Saturday, March 28, 2020


Who is ready to hop aboard the Ascension Express and Quantum Leap to the 5D Timeline on April 4th???

This is not just a notion or fanciful dream. We collectively have the power to DO this! A Firestorm of Positive Change is currently circling the globe and its flames are rising higher every day!!!

The news of this unprecedented Mass Meditation has reached at least 20 countries (could be closer to 30). My blog alone has already had 85,000 page views in just 10 days which is phenomenal! I am starting to see many more shares and repostings on social media sites and blogs so the number of actual pageviews could be 3, 4 or 5 times more than that. The feedback I have personally gotten is that everyone everywhere is bubbling with excitement and cannot wait to band together as ONE MIND, ONE HEART, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS on this key astrological date and Burst the Matrix Bubble! 

One person called it “a movement”… let’s Move Some Energy!

( For our fellow lightworkers in France, the ever generous John Light has translated this post in French: )

Listen closely Starseeds and beloved humans…….We have created an Unstoppable Wave Of Light and it is a certainty that WE, THE ANCHORS OF DIVINE LIGHT, SHALL BE VICTORIOUS IN DISSOLVING ALL DARK MATRIX CREATIONS AND SHIFTING THE TIMELINE TO THE FIRST LEVEL OF 5D ON APRIL 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also should Focus on Dissolving The Implants inside every man, woman and child which according to the Forces of Light assisting us at this time, are the last layer preventing Total Planetary Liberation and The Event… in my view it is even more important to focus on these implants dissolving in every single person on Earth so the Matrix does not have any more control over our destiny. 

I believe we can instantly dissolve them by generating a Massive Burst of Light powered by One Million Meditators focusing on their disappearance!

(If implants sound too strange to be true, just watch some of the many films that showcase that they do in fact exist including the movie “The Matrix” and “Minority Report” and The Borg on Star Trek) Most of these implants are etheric (not physical) which is why the majority of the population doesn't even know they’re there. Although highly empathic people have detected their presence.

The best way I can explain this is to think like the creators of this matrix. If your plan was to enslave and control another race (one which is highly intelligent) not only would you wipe their memories of past lives and knowledge, you would also put virtually fail-safe backups and “booby traps” into the entire system so that if any of them woke up and figured out what was going on or tried to get outside help, the Matrix Overlords could threaten retaliation and wreak havoc and destruction by triggering the implants. It’s a brilliant plan…..albeit a very dark one. (movies like “Logan’s Run” and “The Island” featured this concept)

What I want to stress here is that……Knowledge Is Power. We don’t need to fear these things, only to be aware of them. None of these dark creations can exist above a certain frequency…..which is why all we have to do is Quantum Leap using our Unity Consciousness to the New 5D Earth Timeline and these things will no longer exist. There is a strong possibility we could dissolve all these matrix creations, including the virus, on April 4th. And if any remnants remain, we simply do another Mass Meditation (and another) until it’s all gone. But I am focusing on the BEST possible scenario of completely eliminating all these dark matrix creations on APRIL 4th!!!

The virus will no longer exist when we Shift to the New Timeline as it cannot live beyond 25 hz frequency and we are currently receiving multiple waves of 40 hz light which can be seen daily on the Schumann Resonance graph as huge bright flashes of white light – we just need to Anchor These Waves Into the Earth Grid so that it becomes the “new base frequency” of our planet.

With One Million Of Us exerting Laser Focus powered by Unconditional Love at precisely the same moment, we can FREE OURSELVES from the illusory Matrix World we’ve all been living in and Create a Brand New World of our choosing!!!

Think of it as being inside a Holodeck on the Star Trek Enterprise spaceship.

For a long time, you didn’t know you were on a Holodeck.

You thought you were in an actual world with trees, plants, soil, sunlight and atmosphere! One day someone tells you that it’s just a computer simulation and if you want to exit the simulation all you have to do is flip the switch to OFF and walk out of the Holodeck.

The Switch to turn this 3D Matrix OFF has always been accessible, but it requires a certain amount of Energetic Power to flip the switch to the Off position. The bare minimum required to generate this kind of wattage or electric power is 144,000 people meditating at the same moment. But to ensure that the switch gets flipped off PERMANENTLY it requires many more people….let’s say at least ONE MILLION……that is quadruple (4 times more) than we’ve had for any single synchronized meditation in our lifetimes.

So are we ready to finally “Flip the Switch OFF” and End The Illusion?

This Low Vibrational Illusion still exists simply because so many accept it as the only possible reality. But Quantum Scientists have proven over and over again that matter (everything physical we see around us) takes whatever form we choose to give it!

In every experiment where they tried to “observe” a particle of matter to see what it would do, it changed its pattern of behavior and where and how it appeared from the mere Act Of Being Observed….and also depending on Who Observed it. (I will expound more on this in a future article as it is what changed my entire perception of what I thought was real and what is possible)

We can CREATE An Entirely New World when we UNITE in Mass Meditation…..and unleash the power of our Collective Mind and Focused Intention…..beginning on April 4th and continuing these Global Meditations as a new way of being and collaborating with one another!

Can you see the Vision in your mind’s eye of our New Fifth Dimensional Earth? Let me paint a picture…..

First as Divine Artists, we will ERASE all negative/low vibrational creations, structures, systems and experiences:

No more drudgery or unfulfilling work (long hours for little pay) or mean bosses, no more clocks, no more debt slave system, no more taxes, no more greedy corporations, no more banks, no more exorbitant prices for goods, no more governments or politicians…….

…… more distortion of truth or lies, no more religious cults or mind control programs, dark entertainment or degrading music, no more child abuse and torture, no more human trafficking, no more wars, no more lack, no more poverty, no more struggle, no more pollution or deadly chemicals in our food in the air or in our water, no more destruction of our precious planet and resources…….

………no more stress, no more illness or dis-ease, no more hospitals, no more deadly drugs or vaccines, no more arguments or disharmony, no more toxic relationships, no more imbalances (mental, emotional or physical), no more extreme weather, no more manipulation or domination, no more deadly technology including radiation or 5G........

.......NO MORE SUFFERING!!!!!!!!

What will all of these dark systems and creations be replaced with?

All Systems of Light will start to come online.

For the first time ever in this plane, HUMANITY WILL BE FREE and we will Reclaim Our Sovereignty as sentient beings!!

We will be Free to move about the planet, Free to engage in whatever work we choose, Free to live as we wish, Free to express ourselves!! Creativity will flourish. The arts will flourish. A New Renaissance will emerge. Writers, poets, painters, architects, musicians, singers and dancers will flood the earth with Beauty and Hope!

…….like this fantastic painting by Josephine Wall (that I am calling “The Unicorn Goddess”)…..

Our bodies will heal, tachyon energy will once again flood the earth, full oxygen levels will be restored to our planet, the ancient giant tree network will return, animals will be cherished and all life will peacefully co-exist. Earth will be highly blessed by the Goddess energies.

Eventually we will have access to technology that will completely replace our body blueprint with a perfectly healthy optimized version of ourselves. With this technology limbs and organs can be regenerated in a matter of minutes and all cells and body systems returned to their perfect state. A person can literally enter this chamber as an 80-year old and emerge as a 30-year-old with perfect skin and a brand new body! (Watch the movie “Elysium” to see a med bed in action – it will blow your mind)

Energy to power our homes will be free. Debts will be erased. Taxes eliminated. Banks closed. Prosperity Funds released.

Everyone will revel in their newfound Abundance and have access to all resources and the healthiest of foods!

Cars will no longer need gasoline for fuel. They will run on water. And eventually we’ll be zipping around the globe in personal anti-gravity vehicles! There are already warehouses full of these, waiting for the right time to be released.

We will spend much time resting and enjoying life.

We will play games, dance, sing, play instruments, frolic in fields of flowers and take long walks out in nature. 

We will swim, skate, play tennis, ride bicycles and sail off into a glorious sunset.

Learning Centers will open and Ancient Knowledge and our true history will be at our fingertips. All the Secrets of the Universe will be accessible to anyone!

Relationships will become harmonious, families will flourish and our love for one another will deepen. Wounds will heal, minds will open and hearts will join as One.

Thoughts will purify. Speech will elevate. Behavior will vastly improve.  

Cooperation, Collaboration and Unity will greatly increase! We will all work together for the betterment and upliftment of all beings.

All actions will be governed by Love and Mutual Respect.

Humanity will begin to THRIVE on a level never before seen!!!

So I’ll ask you once again……are you ready to hop aboard the Ascension Express and Quantum Leap to this amazing New 5D World on April 4th???

Here’s the Secret Key that gives you access to that Cosmic High Speed Train: RAISING YOUR VIBRATION!

5D is A New Energetic Experience and you must MATCH its Vibration!!!

To give you an idea how this works……

Here you can compare the Low and High Vibrational Frequencies and the EMOTIONS that either drastically lower or exponentially Raise Your Vibration.

Fear - .2 to 2.2 Hz
Resentment - .6 to 3.3 Hz
Irritation - .9 to 3.8 Hz
Anger – 1.4 Hz
Pride - .8 Hz
Superiority – 1.9 Hz
Flash of Fury - .5 Hz

Now…..keep in mind how extremely L-O-W these frequencies are (ranging from .2 up to 3.8 Hz)….and compare them to the Positive Spiritual Emotions.

Thank You – 45 Hz
Generosity – 95 Hz
Love vibration (mental, not heart based) – 50 Hz
Heartfelt thanks – 140 Hz and above
Sense of Unity With Other People (i.e. Mass Meditation) – 144 Hz and beyond! Isn’t it interesting that the Critical Mass in group meditations is reached with 144,000 participants? Quite a synchronicity!
Compassion – 150 Hz
Love for all people and all living beings – 150 Hz and above
Unconditional, sacrificial, universal love – 250 Hz and higher!

You can now see why the Matrix works so hard to keep us in that Ultra Low Frequency range and what a Powerhouse of Universal Energy you unleash within yourself by just saying “Thank You”, being Generous, showing Compassion and participating in Unifying synchronized Mass Meditations!

Just saying the words “thank you” raises your vibration 10 times higher than when you are emitting the lower emotions of anger, irritation or resentment.

Showing compassion, expressing heartfelt thanks and meditating with others raises your vibration 40-70 times higher!!!

I don’t have to tell you what kind of world we live in when the Base Emotions are dominant. That’s the chaotic ruthless world we all can’t wait to escape from!

But just imagine the kind of world we will create by constantly emitting and staying on the Higher Frequency Waveband of Gratitude, Compassion, Unity and Heartfelt Unconditional Love!!!

LET’S KEEP THOSE VIBRATIONS ULTRA HIGH SO WE CAN GET OUR TICKET TO BOARD THE ASCENSION EXPRESS! I personally cannot wait to take that ride on April 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot Chocolate anyone?

Your Ascension Hostess,


  1. Just found your blog via 2012 Portal.
    Everything you say is true and I agree with 100%
    I am in the UK so my time zone is the 5th of April (Sunday) 3.45am !! so an early one for me, but I will set my alarm regardless.
    See you on board the ascension express

    1. Thank you for your sacrifice. It will be well worth it! You could be the one who takes us over ONE MILLION!!

  2. Uh, Ascension Hostess, sounds good. :-)

    With Emotions it is just the same as with Sound, Color. A particular Emotion is made of oscillating Strings, and
    they can be both, low or high -- which is neither good nor bad! But, what makes it feel good or bad then? It comes from the respective Harmonics, the Intervals these oscillating Strings have among each other. Is it an Octave, a Third, a Fifth, and so on. In fact, you can build Chords with Emotions.

    So, you can be nice and friendly and harmonious on any Frequency -- as long as your Harmonics match.
    On the other hand, If you play 'wrong' Chords, you bring Disharmony -- on any Frequency, no matter where you are on your Piano Keyboard. :-)

    Thanks for this Gem Article Brianna, especially the Frequencies and Vision for Society I enjoyed.

    Love and Light from Berlin

  3. Greetings in Berlin! I am so glad you enjoyed the article. Many have said that the "Vision for Society" I painted has helped them expand and improve their outlook on the current situation. Anything we can do to ease the worries of others is a gift. Thank you also for your insights on harmonics. It reminds me of one of my favorite writers and poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who said "Architecture is Frozen Music."

  4. Thank you for all. I travel with Frequencys and i can say,it is more than we can ever imagine.Just think of Mr. Rife. So i am in Germany, we see us on Board <3 with my Husband and my lovely dogs <3