text can be read here:
The external global circumstances are purposeful and predicted. In the moment, while it is unfolding, we migrate willing, activated HUman hearts to the higher timelines. If you need to hear it again: this is a Sacred passage of Global transformation.
March 29-31: Initial wave, growing stronger as the week progresses. As always, remain calm. Gatekeepers are calling in the stronger flashing activity while folks are at home. These are blissful, veil-lifting frequencies that dissolve fear-based agendas simply by elevating (upregulating) Golden Race codes and New Earth revelation. Those guided to this level of service are calm, responsible Creators.
Go Direct: Meditate with the Stargates (SUN, Galactic Center, Star Systems, Great Central SUN, Source) as your I AM Presence, Highest Self. We are all resurrecting ourselves into something brand new, and the outside world will reflect this.
This is what we trained for: Be the Presence.
I AM still in Mount Shasta, working with these transformational light waves. It is lovely to be here (and profoundly still) during this global transformation, and I have been guided to stay through this next influx.
You can learn more about Sandra and her work on her website:
We Are One Million Strong! Sending you all much love,

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